I recently cleaned all my brushes and figured it would be a good time to take some photos of them so I can tell you what I have and how I use them. I have a lot of brushes, and buying more and more in an effort to avoid cleaning the dirty ones has proven to be a stupid thing to do because, eventually they all need to be cleaned. I have more brushed that didn’t make the cut but for today’s post I just want to tell you about the ones I use regularly and leave out the ones that only get used when everything else is manky dirty.
So let’s start with the foundation brushes (L-R):

Having such a sharp eye for detail as I do, I thought the Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush was a stippling brush and began using it for applying foundation. I didn’t see that it says Bronzer Brush on the side until after I decided that it is my favourite brush for applying foundation.
The Real Techniques Buffing Brush is also lovely for applying foundation but I find that because it’s so densely packed, it sheers out foundation a bit. I use this when I want a lighter coverage so its handy if you like the lasting power of a full coverage foundation but don’t want to look like you have much makeup on.
The MAC 187 used to be my favourite foundation brush until I discovered the RT Bronzer Brush. It’s pretty much the same application wise but the MAC one sheds so much; I hate seeing those black hairs stuck to my face and all over my cream dressing table.

Powder Brushes:

The MAC 134 is a lovely big soft fluffy brush for applying finishing powder; it does my whole face in seconds.
The Benefit Angled Blush brush does what it says on the tin. Again it’s soft and fluffy.
I use The MAC 109 and RT Contour Brush for contouring.
I know loads of people think The RT Expert Face Brush is great for applying foundation but it’s what I use for blending highlighter. I think it’s VERY important to blend highlighter properly. The amount of women I see with a creamy streak of sparkles on the top of their cheeks makes me want to lick my hand and rub the side of their face (would that be weird?). Whoever said you could whack Benefit Highbeam on and pat it with your finger and go was lying, it needs to be blended!

Concealer Brushes:

MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush and RT Pointed Foundation Brush. I use these both to pat concealer in, I find buffing concealer with a soft brush sheers it out too much so I like to pat it under my eyes to cover dark circles and then blend out any lines.

Eyes (liners):

I use the MAC 242 to pat on cream eye shadows all over the lid or I dip the tip into the cream shadow and use it to line my eyes because this brush is firm and flat. The MAC 219 is perfect for lining or smudging liner and defining the crease. I also use the Ruby and Mills and the Gosh angled brushes for lining my eyes. I reserve one of the Gosh angled brushes for filing in my eyebrows.

Eyes (buffing and blending):

I mostly use the MAC 286 with a skin colour eye shadow to blend out harsh lines or dark shadows from the crease towards the brow as it’s really soft. As you can see I have two 217s because they are so handy. They can be used to apply shadow all over the lid and or crease, to blend the crease shadow and soften and blend harsh lines and so on. The pink one is a Vita Libreta brush which I think I got on a two for one offer. I use the pointed one here to apply highlighter in the inner corner.

Eyes (Lid):

These are all used for packing shadow on the lid. I find the first one, the MAC 275, the handiest as the angled shape lets me get the colour right into the inner corner without getting any on the side of my socket. The two Gosh ones are actually slightly different sizes, I have had them for ages and they are really good brushes. The Vita Libreta, Benefit, and Elf are all fine, they do the job when the other ones are dirty; the Vita Libreta one is probably better than the Benefit and Elf ones.
Do you have many of the same brushes? Do you use any of your brushes for anything other than their intended use?



  1. Ha ha I often feel like wiping peoples faces when I see foundation marks! I love that Rt buffing for foundation. I must try the expert face brush for highligher

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