I had been thinking about buying a bomber for ages now. I know I don’t need one but I wanted one. The question was how much should I spend because I have a leather bomber from a few years ago that got worn less than a handful of times. And yes bombers are back on trend now but not leather ones, oh no, it’s silky, polyester or nylon type material now, leather bombers are so five years ago. Another question was, did I want a solid colour or one with a print, embroidery or other detail. A plain black one would make the most sense as you can wear it with everything but since when does what makes sense matter when it comes to buying clothes, if that makes sense.

I saw this one on the Zara web site ages ago, I loved it, added it to my basket, hummed and hawed for a while and then closed out of the site without buying it. Let’s face it, this is something that I do a lot and by some of the memes on my social media I’m not alone. You know it’s someone’s job to look at the click-through-to-purchase stats and figure out why the sale wasn’t completed. I wonder if they have a “because women are crazy” option, to explain why so many web site sales go uncompleted.

Next thing I know both Pippa and Amy Huberman post pictures of themselves wearing this very bomber. Now usually if one of them posts about something it sells out straight away so when they both posted about this bomber I figured it was definitely gone forever and best to forget it and move on.
Eventually I settled on one on the New Look web site, it was black with an orange floral print, but just before checking out I decided to have a quick look at the Zara site again to make sure that they didn’t have any new bombers that I liked better. Low and behold this one was on the site and available in my size so I actually bought it this time.

 I’ve worn it loads so far and even though it has a floral embroidery detail I think it goes with pretty much everything so I don’t really need to worry about matching, but I particularly like the way it looks with my khaki River Island biker jeans.
So did you cave and buy a bomber? What kind did you buy? Or how many have you left un-purchased in virtual baskets across the internet?

Life Style Sports Opening of Newly Refurbished Store

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately but last week I was invited along to the reopening of Life Style Sport’s refurbished store on the Headford Road in Galway and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would do a post to tell you a bit about it. (I do some bite size posts on Twitter and Instagram if you want to see what I’m up to in between proper blog posts.)

Now I know that I have more active wear than I know what to do with and I am slowly but surely amassing a trainer collection to rival King Nidge, but I won’t let that stop me. Not that the signs are on me but I do go to the gym four evenings a week and in the summer, when it’s all bright and sunny (and only when it’s bright and sunny) I like to get out on a Saturday morning for a hike or a cycle. I have been known to take part in the occasional adventure race or 10k fun run. The thing is though, it doesn’t take much to stop me. Some days when I am running, I feel good, my mind wanders and the run is over before I realise it, but that’s not always the case; on those days I feel heavy and tight, everything seems to be aching, I keep telling myself that this or that is hurting and I can’t breathe and I want to slow down to a walk. As I said, it doesn’t take much to stop me so it’s important that my clothing is comfortable. I don’t want to be aware of my top twisting and turning, my bottoms falling down, or tags, seams or zips digging into my skin. So I buy a lot of active wear because I want to be comfortable but I also want it to look good as well. Huffy, puffy, red and sweaty is not a good look so I like to think cute active wear in bright colours and fun prints distracts from how bad I look as people only really see the clothes instead of my grossness. Hence my excitement at being invited to the reopening where I could shop alongside some of the stars of the Connacht Rugby team.


The newly refurbished Life Style store is broken down into four zones, of which the Women’s Studio was what I was most interested in; there is an extensive range of fashionable and functional sportswear and runners.

Trainer Central has all the latest trainers for men, women and kids. Trainers, runners, sneakers, whatever you like to call them are very fashionable for every day wear at the moment and there was a great choice on display weather you want them for running and training or just casual wear, I think I need another pair of Nike Theas.

The Run Club has just about everything you could need for any distance and they can also analyse your gait to make sure you get the proper running shoes.

The Boot Room upstairs is “what it says on the tin” and more. It has an astro turf caged testing zone to test out the boots before you buy them. It also has loads of football, GAA and Rugby jerseys.

A few Connacht players with a lucky competition winner!

I thoroughly enjoyed the event, browsing through all the new clothes and runners, while spotting the talent local sporting heroes. There was a Q & A with some of the Connacht Rugby players, a D.J. and loads of yummy food and beverages. There was loads more but this post is probably too long already. I was very restrained and only bought one pair of leggings to add to my collection but I have my eye on a few more items. Anything take your fancy there?



