Did you ever just really like what you are wearing, so much so that you feel amazing? That was me last Saturday night. My birthday was Tuesday but I always prefer to celebrate these things on the weekends when you can go out and enjoy yourself without thinking about having to get up for work in the morning. We headed out for dinner and a few drinks and I got glammed up for the occasion.

River Island Watercolour Print Blouse River Island Watercolour Print Blouse

This top is just beautiful. I love the delicate watercolour style print. The colours are just so pretty. The loose flowy shape is flattering and comfortable. It has that draped, longer at the back thing going on so it will also look great with some skinny jeans. I love everything about it and it is from River Island. I am having a bit of a love affair with River Island at the moment. I just keep wanting to buy everything.

River Island Burgundy Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

The skirt is also from River Island. As you can see it’s a faux leather pencil skirt in burgundy. You may recognise it from this post. I have worn this a few times now with different tops and I still have a few more ideas for it. I feel so classy and elegant in this skirt. When I first bought it I wasn’t sure I would get much wear out of it but now I am thinking this is going to be long lasting staple in my wardrobe that I will wear year after year.

Jaime La Vie Necklace

The necklace is from Carraig Donn and I think the colour works perfectly with the print of the top. Also, as much as I love a chunky statement necklace, I think a pendant necklace works better with an open blouse style neckline.

New Look Pointed Court

The shoes are from New Look. I know I wear them a lot but they are really comfortable and I need to be able to comfortably walk in my shoes when I wear a pencil skirt. As much as I love the skirt there is little to no give in it for leg movement when walking. Let’s just say I can’t exactly titter or wiggle delicately so slipping around in my shoes would get me nowhere.

Are you sharing my love for River Island?


It’s been a while since I did a skincare update so I thought I would give you a quick rundown of what I have been using lately.

Let’s start with cleansers. These haven’t really changed since the last post. As much as I love to try new things, when I find products that work well for me I tend to stick with them, especially if they are not too pricey.


Garnier Micellar Water – I use this for a quick cleanse in the morning to remove any residue left from the products applied the night before.

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel – I use this to remove all traces of makeup in the evenings. It’s a gentle and effective cleanser.

L'Oreal Revitalift Peeling Night Lotion

Toner is a step I have been skipping for years until I started using and loved some other products from the L’Oreal Revitalift range. I saw a review of the L’Oreal Revitalift Night Peeling Lotion on and decided to give it a go. I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference when using this so when it runs out, I’ll probably go back to skipping toner in favour of spending the cash saved on serums and moisturisers.

Serums and Moisturisers

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum

I’ve recently repurchased the L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum. I used this ages ago and decided to give it a go again. I’ve only been using this since the week after Christmas so I’ll do a proper post on it when I have been using it for a few more weeks. Needless to say that I really like this serum, hence the repurchase.


Before Christmas I was using a trial size of Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum. I didn’t have enough of this to do a proper review but my initial impressions from the trial size (5ml) were good. It’s a lovely oil that really hydrates the skin well and sinks in quickly.

I also had a trial (15ml) size of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which I absolutely loved and am really tempted to splurge out on a full size. The texture is a light almost gel like cream, which is kind of cooling and refreshing to apply. A tiny bit is more than enough and it smells gorgeous. I kept this for night time and found that my skin looked really good in the mornings. Nicely hydrated and plumped, even over the Christmas, when healthy eating and drinking water went out the window.


So at the moment I am using L’Oreal Revitalift Global Care Day SPF 25 in mornings if I have used the toner the night before or the Magic Blur if I didn’t use the toner. At night I am using a trial size (25ml) of No 7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream, which I got in the Boots No 7 Christmas crackers.

No 7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream & Intense Eye Cream

My current eye cream, No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream (5ml), is also from the No 7 Christmas crackers. I have to say, so far I really like the two No 7 products and when I finish the trial sizes I’ll let you know my final thoughts on them. I have a funny feeling I will be purchasing the full size versions of these.

Any products here that you rate? Any suggestions for the future?


