Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

I do love trying new foundations so I was delighted to find this one waiting for me when I returned from holiday. The right foundation can make you feel amazing but unfortunately the wrong one will do the exact opposite. I usually fear products that use words like radiant or luminous because I have oily to combo skin and those words traditionally meant that I would be left with a greasy shiny finish. Because of my oily skin I tended to look for products to mattify my skin. However the research, science and ingredients that go into cosmetics are constantly advancing and now I am finding that there are a lot of new products on the market with “radiant” and “laminating” promises that I can happily use and look fresh faced instead of greasy.


Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation contains pearl pigments to brighten skin tone for an instant glow and elastomers to reflect light back to create a luminous and wide-awake effect. It promises medium coverage to conceal imperfections while leaving a natural and luminous finish. So how did I get on with it? Really well actually and here are the pictures.


The top two are my bare skin and the bottom two are with one pump of foundation.

Even though I am just back from a sun holiday, my skin is in pretty good condition. The sun, heat and alcohol haven’t left my skin too dehydrated and I have no dry scaly patches. My complexion is a bit blotchy though, my nose is a bit red and the clusters of freckles, ok so they are pigmentation marks, on top of my cheeks are more prominent than normal. Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation definitely does brighten my skin tone. It conceals well but I feel I still need a concealer under my eyes and I could do with more coverage on my nose. I like that with this foundation my skin still looks like skin only better than my actual skin. I like the idea of a natural base like light coverage foundations and BB creams in theory, but the reality is I prefer more coverage on my face.

SelfTimer14_09_2014 13_43_21

In this picture I have added MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural which will help the foundation to last longer and give me a bit more coverage. I have also used Collection concealer, blush, and filled in my brows.

Without finishing powder this foundation lasts a good four to five hours before I need to powder some shine and with a MAC Mineralise Skinfinish as a setting powder, it lasts about eight hours on me. This retails at €16.89 and I think it is a pretty impressive foundation for such a small price. It’s really lightweight so you don’t feel like there is anything on the skin. It’s hydrating and it brightens my skin leaving a natural finish.



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