Matrix Oil Wonders Amazonian Murumuru Controlling Oil

Sorry, I’m a day late with this review but I was celebrating the Mammy’s birthday last night. I’ll admit that I am a big fan of hair serums but I hadn’t actually tried a hair oil until I was sent this Matrix Oil Wonder to review. Argan Oil products have been big news for a few years now but since I don’t have naturally curly or frizzy hair I didn’t feel the need to try any. The Oil Wonder I was sent is Amazonian Murumuru Controlling Oil, which is aimed at controlling frizzy hair and even though I have straight fine hair, I’ve still found ways to use it; I would hate to see a good product go to waste.

It draws on the Amazonian Murumuru nut (hence the name) which helps to leave hair smooth and manageable for up to 72 hours by blocking humidity. Some of you curly lasses may want to file, save as, because summer is, believe it or not, coming and Irish summer equals humid, clammy, messiness. For me now though I have been applying one pump to my wet hair before blow drying. You would think an oil would weigh my fine hair down and leave it looking greasy but not at all. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and swishy. I was surprised that it doesn’t weigh my hair down but instead leaves it light and bouncy. I like the feel of my hair when I use this oil; I keep touching and flicking my hair. You can also use it before shampooing or after drying and I like rubbing the excess into my cuticles. The scent is lovely but it’s very delicate.

I have also added this to my curling regime to try and test the taming of frizz claims. I curl my hair using a wand; I just never got around to buying any other curling tools. The wand gives small spiral curls but I like big soft wavy curls. So I wrap larger sections around the wand and use hairspray liberally, then I comb it all out. This turns my hair into a massive fuzz ball but after a few minutes of running my fingers through my hair I can finally tame it into the bouncy curls I want. I applied the Matrix Oil Wonder to my wet hair before blow drying it and then went about curling it as usual. When I combed it out it was less frizzy than usual and it took a lot less time to tame and shape it with my fingers. Day two curls were also more manageable. Normally I wake up with what can only be described as a birds nest on my head, but it wasn’t as scary the morning after using the oil.
Even though I don’t have frizzy hair I am still enjoying using this Oil Wonder. There is a Colour Caring Oil and a Strengthening Oil in the range along with a Micro Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to say I wouldn’t mind trying the shampoo and conditioner, I imagine they would be really luxurious. The Oil Wonders are €12.50 and available in Matrix Salons.
Do you use hair oil? Have you tried the Matrix Oil Wonders? Do you want a proper post on how I curl my hair or are there more than enough posts and videos on this already out there?


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