GlamGlow ThirstyMud

I told you about the sample of GlamGlow YouthMud that I got in a local salon a few weeks back. I loved it so much that I purchased a full size one. I also managed to get 2 sample sachets of ThirstyMud and feel another purchase may need to be made. Until recently there were no local retailers of GlamGlow that I know of, but now all of a sudden it seems to be popping up in a few local salons and chemists. All this easy availability could be bad for my wallet but good for my skin. I have the BrightMud Eye Treatment in my sights.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud
GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Mask promises to leave you with “hydrated heart pounding glowing skin”, I don’t know about heart pounding but it certainly leaves me with well hydrated skin. My skin has been fairly dehydrated lately. You know when you use a gentle cleanser but your skin feels really tight and dry after and you can’t get enough serum and moisturiser on your face fast enough, well that’s how it has been. The directions on ThirstyMud are that you can leave it on or wipe off after desired amount of time. Looking at it, it’s a beige gel like cream. I assumed it would sit on the skin and that if I left it on overnight it would be all over my pillow and hair the next morning so I applied it in the early evening, when I knew no one would see me, with the intention of wiping it off before bed. However, it actually sinks in and disappears into the skin so I have been leaving it on overnight. It feels lovely and cooling when first applied. The tight dry feeling disappears instantly. When I wake up my skin is soft and plump with no hint of any dehydration lines that may have been. There is a strong scent of coconut, which I really like, but bear it in mind if you don’t like strongly scented skincare. A little seems to go a long way because I get at least two uses out of the 3g sachets, where I only got one with the Supermud, but I have oily but occasionally dehydrated skin. If you have dry skin you may want or need to apply more.

I have seen this anywhere from €58 to €69. It’s pricey but I really like it so I probably will end up buying it. Have you tried this or any of the other GlamGlow masks? Do you think they are worth the price tag? Please tell me I won’t like BrightMud!



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