Pantene Youth Protect 7

Pantene Pro-V have launched their new Youth Protect 7 range and I have the Shampoo, Conditioner, 2 min Rejuvenating Conditioner and BB Crème to tell you about. I know what you are thinking; anti-aging and BB crèmes for hair, give me a break. I’ll admit, I’m spending more and more on anti-aging skincare, but I haven’t given anti-aging hair care a single thought until these were sent to me to try. But think about it for a minute; shiny, full and bouncy hair really does give that youthful glow. There is no point in spending lots of money on expensive skincare if dry, brittle, thin and damaged hair is going to give the game away. Pantene’s Youth Protect 7 range is the first to bridge how we care for our hair with how we already care for our skin.
As for the individual products:

Pantene Youth Protect 7 Shampoo and Conditioner
The Shampoo is a light weight formula that cleanses hair and strengthens it to protect it from breakage. (€3.45)
The conditioner nourishes and repairs damage while also strengthening from breakage all without weighing it down. (€3.45)

Pantene Youth Protect 7 Rejuvenating Conditoner
The Rejuvenating Conditioner is a 2 minute treatment which delivers intense nourishment to the hair. (€5.69)

Pantene Youth Protect 7 BB Creme
And then the BB Crème, I know we may be feeling a bit BB, and CC’d out at the moment but we’ll forgive this for its name because it is a great product. It’s a light weight leave-in formula that gives hair a shiny and silky smooth finish. It also protects hair from damage and styling. (€8.99)
In the interest of research for the blog I used all of the above products together to see how my hair would turn out. I was afraid my hair would end up greaser after, than it was before. I needn’t have worried. I was surprised by how full and bouncy my hair was after using all these conditioning and nourishing products. Those words usually mean your hair will be shiny but flat. My hair was really lifted at the roots for me styling it myself. All I did was the usual blow-dry my hair upside down and then turn the ends in. So the final result is shiny swishy hair that smells really pretty. Me likes, me likes a lot.

Do you plan on starting an anti-aging regime for your hair?