I thought I would try something a bit different today. Instead of an outfit post I want to talk about a few of the trends that I am noticing in shops and magazines for spring and summer and have a look at what I already have in my wardrobe that fits in with these trends. You see I am trying to be responsible here and get you all, and me, to have a look at what we already have before we all go shopping for loads of new clothes.


First up is pastels, no surprise here, pastels make a comeback every year but this year lilac especially seems to be prominent. I had a good root through and I don’t seem to have anything lilac so maybe one little spend is allowed here. This year there also seems to be a lot of layering different shades of pastels together, so lilac with pink, baby blue, and or mint green. I do have lots of mint green. There is way more mint than this in my wardrobe but you get the idea and a panoramic photo probably won’t fit here anyway.

WP_20150205_002 WP_20150205_003

Florals, for someone who reckons they are not really into floral prints, I seem to have a lot. Truth be told there is even more than this lot.  This is another trend that pops up in some shape or form every year. This year though it seems every item of clothing you can think of comes in a floral print. Some years it’s all about the ditsy floral some years it all big and bold floral prints but this year it looks like anything goes.


Geometric prints seem to big this year and I don’t have much of this in my wardrobe either so maybe another one for the list. I’ve seem some gorgeous geometric print dresses.


Prints on shoes look set to send the solid colour courts to the back of the wardrobe. I am seeing a lot of courts, especially pointed toe courts, with floral prints, stripes, animal prints and strips of animal or floral prints. I’ve also seen some mixed colour animal prints. Printed shoes could be a fun way to liven up a plain dress.

Layered dainty necklaces are trying to muscle in on the chunky statement necklaces. I don’t seem to have any dainty layered necklaces either so another one for the list but that doesn’t mean I am going to shun my chunky statement necklaces.

What trends have you noticed? What are you planning on buying for your spring and summer wardrobe?


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