Parfum Divin De Caudalie

I’m not sure why I try to do posts on perfume because I am really not good at describing scents but I love this one so much that I just had to tell you about it. I did a post on the Caudalíe Divine Oil a long time ago. I absolutely fell in love with the scent of the oil the first time I smelt it and it was only recently that I started using it again and reignited my love for it. I started to think that I would love a perfume that smelt like the oil when I remembered that Caudalíe do have a perfume. I Googled it and discovered that the perfume was indeed part of the Divine collection. I had to have it. After a bit of shopping around on the web, seemed to be the best price €48.17 with no delivery charge.

Parfum Divin De CaudalieWP_20140729_003
Irish shoppers should note that feelunique items are dispatched from Jersey, which is not part of the EU. I got hit with customs and duty but refunded it straight away. There is a short form on the site that you fill out with your order number and attach a picture or scanned image of the customs charge.

Parfum Divin De Caudalie
Back to the perfume, first off the packaging is beautiful. Like the oil it comes in a tall slim bottle with a heavy wooden lid. The bottle has an ombre mirror effect, which adds to the sleek look. Parfum Divin De Caudalíe smells very similar to the Divine Oil but I would say it’s slightly muskier, which I love. I am a big fan of musky scents with a hint of vanilla sweetness. It includes notes such as Moroccan rose essence, Bulgarian rose absolute, pink pepper, grapefruit, Vanilla Planifolia, Virginia cedar, and musk. The gorgeous mix of the two roses, vanilla, cedar, and musk remains potent throughout wear. (Sorry but I am really not sure about all the top notes, bottom notes science stuff) I think it’s the combination of vanilla and cedar that appeals so much to me and gives the fragrance depth. I love wearing the perfume layered over the oil as the combination lasts all day and makes me feel very glamorous. Even with the two layered together, the scent is not so strong that it’ll knock someone out at fifty paces, but it’s not too weak that it doesn’t get noticed either. My hubby loves it, he has a tendency to lick me when I am wearing it (too much information), apparently it doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

Parfum Divin De Caudalie and Divine Oil
Have you tried any of the Divine collection from Caudalíe? What’s your favorite type of scent, light or musky?


Kiko Long Lasting Stick EyeshadowsWP_20140716_003

So there I was minding my own business, just reading this post on Lovely Girlie Bits when next thing you know I had clicked on the link at the bottom of the post and just as suddenly I had ordered 5 products. It was like I was brain washed. Today I am showing you the three Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows. Truth be told, I had about six of them picked out but then I whittled it down to three to see how I got on with them before getting more. The three I finally settled on are 05 Rosy Brown, 07 Golden Beige, and 25 Light Taupe. I decided to go with shades that would be more appropriate for day time since any shadow will last for a night out with a bit of primer, I wanted some eye shadows that will last all day without having to do too much thinking or prep work in the mornings.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows

(L-R Rosy Brown, Light Taupe, Golden Beige)

Makeup in pencil form really appeals to my inner child. I can scribble on my face and not only do I not get in any trouble for it, but I also end up looking better. The formula of these is lovely and creamy, they are smudge-able and blend-able but once they set they don’t budge. I have very oily lids and these last all day with just a tiny bit of creasing in the very middle of my crease, so you can only see it when my eyes are closed. I have started applying a thin layer of the nude colour in my Pari Elements Mineral Eyeshadow Palette on before using these sticks and that stops any creasing. I like to apply a thick layer all over my lid and into the crease and then pat it with my finger and then apply another thin layer on my lid. They are quick and simple to use and you don’t need any brushes which means less brush washing.
So here they are in action:

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows Light Taupe
Light Taupe is a perfect daytime shadow. It gives you that polished no make up look and conceals any redness, or blueness on the lid.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows Golden Beige
Golden Beige is a beautifully shimmery shadow that really brightens up the eyes, perfect for the day after the night before. I have also been using it as an inner corner highlight when I wear different eye shadows and I like to use it under eyeliner on the lower lash line.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows Rose Brown
Rosy Brown is the perfect shadow for going from day to night. It’s not too dark for day time but it is a lovely shade so it’s great for a night out as well. It is my favourite of the three.
Have you tried any of the Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks from Kiko? Are there any other colours you would recommend?



Happy Friday everyone! It’s been very warm this week but not necessarily sunny. It’s too warm for a jacket but I still feel like I should have some sort of cover up with me. Enter the kimono!