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gels have been around since last September but I am only getting around to trying them out now. They launched after I went on holiday so I got a Shellac manicure before I went. When I arrived home there was nine Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquers waiting for me and I have been playing around with them since. Over the Christmas a few of my friends were raving about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels so I figured it was about time I gave them a go.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
The concept of the Miracle Gel polishes is that you apply two coats of the colour polish and one of the top coat, which then reacts with natural sunlight to harden without the use of a UV light. The result is a long lasting, high shine, gel like manicure at home. It’s easily removed with regular nail polish remover so you can remove it at home whenever you feel like it.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Tank
I am really impressed with this polish. The formula of Pink Tank is one of those perfect Goldie Locks formulas in that it’s not too thick nor is it too runny either; it’s just perfect. The brush is also perfect; not too soft but not too firm. Its fans out nicely so I can nearly paint all of my nails with just one brush stoke down the middle. The brush and formula really do make it very easy for me to paint my nails and without much mess and painting outside the lines. Normally I would have to do a fair bit of tidying up my cuticles after painting my nails but with the Miracle Gel there is hardly any cleanup required. The finish is really smooth and even. Two coats are all that was needed to be fully opaque and it dries in a few minutes. I would assume that the other shades are much the same formula wise and I can’t wait to try out a few more. The colour of Pink Tank is a gorgeous bright pink that brightens up these dark and dreary days.

They are supposed to last two weeks, but let’s be realistic; there is no way a home gel effect nail polish is going to last two weeks without the use of a UV lamp to harden it, especially at under €10 each. I painted my nails on Thursday evening, so no natural light, and I didn’t see any chips until Sunday night, but they were only tiny chips at the tips of my nails at that stage. I got to Tuesday before it was bad enough to need to be removed. This is really good for me because nail polish would usually be chipped within hours on me and I would have to remove it the next day or so. I am interested in seeing if it lasts any better if I paint my nails early on a bright day. Hopefully I’ll get that chance soon. Even if it doesn’t last any longer I am still happy with how perfect my nails look for the three-ish days.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pink Tank
Have you tried these yet? How did you get on with them? What colours do you recommend I try next?



When the more autumnal tones started hitting the shops, I was all excited. After all the summer pastels I was looking forward to wearing richer shades, like burgundy and teal. However, as winter drags on and the temperatures drop I keep reaching for the warmer items in my closet and I feel like all I am wearing lately is black, grey or navy. So when I was wandering through Dunnes recently and spotted some bright orange, I got excited again. It’s time for some strong bright colours.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer

This long-line, waterfall style blazer from Dunnes is a gorgeous bright orange. The material is the crepe style material that seems to be everywhere lately; it’s the new scuba. I wore this out under a long coat last weekend when it was very cold out and I was glad of the extra layer, but come spring and summer when it’s a lot warmer out I will wear this as my only outer layer. The black zips on the sides are real pockets but I probably won’t put anything in them. I love the slinky waterfall shape of this so I wouldn’t want anything bulky in the pockets.


Dunnes Orange and Blue Print Top

The top is also from Dunnes. I love how blue and orange look together. I spotted the top first and loved the print, then as I walked along the rails the jacket called to me and I knew they would be perfect together. It’s been a long time since I actually looked at the clothes in Dunnes. I was really pleasantly surprised by what’s in stock at the moment. I always just assumed the clothes in Dunnes are plain and old fashioned. I’m not sure if I was wrong and missing out or if they have changed their buying trends lately.

Dorothy Perkins Gold Zips Black Trousers

The trousers are my black skinny trousers with gold zips from Dorothy Perkins. Leather look leggings would look really good with this outfit but I haven’t found a pair of leather look trousers that I like on me yet. A shiny finish is not a friend to the more rounded areas, i.e. my arse, although I suppose I could get away with it if I leave the long jacket on.

New Look Pointed Court

The shoes are my pointed toe courts from New Look. I can’t believe how comfy these shoes are considering they were very inexpensive.


Blue necklace and earrings

With the strong colours and bright print, I didn’t think I needed a necklace so I just wore these earrings from New Look. People always think these earrings look glamorous and were expensive; ONE EURO! You don’t get many deals better than that.

What do you think, are you ready for bright colours yet?


