About Me and Disclaimer

Hi, my name is Tracey Kenny (nee Walsh), I live on the west coast of Ireland and I’m hanging on to my mid thirties.

While I’m not a professional makeup artist or stylist, I love fashion & style. I have a particular weakness for handbags & shoes, but covet all types of accessories really. I’m also quite a makeup & skincare junkie. I like to try new things in search for the best products for me. Another interest of mine is running and training to keep fit.

All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. Remember my opinions are subject to my own personal colouring, skin type, hair type, experiences and preferences. All products featured are bought by me unless specified otherwise.  I accept PR samples to review but I do not do any paid reviews or sell advertising space.

All photos are taken by me unless otherwise specified, I will occasionally use photos from press releases. Other than cropping out unnecessary background, I do not Photoshop my photos (I am what I am). I take the time to take my own photos and expect others to do the same, don’t use my photos without permission.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

email: ahsuretislovely@gmail.com


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