Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

Just when I thought I had every type of makeup known to man, these were sent to me. It’s hard not to notice the growing trend for bold coloured hair and it’s not just celebrities; I’ve noticed lots of funky coloured hair popping up on twitter with followers commenting on how much they love it but wouldn’t be brave enough to do it themselves. I’m afraid I fall into this camp also. When I was a teenager I was mad to dye my hair but I was always afraid to do it. My brother used dye his hair regularly but it involved using a harsh bleach type product to strip the hair of colour so it was white and then he added the fun colour. Hot pink was one of my favourite shades on him; in fact he had hot pink hair on his licence picture for years. It’s all well and good for boys because they can shave off all the damaged hair when it starts to fade or they don’t want the colour anymore but I would be left with long damaged hair that I would have to try and dye over. Too bad I didn’t have Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup back then because it would have given me the chance to have fun coloured hair without the commitment or the damage.

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

L-R: Gilty as Charged, Red-y to Rock, Rebel Without a Coral, Punked Up Pink, Purple Riot

There are five Color Rebel Shades: Red-y to Rock, Rebel Without a Coral, Punked Up Pink, Purple Riot, and Gilty as Charged. You apply them to clean or day-after hair. You start by applying light layers to sections but you can add more to build the colour intensity if desired. You then either let your hair dry naturally or you can blow dry it. Color Rebel coats the hair so the colour is resistant to water, brushing, blow-drying or straightening. The best bit is, it washes out after two shampoos but if you need to remove it instantly you can wash your hair with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream or rub the hair between your fingers with either Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine or All Soft Argan-6 Multicare Oil until the colour pigment dissolves. So you can be a punk at the weekend and a model employee during the week. Just because you have to pay the bills doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

These may be the perfect compromise for those of you who have teenagers that are driving you demented asking if they can dye their hair a bold colour; you want to give in so they will stop banging on about it but you don’t want a lecture from the headmaster/headmistress first thing Monday morning. Not to mention that festival season will soon be upon us and who wouldn’t want to match their hair to their willies. You can have loads of fun with these from all over colour to just adding some individual strips.

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup

What do you think of the trend for bold coloured hair? Will you be trying these or going for permanent colour?


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