I thought I would give you a quick rundown of my three favourite cleansers. They are three very different formulas but all three are equally good at removing all traces of makeup quickly, so no need for the double cleanse. Most importantly though, they are all gentle.

L'Occitane Imortelle Precious Cleansing Foam
First up is L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam. As much as I love this cleanser and it probably is my favourite of the three, it’s unfortunately the least available to me. The nearest retailer to me is an hour away and their boutiques are only in cities and some larger towns. You can purchase online but then you have to pay for delivery and wait for it to be delivered. Cleanser is not usually a product I think about purchasing until I realise the one I am using is empty. Then it’s a case of what can I get my hands on now. The price is €22 for a 150ml bottle but then you can purchase a 300ml refill for €29 which is much better value and a lot less packaging. One pump dispenses a lovely frothy foam that dissolves all my makeup, making cleansing quick and easy. The scent is subtle and it is gentle, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or stripped and very importantly it doesn’t sting my eyes.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Frankincense Facial Wash
Next is Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Frankincense Facial Wash. This is about €21.60 for 100ml and is available online, in some pharmacies and health food shops so there are a few retailers near me. The formula of this one is a cleansing milk that dissolves all my makeup. I do slightly prefer a cleanser that lathers but since I can see this dissolving my makeup instantly I can live without the suds. Once again it is gentle so no stinging eyes or tight skin. The scent however is strong and may be an acquired taste. I don’t mind it but it might put some off. I tend to purchase this one more often in winter maybe because the heady scent is comforting in winter and because I often turn to the Frankincense Nourishing Cream as my moisturiser of choice during cold snaps.

La Roche Posay Physiological Gel
Last but certainly not least is La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel. I have waxed lyrical about this one in a number of skin care posts before so I won’t go on too much now. This one is cheaper at €15.25 for 200ml and is available in loads of pharmacies so I have a choice of retailers locally. This is an all round brilliant cleanser and the price makes it very good value. The Physiological Gel as the name suggests is a gel that dissolves all traces of makeup instantly and gently. It feels cool on the skin so it’s perfect for this time of year. My skin feels very soft after, never stripped or tight. It doesn’t sting my eyes but does remove waterproof eye makeup. This is the cleanser I repurchase the most.
What are your favourite cleansers?



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