Well it’s been another beautiful week of sunshine and warm temperatures and it looks set to continue next week too; woohoo! Spring is finally here so it’s time to break out the softer colours and lighter layers.

Pala D'oro Baby Pink Waterfall Blazer
This beautiful baby pink waterfall blazer is from the brand Pala D’oro from Carraig Donn. This blazer has a lovely loose and flowy shape as well as a soft crepe texture. Its light enough that I won’t be sweltering if I wear it on summer nights out but it’s warm enough for now as well. The colour is a perfect pastel for this time of year; it really gives a spring time feel. Baby pink is a colour that I’m not that bothered about myself, but I always get loads of compliments on how the colour suits me when I wear it.

H &  M Lace Detail Top
The top is old and it’s from H & M. There are loads of similar style tops in the shops now; there was even a very similar one with long sleeves in Carraig Donn. The high neck and lace details makes this top really pretty, especially paired with this jacket. But this top could also have a festival or boho vibe if it was worn with denim cut off shorts or a floral maxi skirt or anything with fringing.

River Island Black Erin Jegging
The jeans are the Erin Jeggings from River Island. I recently sang their praises in this post so I won’t bang on about them again here, except to say that I still love them.

Nude Courts
The nude shoes are Kate Appleby for Knightsbridge.

Carraig Donn Rose Gold Heart Necklace
The necklace is also from Carraig Donn. I live in a small town with a large Carraig Donn; I love going for a little wander around in there. I very rarely leave empty handed.
Are you wearing paler colours yet? What’s your favourite pastel?



Sunshine, glorious sunshine!!! With my vitamin D levels fully topped up I am in high spirits. It’s been a gorgeous week so on to today’s gorgeous dress. Many of us develop a staple look or uniform of sorts; a style of outfit that we feel comfortable in and think we look good in, so we recreate it over and over in varying shades. How many of us wear a blazer of some colour with skinny jeans more or less every day? For me, as much as I love a blazer and skinnys, it’s either a knit dress in winter or a shirt dress in summer. I do love a shirt dress.

River Island Floral Shirt Dress
Today’s shirt dress is probably the prettiest one I have ever seen. The print is just so gorgeous; I love the watercolour style floral and all the pretty colours. The shape, length and cut of this shirt dress are all just perfect for me and I feel a million bucks in this dress. It’s from River Island. River Island, if you are reading this, you are killing it lately, keep up the good work.

Thomas Sabo NecklaceThomas Sabo Charm Bracelet
With such a pretty print, I decided to keep the accessories simple. The necklace and bracelet are both from Thomas Sabo. I love that I can swap the charms back and forth between the bracelet and the necklace to suit what I am wearing or my mood.

Nude Courts
The shoes are my nude courts from Kate Appleby for Knightsbridge. They are so comfortable.
What’s your go to outfit?



Woohoo! It’s a bank holiday weekend! There’s a grand stretch in the evenings with the odd auld bit of sunshine between the torrential down pours. All in all, I’m in pretty good form. I hope you’re not sick of my love of all things orange yet because the love affair continues. I think todays outfit channels the spirit of the mixed weather that is the Irish spring in that it involves layers and waterproof footwear.

Tesco Orange Tunic

Let’s start with this orange tunic from Tesco. What’s not to love here? For starters it’s from Tesco so it was cheap as chips. It has a zip, and we know how much I love unnecessary zips. Not to mention that it is orange, a colour I love regardless of whether or not it suits me. I like long tunic style tops that you can wear over leggings because they can be so comfortable and a bright colour or pretty print makes wearing leggings look stylish with little to no effort, win, win.

In case you are interested the black top underneath is just a basic long sleeve T from Penneys and the leggings are from Swamp.

