Ok so this skirt has made it into two other posts already (here and here) but I love it so much I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Besides it’s important to actually wear the clothes that you buy. It drives me nuts with the media make a big deal out of Kate Middleton wearing something more than once. That’s what you are supposed to do, not even royalty can afford to buy new clothes for every time they leave the house. But with a little creativity you can make something you have already worn look new by pairing it with different pieces and accessories. This time I am going all out bright and glam. This outfit would be good for a special occasion, big night out or even as a wedding guest.

Orange Florence and Fred Tesco Top


This orange top is Florence & Fred at Tesco. It was cheap but the material feels like it could be more expensive. I’ve tucked it into the skirt here but the elasticated and pleated waist band looks good out over skinny jeans. I love wearing vibrant colours during the summer, and I am sure you all know by now how much I love pairing orange and blue together.

Blue Blazer

The blazer is by Angel Parts and as far as I can remember I got this one from I actually have this blazer in a few colours because the tailored and cropped fit sits nice over dresses and they look good over jeans with a pretty printed top.

Oasis Scarf Print Skirt

The skirt is from Oasis. I have to say I am happy I bought this skirt, a printed pencil skirt can be so versatile. I could wear this to work with a white or black blouse and it wouldn’t look OTT, yet I wore it on a night out with a black peplum top with cap lace sleeves and the same shoes and my friend reckoned I could wear that outfit to a wedding.

Penneys Gold Necklace

This necklace is from Penneys. A round neck top always needs a little something and this necklace is enough but still dainty so it’s not too much. When you consider that there are some strong colours going on here, a chunky statement necklace would be too much.

Menbur Blue shoes with black lace

The shoes are by Menbur. I’ve mentioned in loads of posts about how much I love Menbur shoes, they just fit me perfectly so I don’t slip out of them as I’m walking. Then there is the fact that they are gorgeous.

What do you think of the blue and orange? Have you invested in a printed midi skirt?



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