I’ll be honest, my favourite beauty blog posts are the ones where I get to see what is in another bloggers’ stash. Since I love MAC eye shadows so much I especially love seeing what MAC eye shadows other bloggers have. I like to see what we have the same of, what eye shadows they have that I want and what shadows they have that haven’t been on my radar and considering if these should be on my want list. So without further adieu here are my goods:

My MAC Palette
Left to Right:
Top Row: Vanilla, Shimmer Moss, Steamy, Greensmoke, Plumage
Middle Row: Honesty, Retro-Speck, Pink Freeze, Nocturnelle, Print
Bottom Row: Phloff!, Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Embark
If want to know which ones I rate, all of the bottom row, Pink Freeze, Retro-Speck and Nocturnelle.


Clockwise from top:
Parfait Amour, Hepcat, Satin Taupe, Contrast, Blackberry
If you are wondering, you do need Parfair Amour, Hepcat and Satin Taupe


Jest, All That Glitters, Wedge, Nylon, Charcoal Brown
All that Glitter is my favourite here, Jest is similar but I prefer All That Glitters


Left, right and bottom:
Twilight Falls, Fireside, Summer Haze
You definitely need them all!


Left and right top
Constructivist, Rubenesque
Painterly, Blacktrack
These Paint Pots are also all brilliant, I use Painterly as a primer and Blacktrack is a great eyeliner.


Left to Right
Beluga, Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion palette
Both are perfect for a dark green smoky eye with a bit of sparkle

Last but not Least

MAC Omega

Omega, is what I use to fill in my eyebrows every day.

I have bought quite a few of these on a whim but many have been the result of research or recommendations by the MAC beauticians. Like everything else, some of these shadows I use very regularly while others rarely get used but I am fairly happy with the variety in my collection. Sometimes you accidently find a new use for makeup items that you have had for ages and have hardly ever use so I am not worried too much about the shadows that I don’t use too often.

Are there any MAC shadows that you love that I don’t have?


  1. That’s some collection you have there. Must have a root through mine, I’ve a fair few but nowhere near as many as yourself. Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves Mulch.

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