New Look Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a regular on this blog and it’s old from New Look. The biker jacket has a little bit more warmth than a blazer but it’s not as heavy as a winter coat so it’s good for this time of year. I could easily make this outfit dressier by swapping the biker and boots for a blazer and heels, which would look nice for Easter Sunday dinner.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are Marco Tozzi. The wedge heel makes them comfortable enough that I can leg it to the car when it’s lashing raining. It’s getting to the point where high leg boots are a bit too heavy for this time of year but with all the rain this week, I’m still wearing them because I like my tootsies to be dry (and we all know wet feet, like going to bed with wet hair, means you’ll catch your death of a cold).

Do you love orange as much as me? What are your feelings on tunics and leggings?


Phototastic-26_03_2015_5154edb4-ba0e-428c-b47e-eb551a50f4d5 Phototastic-26_03_2015_1efadffb-0b13-4da0-a159-16f17546b5a2

Today’s outfit is not an entirely new idea, I think I have done something more or less the same a while back but today’s post is not really about the outfit, it’s about the jeans. Let’s start with a quick rundown of the other items, before we get to the jeans, for anyone who might be interested.

Vero Moda Lace Breton Top
The top is old and it’s from Vero Moda. Breton style tops always make a come-back for spring. I like that this one isn’t just a normal Breton; for starters it’s black and white instead of navy and the added strip of lace makes it a bit more interesting.

New Look Biker Jacket
The biker jacket is also old and it’s from New Look. The Biker Jacket is another trend that pops up year after year, especially in the early spring.

New Look Black Slouchy Ankle Boots
The boots are a more recent purchase and they are also from New Look. Ankle boots are a great transition option; it’s getting milder so knee boots are a bit too heavy but it’s not quite warm enough to be out and about in ballet pumps just yet.

River Island Black Erin Jegging
Now the jeans! Many of us spend a lot of time and money looking for the perfect fitting jeans. I like skinny jeans but I tend to have the same problem with most skinny jeans that I try. If they fit nicely across the arse and hips they tend to be too big on the waist, which means I need a belt or else run the risk of exposing a full cracking moon every time I sit down or bend over. Belts are great but if you are wearing a fitted top that you don’t want to tuck in then the belt buckle looks bulky underneath. I was looking for a high rise jean in the hope that they would sit better on the waist. High waisted jeans were not on my radar because I think I am too short and don’t want the Simon Cowell look. However, when I saw the Erin High Waist Sculpting Jegging on the River Island website, I decided to order them anyway. It was the word sculpting that sold me. I have to say, I love them. The waist is really high so I won’t be tucking anything in to them but the high waist means no muffin top pudges out when I sit down. Also I don’t have to hike them back up every time I get up because they don’t move or slid down. They really do sculpt, they are the Spanx of jeans (I know Spanx do jeans but they are over a €100 and these are €50 and you never want to admit to wearing Spanx). Last but not least they are really soft and stretchy (I love how tiny they look on the hanger); I could nearly wear these exercising. I can’t say enough good things about them; they need to come in more colours and denim washes.
What are your favourite jeans?



We are being teased with hints of warmer weather, one day its lovely and sunny, the next it’s stormy and miserable. It looks promising for tomorrow but I’m not relying on the weather for a bit of sunshine, I’m creating my own by wearing bright orange. With Mother’s Day this weekend, an outfit like this could be good for Sunday lunch. It could also work for St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to wear the usual paddywackery.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer
I love how bright and summery this long-line, waterfall style orange blazer from Dunnes makes me feel. The material of this is a heavy-ish crepe material, it’ll be ideal for cooler summer nights, but it’s not too light to wear now if you are not going to be outside for too long. I first showed you this blazer with trousers in this post but today I felt like pairing it with this skirt.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top
The top is from New Look. It’s a bit more than a basic black t-shirt; it’s crepe material with a slight ruffle sleeve.

New Look Blue and Orange Aztec Print Mini Skirt
The skirt is also from New Look. I’m sure you know by now that I love blue and orange together and think the colours look great in the Aztec pattern of this skirt. If you are afraid of being swamped by the long blazer, you can see this skirt  with a fitted top in this post.

Penneys Slouchy Boots
The boots are my slouchy, faux suede boots from Penneys. I love how these boots can work with dressy or casual outfits.

Carraig Donn Blue Necklace
The necklace is from Carriag Donn. I thought the neckline of the plain top needed a little something and blue ties in with the skirt.
Are you using colour to create your own sunshine?