Missguided Floral Kimono

I have been looking for the perfect kimono for ages now. There are loads of them everywhere, but I was looking for one with a print and colours that I liked, but I didn’t want it to have any fringing or be too long. The long ones are gorgeous on tall girls but they would look like a bath robe on me because I am only 5’2”. Finally I spotted this one in an email from and I had it ordered within minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that deliver to Ireland for fee and the delivery only took a few days. When you want to buy into a trend, don’t pick up the first thing you see, wait and find one that’s right for you. Also if you don’t want to buy into a trend because you think everyone will be wearing the same thing but you like the style, keep looking for the one that’s so you, then it won’t be the same as everyone else and have some fun with how you style it.

Pennys White Textured Top

This top is from Penneys. Another excellent value find from Penneys that looks like it should be far more expensive. The texture of the material and the cut of this top gives it a real lux quality. I am guessing by what is filtering into the shops at the moment that next season is going to be all about texture. Embroidery, appliques, quilting, lace and tweeds are showing up in all the shops, you’ll see what I mean in a few weeks when the winter stock is fully in all the shops.

Distressed Black River Island Jeans

The jeans are from River Island. You can see them again in this post. I have made no secret of my love for distressed and ripped jeans, I’m up to four pairs now.

Dunnes Plum Mock Crock Belt

The belt is old and from Dunnes, the colour is a perfect match to print in the kimono.

Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace

I picked this necklace up while on holiday. Again the colours tie in with the print in the kimono and a white round neck top is always going to call out for a statement necklace.

New Look Pointed Court

The shoes are from New Look. I do love a pointed toe court. I have shoes in a similar pink to the flower on the kimono but they are quite dressy and I thought they looked OTT so I went with the black courts.

What do you think of Kimonos, love or hate them? Have you bought one?


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier is a brand that I was never really big on; their products just didn’t seem to do it for me. However, over the last few years or so I am slowly being converted as they have released a few gems that I enjoy using. I suppose the first of their products that I liked was the BB cream for combo oily skin and on Monday I told you about the Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner. Today I am reviewing the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I was a bit slow to jump on the “we love Micellar waters” bandwagon. I expected them to magically and quickly remove all traces of makeup with just one quick swipe over the face. The reality is that just didn’t happen with the Micellar cleansers that I have tried so far. In fact they only work as a step in the “double cleanse” which is just a complete no, no for me. If there are loads of cleansers out there that will cleanse my face in one step, why would I want to do it in two?

Micellar water has however found its way into my regular skin care routine for mornings. To remove any traces of residue left from the products I apply at night time, I use a Micellar water in the morning for a quick cleanse before I slap on, well, more slap. In this sense I find them really handy, quick and easy, no thought required, especially in winter when it’s important to get the water temperature just right; I definitely could not be doing with the rude awakening of washing my face with baltic cold water, nor do I want to scald myself. So using a cleanser that doesn’t require water makes my morning a little bit easier.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is actually better at removing makeup than the other Micellar waters that I have tried (L’Oreal & Vichy) and it can even remove eye makeup, but I still prefer to use La Roche Posay Physiological cleanser to remove makeup in the evenings. I keep the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for my morning cleanse. It is very gently so it leaves my skin soft. Most importantly it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I don’t think my eyes are particularly sensitive but some supposedly gentle products can really make them sting and water. I also find myself reaching for this correct eye makeup mistakes, because you can immediately reapply makeup over it, which is something you can’t do with oil based eye makeup removers. I have a tendency to hit my eyeliner or mascara off the side of my nose just as I think I am finished and my makeup is perfect.

All in all this is a good cleanser, it is the best of the Micellar waters that I have tried. It also comes in a massive 400ml bottle for just €6.30, but it does be on offer regularly so you can get even better value if you keep an eye out. I will definitely repurchase this when this bottle does eventually run out.

Have you tried any Micellar waters? Which is your favorite?


Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator

Garnier Ultimate Blends range has been around for a while now but I hadn’t gotten around to trying any of the products out. When I spotted that the shampoo and conditioner were buy one get one free in Tesco a few weeks back I figured I would give them a go. There are six different blends in the range to suit different hair types and concerns and I decided to try the Colour Illuminator blend since I have colour treated hair.

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator Shampoo
Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator is a blend of Argan Oil and Cranberry extracts to prevent fading and keep colour looking vibrant. I hate to look of my hair when my colour starts to fade, I can usually use plaits and twists or even curl my hair to hide and disguise my roots when I am trying to hold off on getting my colour re-done but when the colour is faded and looking dull and yellow there is nothing that can be done to make it look better. So with this in mind I usually always try to use shampoos and conditioners that will help to prevent my colour from fading.

