I may have mentioned once or twice or a hundred times that I like to pick up some accessories while I am on holidays. I like the idea of getting some things that I won’t see on every second person when I get home. As much as I love the high street, it’s nice to find some rare and unusual accessories. It’s lovely browsing through the market stalls and eclectic boutiques when you are away. I would love to buy clothes too but when I am on a holiday and covered in sun cream the last thing I want to do is try on clothes especially when it is really hot. So here is a look at all that I got.

Parfois Necklace
This necklace is actually from Parfois which now has a few shops in Ireland and a website that delivers, but when I first spotted Parfois in Portugal last year they were not in Ireland. I really like Parfois and had to stop myself from buying more.

Lefties Necklace
This necklace is from a shop called Lefties, which I believe is owned by the same parent company as Zara. It was originally set up to sell Zara’s last season stock but now is a brand in it’s own right and is around the same price point as Penneys.

Lilac Necklace
This cutie necklace is from an independent boutique. It’s very different from anything else I own. With it being lilac I thought it would be a summer only necklace but I have worn it loads already with darker colours against which it stands out nicely.

Coral Necklace
This necklace is also from a boutique, you can never have too many coral necklaces.

Purple and Teal Pashmina Aqua and Pink Pashmina

These pashminas are from a market stall. I know they are similar but couldn’t decide between the lighter or darker colour, since they were only a fiver each, my impatiently waiting husband told me to get them both.

Brown Pumps with Gold Disk
I am always picking up flat pumps, I have loads but these are totally different.
Do you like to shop while you are on holidays?


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