Soap & Glory Git Set

I received this as a lovely surprise Christmas gift and I think it was a popular choice with both those who gave it and those who received it. There were a few of these Soap & Glory gift boxes under trees in both my family and the in-laws. Great minds think alike. The fact that it was one of the Boots star gifts reduced to half price for a week in the run up to Christmas made it excellent value considering it has 10 full size products. I also know a few ladies that bought it for themselves.

Soap & Glory Gift Set

Soap & Glory is a quirky brand with a bit of innuendo and the odd pun here and there. It’s popular because the products are really good and the price point is easy enough on the pocket. When my husband saw the email about the Boots star gift and knew there were a few Soap & Glory products hanging out in the bathroom he figured it would be a good gift and he was right. I am really looking forward to trying everything out; other than the Righteous Butter, I haven’t tried anything else that’s in this set before.

Soap & Glory Gift Set

So here is what’s in it:

Soap & Glory Gift Set

The Body Products:


Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

Whipped Clean Shower Butter

Orangeasm Body Wash


Hands and Feet:


Hand Dream Super Cream

Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream


The Tubs:


The Righteous Butter

Sugar Crush Body Scrub




Thick & Fast Mascara

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss

Off Your Face Make Up Wipes


If all that wasn’t enough, then there is also a voucher.

This is a really great gift, I am guessing they are sold out but hopefully they will have a similar one for Valentine’s Day. I will definitely be hoping there is one of these under the tree again next year.

Did you get any great beauty gifts for Christmas?


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