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Colour Illuminator Conditioner
The Colour Illuminator Shampoo and Conditioner are absolutely lovely to use. The scent is subtle and gorgeous, I find myself sniffing my hair like a weirdo all day. They leave my hair soft and easy to comb through. My hair is very fine and straight so it’s important for me to find products that don’t leave a heavy residue that weighs my hair down and makes it look flat. These two don’t weigh my hair down at all so it’s lovely and swishy. My hair looks shiny and healthy after using The Colour Illuminator Shampoo and Conditioner for the last three weeks. I would definitely repurchase these two and I will be picking up the 1 Minute Treatment next time I am shopping. I have been hearing good things about the Silky Smoother Dry Shampoo so I’ll also be keeping a look out for that.
Have you tried any of the Ultimate Blends?



I am always a bit afraid of wearing trouser that aren’t jeans. I’m just not comfortable with how they sit on me especially on my backside. I have had these for a while now and this is the first time they made it into a post. Printed trousers are a massive trend for SS14 and I am pretty sure the trend is going to stick around for the foreseeable future. There is a whole range of shapes of printed trousers from loose palazzo and joggers to structured cigarette leg and slacks. As for prints they go from subtle all the way up to absolutely barking mad. I personally prefer the structured cut with an easy to wear dark tile print. Although I have seen some gorgeous floral joggers, I am just not brave enough.

Mango Tile Print Trousers

I got these trousers on sale on the Mango website a while ago now, but there are similar styles in many high street stores. I figured the black would be more flattering on my lower half than a bright colour.

Oasis Lime Blouse

Its summer so I still want to wear bright colours so I choose this lime blouse from Oasis. (You can see this blouse with a scarf print skirt in this post.) I think wearing a vibrant colour with these trousers takes the office look off them and makes them more fun to wear on a night out.

Blue necklace and earrings

I picked this necklace up in Carraig Donn. I like the blue with the lime and I like the way it sits in the opening of the blouse looking all dainty.

Dune Pointed Toe Courts

The shoes are from Dune. I always like to have a pop of colour on my feet, and you can’t go too far wrong with a nice pair of pointed toe courts.

SelfTimer08_07_2014 17_53_44

I tried a few different blazers but figured they all looked a bit too much like office wear so I decided to go with my PU biker from New Look for a bit of casual edge.

How brave are you when it comes to printed trousers?


I’ll be honest, my favourite beauty blog posts are the ones where I get to see what is in another bloggers’ stash. Since I love MAC eye shadows so much I especially love seeing what MAC eye shadows other bloggers have. I like to see what we have the same of, what eye shadows they have that I want and what shadows they have that haven’t been on my radar and considering if these should be on my want list. So without further adieu here are my goods:

My MAC Palette
Left to Right:
Top Row: Vanilla, Shimmer Moss, Steamy, Greensmoke, Plumage
Middle Row: Honesty, Retro-Speck, Pink Freeze, Nocturnelle, Print
Bottom Row: Phloff!, Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Embark
If want to know which ones I rate, all of the bottom row, Pink Freeze, Retro-Speck and Nocturnelle.


Clockwise from top:
Parfait Amour, Hepcat, Satin Taupe, Contrast, Blackberry
If you are wondering, you do need Parfair Amour, Hepcat and Satin Taupe


Jest, All That Glitters, Wedge, Nylon, Charcoal Brown
All that Glitter is my favourite here, Jest is similar but I prefer All That Glitters


Left, right and bottom:
Twilight Falls, Fireside, Summer Haze
You definitely need them all!


Left and right top
Constructivist, Rubenesque
Painterly, Blacktrack
These Paint Pots are also all brilliant, I use Painterly as a primer and Blacktrack is a great eyeliner.


Left to Right
Beluga, Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion palette
Both are perfect for a dark green smoky eye with a bit of sparkle

Last but not Least

MAC Omega

Omega, is what I use to fill in my eyebrows every day.

I have bought quite a few of these on a whim but many have been the result of research or recommendations by the MAC beauticians. Like everything else, some of these shadows I use very regularly while others rarely get used but I am fairly happy with the variety in my collection. Sometimes you accidently find a new use for makeup items that you have had for ages and have hardly ever use so I am not worried too much about the shadows that I don’t use too often.

Are there any MAC shadows that you love that I don’t have?