Printed trousers are showing no signs of going away so instead of being afraid of the trend I’ve decided to embrace it. As you may already know I do tend to fear trousers that are not jeans because they can make me look like I’ve a bit too much junk in the trunk but I have found that a pair of tailored or structured cut trousers with quality material can actually sit quite well on me.

River Island Floral Printed Trousers

When I spotted these trousers on the River Island web site I was actually looking for a different pair that I had seen on someone I know. The pair I wanted are a lot more subdued in that they have a classic soft pink and mint green tile print on black. The colours in these trousers really appealed to me and when I couldn’t find the other ones I decided to bite the bullet and buy them. I was afraid they might be a bit too mad for me though. When they arrived I thought I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear them and I should send them back but I really liked the way they fit. These are the cropped version, which sit perfectly on me as ankle grazers because I am so short. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the fit of them. The material is a lovely thick wove fabric that helps the way the sit on me. So I am keeping and wearing them.

Penneys Peach Textured Top

The top is from Penneys. I was going to wear a plain white top but then I thought heck why not go all out with a bright top as well.

New Look Pointed Court

I have decided that pointed toe courts look best with these trousers, there is a lot going on here already so I figured simple shoes, rather than throwing in another loud colour. The trousers are actually navy but the colour is so dark it looks black so I figured black shoes would be fine. These shoes are from New Look.

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace

Of course a big statement necklace to finish it all off. I picked this one up while on holiday last year.

Have you bought any printed trousers? How do you feel about them?


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