There was a fair bit of hype around Glamglow Youthmud a while back but I didn’t buy into it at the time. I thought it was very expensive for what I assumed was just mud mask and there are plenty of cheaper mud masks on the market. My hairdresser was recently singing the praises of Glamglow Youthmud even though it is not sold in the salon she works in, so I made it my mission to try it out for myself. I managed to get a sample (5g) which is great because the price of the full size (50g) is €55 on or €68 on so it’s a lot to spend on something that might not suit my skin.

Generally, mud masks help clear the pores of excess oil and draw out impurities to help clear congestion and acne. Glamglow Youthmud is something very different to normal mud masks. Hailed as a 10 minute facial in a jar, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t do any research on it; all I knew was that my hairdresser said it makes your skin look amazing. Usually after using a face mask, my skin feels nice and looks clean but there is nothing too noticeable, I use them hoping that it’s doing good things to my skin even if I can’t really see any difference.

I applied the whole sachet of Glamglow Youthmud and it started tingling straight away. I didn’t really like it at first and thought I wouldn’t last 10 minutes with it on, but either it eased or I got used to it because the 10 minutes were up before I knew it. It’s quite gritty in texture and it says when rinsing it off to remove it in circular motions to exfoliate the skin. Normally after a mud mask or exfoliating I can’t wait to get serum and moisturiser on my face but this left my skin unbelievably smooth and silky, I must have spent another 5 minutes touching my face. I have to say, I have never seen my skin look so bright and clear. My pores are less noticeable probably because they are so clean. I was surprised that there was such a noticeable improvement in my skin after using this mask. My serum and moisturiser sank into my skin a lot quicker, which makes me wonder if they are usually sitting on top of a load of dead skin cells before they are absorbed.
The only problem with getting samples is when you love the product and “need” the full size. I also have a sample of the Thristymud so this could get expensive. Have you tried any of the Glamglow products?



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