Clinique’s new foundation is a 2 in 1, full coverage, long lasting foundation which eliminates the need for a separate concealer and it is targeted at the thirty something with oily skin. Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer sounds like it’s exactly what I am looking for. I had read a few positive reviews of it and I was sold. It was supposed to land on counters this weekend, however, I spotted it on sale at my local Clinique counter last weekend and I was definitely buying it until I was told that they were already sold out of the shade the sales assistant matched me to. She applied Fair all over my face and then told me I needed a bit of bronzer on my neck “to warm it up a bit”. They were also out of the lighter shade, Alabaster, but she gave me a decent sized sample of it and assured me it would definitely be in stock next weekend when I returned and I had fully intended to return to purchase it. (Note: she poured this from a large squeezey bottle into a little jar, so don’t be fobbed off if you want a sample before purchasing).

WP_20150203_001 WP_20150203_002

It seems it was never meant to be for me and Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. I have tried this every which way I can think of and I still can’t get it to work for me. Now this foundation comes with its own “magic” wand applicator which Clinique say holds the perfect amount for the full face because a little goes a long way. Now I don’t have this applicator so I am left guessing but I have tried this every day since I got it and every day I try to use less and less and I still seem to be using too much. I thought I wanted full coverage because I often have to add more of a medium coverage foundation to the tops of my cheeks and around my nose but I find this full coverage foundation makes my face look flat. The problem isn’t how much I am using it’s that I don’t like the look of the full coverage. I definitely wouldn’t be leaving the house without contouring and highlighting when using it. I usually use MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural to set my foundation but it adds a little more coverage and that would be way too much with this so I have mostly been using my NARS Translucent Pressed Powder instead.

Phototastic-01_02_2015_81b3f308-8a15-4f69-b904-9d15965a8a6e(L-R: before, just foundation, foundation set with NARS and countoured, blush and brows filled in)

Another problem I am having with this is the way it wears throughout the day. It looks flawlessly smooth when first applied but the picture below is about the four hour mark. This foundation really settles into my pores, it clings to dry patches that I didn’t know were dry patches, and it settles into fine lines and creases. I’m not sure you can see it in the picture but it also looks a bit pulpy. It makes my skin look both oily and dry all at once. Thanks to the likes of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour, and Este Lauder Double Wear Light I’ve come to expect a good eight hours (without primer) from a long lasting foundation. I’ve even tried setting it with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural and it still doesn’t wear any better.

So it’s not the one for me, but as I said I have read some really positive reviews of it, so if you are interested you should ask for a sample or at the least let the sales assistant apply it and leave without buying it. If it still looks great later, you can always go back and get it another day because I wouldn’t be too happy if I had spent €33 on a foundation I don’t like.
Have you tired this yet and how did you get on with it? Were you ever really disappointed with a foundation that you thought would be perfect for you?

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