Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoos

Like most women, I would always have a can of dry shampoo hanging around. However, I don’t actually use it all that often because (1) even though I have oily skin on my face my scalp isn’t as oily so my hair wouldn’t be greasy after one day of not shampooing and (2) I do some form of exercise at least four but usually five days a week and because I sweat a lot around my hair line I have to wash my hair after. I mainly use dry shampoo to give my hair a little lift and texture in the mornings if I am leaving my hair down and have showered the night before. Until recently dry shampoo was a fairly basic product that was essentially spray-able powder in a can that dried up the appearance of natural hair oils, but lately there has been a trend of new and improved dry shampoo products.

Pantene Pro-V Volume Booster Dry Shampoo
I was sent two of the new Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoos to try. I have Instant Refresh and Volume Booster but there is also a Colour Saviour in the range. Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo does what it says on the can; it revives and refreshes limp lifeless hair in-between washes. Volume Booster Dry Shampoo also revives and refreshes hair between washes but it also adds volume. As someone with straight, fine hair, obviously Volume Booster is my favourite because it gives my hair a nice bit of lift and adds a bit of texture to make styling easy. I have been using Volume Booster instead of hairspray to backcomb to add a bit of volume to quiffs and ponytails. I am guessing that someone who has thick hair would prefer Instant Refresh because they wouldn’t want any more volume and instead would prefer a sleeker finish. The main thing to point out is that there is no white powder with these so you don’t have to spend ages trying to brush out the evidence, which should please any of you that have made the same mistake as me and blasted your hair with white powder in a can after putting on a dark coloured top. The active oil absorber contains Tapioca Starch, which leaves no visible residue, meaning it’s quick and easy to use in the morning rush.

Pantene Pro-V Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
Another plus point is that they smelly really lovely; this is handy if you washed your hair after the gym and then cooked a curry for dinner, which you can still smell on your hair the next morning. They retail at €2.59 for 65ml and €5.19 for 180ml.
Will you be trying any of these?



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