Today’s style post is slightly different. Instead of showing you a whole outfit, I am just showing you some accessories I feel will work well for this in between period we are in now, which is end of summer / beginning of autumn. Some of these accessories are new and you won’t have actually seen before because they have been worked into outfits that I have done posts on previously and so may not have actually been in any posts themselves, until now. Others you may recognize from previous posts.

Teal Necklace

This necklace may have made it into the occasional post before. It is a gorgeous teal, which is always a lovely rich colour but it’s not too dark so it doesn’t look out of place when it is sunny out. I picked this up in the market in Limerick.

Blue Bracelet

The bracelet is a cute combination of cobalt blue ovals a baby blue rectangles. I don’t wear bracelets that often because I usually always wear a watch and sometimes I think wearing both is a bit too much. This bracelet is dainty enough that you could still wear it with or without a watch. A quick look at what is new in the shops now, tells me that cobalt blue will be a popular colour for the coming season. I got this bracelet in a market while on holidays in Portugal.

ASOS blue earrings

These cute little dangly earrings are from ASOS. These turquoise type stones are the kind of jewellery that looks good with boho styles. Since Boho often involves layering it’s a trend that is perfect for autumn as layering knit wear over summer dresses is a great way to get more wear out of them.

River Island Sling Back Peep Toe Loafer

These peep toe, sling back loafers are from River Island. They are great because there is a bit more coverage to them than flip flops or strappy sandals, but they are not quite full on socks and closed in shoes just yet. It can be hard, after allowing your feet to be free all summer, to try and close them back in. These sling back loafers are also a good option for work, because they look a bit smarter than other sandal styles.

Penneys Teal and Blue Scarf

Scarfs may have been shunned during the muggy heat but they will be making a comeback as the temperatures start to drop. Scarfs are a great way of dressing up a plain top. I love the teal and blue print in this one. It’s from Penneys.

What accessories will you be wearing in the coming weeks.


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