MAC Gilt by Association

I almost forgot that I didn’t do a proper review of this, I only teased with a quick glimpse of it in my duty free haul post. Hopefully the photos below will satisfy your curiosity. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will probably know that I don’t really like black eye makeup on me, I find it a bit too harsh for my complexion. In fact I don’t really wear that much black clothing either. For my eyes I prefer shades of brown or purple, which really brings out the green of my eyes. So you are probably wondering why I bought MAC Gilt by Association then, well because one, I love MAC Mineralise Eye Shadows and this one is totally different from any of the others I already have and two, I figured the gold through it would make it less harsh.

MAC Gilt by Association

(With and Without Flash)

MAC Gilt by Association is more matte than my other MAC mineralise eye shadows. It is everything you would expect from a MAC shadow; its pigmented, buildable, creamy and buttery, easy to blend and long lasting. There is little to no fall out and I like to pack it on for a full on pigmented wash of colour. For a night out this shadow and some mascara is all you need for your eyes. The gold does indeed tone down the harshness of the black and adds a bit of shine to the matte of the black. I like to run my brush over the whole shadow and pack the colour on the entire lid and crease, and then I dip the tip of my brush in the gold and go back over the lid with the gold. I also use the black and gold swirled together to line my eyes. There ends up being a hint of dark olive to it. The mascara I used below is Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara but I prefer it with Lancôme Grandiose. So here are the pictures.

cb331cf5-8da2-4246-bf9b-69b495e9975e(2) cb331cf5-8da2-4246-bf9b-69b495e9975e cb331cf5-8da2-4246-bf9b-69b495e9975e(3)

Have you tried any MAC mineralise eye shadows, which is your favourite?


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