Beverly Hill Perfect White Black

I know what you are thinking, what is there to say about toothpaste, you brush your teeth with it, the end. Bear with me here. The first time I heard about this toothpaste was over on Cherry Sue Doin’ the Do and it immediately caught my attention because with all the fabulous products that Sue gets to review if she is mentioning a toothpaste then it must be something special and what could be a better beauty accessory than a beautiful smile.
As someone who had very crooked teeth before two years of wearing good old fashioned train tracks braces in my late teens (none of your fancy invisible and removable braces in my day), I am now a bit obsessed with looking after my chompers and keeping them as white and clean as possible.

Beverly Hills Perfect White Black is a whitening toothpaste that is black in colour. Brushing my teeth with something black in the hopes that it’ll make them whiter may seem a bit odd but it actually makes sense. It contains active charcoal to both freshen breath and whiten teeth. I find that it definitely freshens breath instantly and I have noticed that after three weeks use my teeth are feeling cleaner and looking whiter.

(top before, bottom after)

I am really enjoying using this toothpaste and at about €2.50, it’s really good value considering some brands retail their normal toothpastes at around the fiver mark. Also it’s made in Ireland. Have you tried this yet?


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