I gave you my review of the Sleek Vintage Romance palette last week but I didn’t have any decent pictures of eye looks using this palette. I had been using it loads when heading out over the Christmas but as per usual I was always running late so I didn’t have the time to be taking pictures all over the house in search of lighting that would show up the colours of the shadows accurately. So here is a look I did over the weekend.

Products used:

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette
Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Rose Brown
Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil in Plum
Lancôme Grandiose Mascara


I started by using the Kiko Long Lasting Stick in Rose Brown all over the lid and crease as a primer. This works as a great base to hold powder eye shadows in place and it adds depth to the colour.
I also used it to line the bottom lashes.

I applied 1 (Forever in Florence) all over the lid and crease.

Then I blended 2 (Bliss in Barcelona) from the outer corner into the crease.

Next, a dab of 3 (Pretty in Paris) in the inner corner and outer brow bone for a highlight.

I lined my upper eye lids and bottom lashes with 2 (Bliss in Barcelona) and then went over the lines with the Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil in Plum. I think using powder eye shadow either over or under a pencil liner helps keep it in place longer. I use the powder under the pencil if I want a sharp clean line and I use the powder over the pencil if I want to soften the liner for a smoky look.

Finally I lashed on Lancôme Grandiose Mascara.

I love the purple and plum shades is this palette. Have you tried any of the Sleek palettes yet?


Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

You may remember that I got this massive Soap & Glory set for Christmas. I had intended to space out the reviews of the products in it as much as possible so as not to bore you but this was love at first sniff. If you have been reading this little blog for a while then you will know that if I like the scent, then I am totally sold.

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion is a whole lot more than just a pretty scent though. For starters the bottle is massive so this should last me ages. The pump is really handy, it makes application a whole lot easier when you don’t have to try and squeeze more out of a bottle when your hands are all greased up. The best thing is that the cream feels very rich and creamy when you are applying it, but it actually dries into the skin really quickly. So less time spent hopping up and down next to the radiator in the nip. I have to say I used this after the Sugar Scrub and my skin felt amazingly soft and smooth.

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion


Now for the scent. On the bottle it says “Fruitigo Fragrance with notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig, and jungle pomelo essence”. I have no idea what any of that is but it seems to be a winning combination. I’m guessing the scent is enhanced by the Shea butter, fig pulp extract, along with almond, mango and moringa oils. It reminds me of something but I can’t figure out what, yet. This fragrance also seems to last ages on my skin.

A 500ml bottle is €13.99, which I think is excellent value since I actually prefer this to some more expensive moisturisers. Have you tried this or any of the other Soap & Glory moisturisers?



It’s been a week of extremes weather wise; we had snow, lots of rain, and of course some seriously stormy weather. It’s supposed to get really cold this weekend and I’m not sure I can handle it so I’m praying for unseasonably warm temperatures; positive mental attitude! (It’s so going to work.) Obviously I am feeling the chill so todays outfit is all about being cosy and comfortable.

iclothing Aztec Print Waterfall Cardigan

SelfTimer11_01_2015 14_31_40

This Aztec print, waterfall style cardigan is from This cardigan is lovely and cosy. You can button up the front or leave it open and loose. You can also button up the sleeves for a rolled up look but I won’t be doing that any time soon. It might be a handy option when we eventually move into spring, when it can be cold in the mornings and then warm up in the afternoons.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top

The top is from New Look. It’s not just your normal run of the mill t-shirt. Its crepe material and has a bit of a ruffle to the sleeves and a button at the back of the neck that all make it that little bit dressier.

The black skinny jeans are old and they are from Dorothy Perkins. They are the super soft skinnies so they are really comfortable.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are new. They are from the brand Marco Tozzi and I got them from The wedge makes these really comfortable and they are fleece lined so they are really warm. I love the almost knee high length of these. I also really like all the little details, like the slouching effect, the zips and the straps.

iclothing Statement Necklace

The necklace is also from I think it adds a nice pop of colour to an otherwise black and grey outfit. I saw a similar necklace in Zara a while back and I was sorry I didn’t get it so when I saw this one on I wasn’t leaving it behind this time.

How are you keeping cosy this week?