Well how did we all survive the short week after the bank holiday? I really should apologise if you are looking for some Halloween inspiration; it’s just not really my thing. Every year the weeks in the run to Halloween and for another two weeks after are crazy busy for me both in work and in my personal life. I like all the costumes and I like being creative so maybe next year I will try and get my butt in gear early and do something really creative for Halloween. They are saying that tomorrow is the official start to winter but it’s still fairly mild (long may it last) so today’s post is about light layers.


I picked this jumper up in Penneys recently. I love knit wear with metallic thread through it; it really glams up the auld jumper. The navy and white Bretton style stripes are a classic so you can’t go wrong.

Vero Moda Long Line Vest

The lace peeking out underneath is from this long line Vero Moda vest top. I have a few of these long line vests, they come in loads of colours, with or without lace and you can get them with long sleeves as well. They come in handy when you want to add a little something to a plain top.

SelfTimer30_10_2014 09_19_37

This berry tone blazer is perfect for the days when you don’t quite need the winter coat. It’s also from Penneys.

Dorothy Perkins Navy Jeans

The jeans are super soft, navy skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. They are indeed soft and very comfortable.

Parfois Necklace

This necklace is making a fair few appearances lately. I really like the combination of colours in it and think it works with most autumnal tones. It is from Parfois.

Conac Bourbon Ankle Boots

The shoes are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon. I like the look of navy and tan together and these ankle boots are perfect for this time of year.

So tell me are you dressing up for Halloween or being boring like me?


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Last week I told you there would be more lime and here it is. Sorry but this post will be a short one because I spent my evening doing this:


If you too would like to be a domestic goddess and make After Eight flavoured cupcakes then here is the link to the recipe that I used. I’ll let the clothes do the talking, I’m sure you will be most disappointed that you don’t have to read my long winded rambles.

WP_20140220_004 WP_20140220_007

This cute lime cardigan is from Penneys, where else. The little diamonte buttons add to its cuteness factor.


This floral print top is from H & M and you may have seen it in this previous post where I paired it with blue. The jeans are my old faithful black skinnies from Dorothy Perkins.


These boots are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon footwear. Fingers crossed it will be only a few more weeks before I can wear cute little pumps again.


I picked this necklace up in Carraig Donn. I like blue and lime together, which you will see more of in an upcoming post.

So the big question is, will you be baking mint and chocolate cupcakes or wearing lime?


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I really like oversized or long-line shirts; if you don’t believe me you can check out this post or even this one. These shirts are really quite versatile and they are also great for hiding a multitude of sins, like when you have already given up on your new year new you resolution and instead finished all the tins of roses and biscuits that were hanging around the house taunting you. Although, now that they are finally gone, I may be able to commit to healthy eating for more than half a day.

SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_54_32
Anyway back to topic, this cute navy, heart print top is from Penneys. In the look above I kept it casual with a white long-line, long sleeve top with lace trim from Vero Moda. Since the heart print top is see-through, you need something underneath it anyway so it might as well be a top with a bit of lace peeking out for added interest.

SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_55_29 SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_56_27 SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_57_34

These long tops from Vero Moda come in loads of variations like long sleeve, thick straps or adjustable spaghetti straps, with or without lace and in an extensive range of colours.

SelfTimer29_01_2014 18_07_54 SelfTimer29_01_2014 18_08_19

In this look I dressed it up a bit with a sleeveless, navy top with lace trim from Vero Moda. Thinking about it now, a coral or peach Vero Moda top underneath might be better than the navy, so that’s on the shopping list now. This outfit could be a less formal than the dress I showed you on Monday for Valentine’s night.

SelfTimer30_01_2014 21_01_44 SelfTimer29_01_2014 18_13_48

I finished the look off with a dusky pink blazer from AWear.

SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_59_49

The courts are from Penneys.


The boots are Amy Huberman for Bourbon.

SelfTimer30_01_2014 20_53_34

The necklace is from New Look.


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Guess what? It’s Friday! Woohoo! My birthday is on Monday but I am claiming this whole weekend as my birthday. Needless to say that I am giddy. I am being taking out for dinner and meeting some friends for a few drinks tomorrow night so watch out for that outfit post. Back to today’s outfit.

This top is from Awear. The Awear near me has been closed for a few weeks now and I have no idea what the story is but I hope they will reopen. Everything I take out of my wardrobe lately seems to be from Awear. I actually have a few of these tops from Awear; they have a pretty floral print on the front and the back is plain jersey t-shirt material. You can see two of them here and here.

SelfTimer23_01_2014 09_03_21

I love the colours in this floral print so I didn’t see the need for a necklace. You could also wear this with lemon but if you wanted bring out some of the more subtle colours in the print you could pair it with purple or raspberry pink.

WP_20140123_003 WP_20140123_002

Since it is really birr at the moment I’m keeping the look casual with an orange cardigan from New Look and skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. It would look really good with a blazer and heels for a night out; the lace shoulders and sides glam it up. You could also wear it with dress trousers for work. I like how versatile these tops are. I have seen similar tops in other high street shops, if you can’t wait to find out what is happening with Awear.

These shoes are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon. I like to pair the rich cognac colour of the boots with anything with orange in it.

Have you bought any tops like this? How do you style it?


SavedPicture-2014116205657.jpg SavedPicture-201411620571.jpg SavedPicture-2014116205842.jpg

Just so you know, lately I have been buying anything with stand out gold zips. Get used to it you will be seeing more gold zips. I think they add a bit of glam and an edge to a plain black item of clothing.

SavedPicture-2014116205624.jpg SavedPicture-2014116205638.jpg SavedPicture-2014116205631.jpg

I picked this jumper up in Awear just before Christmas. I had intended it for casual wear because of its loose fit. I wore it a few times with a t-shirt underneath, but while doing the whole I have nothing to wear to work thing, a bit of inspiration hit and I decided to try it with a white shirt underneath. I’ve never really been one for seeking out the perfect, crisp white shirt to wear under everything, so this shirt is ages old. For a lot of women the white shirt under almost everything is their go to look but I hardly ever do it. I might try it more often because I like how this shirt and jumper look together; they look smart enough to wear to work. There is no real dress code in my office so I can wear jeans, but I only ever wear dark colour jeans in an effort to try and look smart and tidy. The black skinny jeans are super soft skinnies from Dorothy Perkins, which I love the fit of and find really comfortable.


These Sussit boots would have worked well with this outfit because of the gold hardware, which would tie in with the zips on the jumper.

However, these wedge heel ankle booties from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon are new, they were a Christmas present. They are so comfortable and I like them so much that they are hardly ever off my feet.

So we know my gold zip obsession, what details are you drawn to? Do you have the perfect white shirt?