I had been thinking about buying a bomber for ages now. I know I don’t need one but I wanted one. The question was how much should I spend because I have a leather bomber from a few years ago that got worn less than a handful of times. And yes bombers are back on trend now but not leather ones, oh no, it’s silky, polyester or nylon type material now, leather bombers are so five years ago. Another question was, did I want a solid colour or one with a print, embroidery or other detail. A plain black one would make the most sense as you can wear it with everything but since when does what makes sense matter when it comes to buying clothes, if that makes sense.

I saw this one on the Zara web site ages ago, I loved it, added it to my basket, hummed and hawed for a while and then closed out of the site without buying it. Let’s face it, this is something that I do a lot and by some of the memes on my social media I’m not alone. You know it’s someone’s job to look at the click-through-to-purchase stats and figure out why the sale wasn’t completed. I wonder if they have a “because women are crazy” option, to explain why so many web site sales go uncompleted.

Next thing I know both Pippa and Amy Huberman post pictures of themselves wearing this very bomber. Now usually if one of them posts about something it sells out straight away so when they both posted about this bomber I figured it was definitely gone forever and best to forget it and move on.
Eventually I settled on one on the New Look web site, it was black with an orange floral print, but just before checking out I decided to have a quick look at the Zara site again to make sure that they didn’t have any new bombers that I liked better. Low and behold this one was on the site and available in my size so I actually bought it this time.

 I’ve worn it loads so far and even though it has a floral embroidery detail I think it goes with pretty much everything so I don’t really need to worry about matching, but I particularly like the way it looks with my khaki River Island biker jeans.
So did you cave and buy a bomber? What kind did you buy? Or how many have you left un-purchased in virtual baskets across the internet?

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