When the sun shines I am all about trying to create a more glossy makeup look, however since I have oily skin, I try to keep my skin matte and keep the gloss on my lips. Last week I reviewed Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses and I have been using them ever since. Over the weekend I was playing around with layering them over lipsticks and pencils, so I decided to do a post on layering some of my favourite lip glosses over my favourite lipsticks and pencils.

06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(1) 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(6)
First up we have Max Factor Colour Elixir in Luscious Berry over Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy and I lined my lips with MAC Lip Liner in Subculture. (My favourite look of the three)

06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(8) 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(9) 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(5)
This is Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Strip Tease over Dior Addict in Jet Set and lips are lined with a sample size Make Up Forever Lip Liner in No 23. The liner is a bit dark in this one so I think a shopping trip for a new liner is called for. Jet Set and Strip Tease will be gorgeous together with the right liner or maybe no liner at all.

06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(11) 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(12) 06896055-1d41-49a2-9825-bf4830f9d31a_jpeg(7)
Finally is Max Factor Colour Elixir in Enchanting Coral over L’Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in Fall for Watermelon and the liner is Gosh Cosmetics in Nougat Crisp. This is beautifully bright for summer and I can’t wait to wear this look with a tan.
Do you prefer layering your glosses over more pigmented lip products or are you keeping it simple and wearing one at a time?


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