Woohoo! It’s a bank holiday weekend! There’s a grand stretch in the evenings with the odd auld bit of sunshine between the torrential down pours. All in all, I’m in pretty good form. I hope you’re not sick of my love of all things orange yet because the love affair continues. I think todays outfit channels the spirit of the mixed weather that is the Irish spring in that it involves layers and waterproof footwear.

Tesco Orange Tunic

Let’s start with this orange tunic from Tesco. What’s not to love here? For starters it’s from Tesco so it was cheap as chips. It has a zip, and we know how much I love unnecessary zips. Not to mention that it is orange, a colour I love regardless of whether or not it suits me. I like long tunic style tops that you can wear over leggings because they can be so comfortable and a bright colour or pretty print makes wearing leggings look stylish with little to no effort, win, win.

In case you are interested the black top underneath is just a basic long sleeve T from Penneys and the leggings are from Swamp.

New Look Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a regular on this blog and it’s old from New Look. The biker jacket has a little bit more warmth than a blazer but it’s not as heavy as a winter coat so it’s good for this time of year. I could easily make this outfit dressier by swapping the biker and boots for a blazer and heels, which would look nice for Easter Sunday dinner.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are Marco Tozzi. The wedge heel makes them comfortable enough that I can leg it to the car when it’s lashing raining. It’s getting to the point where high leg boots are a bit too heavy for this time of year but with all the rain this week, I’m still wearing them because I like my tootsies to be dry (and we all know wet feet, like going to bed with wet hair, means you’ll catch your death of a cold).

Do you love orange as much as me? What are your feelings on tunics and leggings?


Phototastic-26_03_2015_5154edb4-ba0e-428c-b47e-eb551a50f4d5 Phototastic-26_03_2015_1efadffb-0b13-4da0-a159-16f17546b5a2

Today’s outfit is not an entirely new idea, I think I have done something more or less the same a while back but today’s post is not really about the outfit, it’s about the jeans. Let’s start with a quick rundown of the other items, before we get to the jeans, for anyone who might be interested.

Vero Moda Lace Breton Top
The top is old and it’s from Vero Moda. Breton style tops always make a come-back for spring. I like that this one isn’t just a normal Breton; for starters it’s black and white instead of navy and the added strip of lace makes it a bit more interesting.

New Look Biker Jacket
The biker jacket is also old and it’s from New Look. The Biker Jacket is another trend that pops up year after year, especially in the early spring.

New Look Black Slouchy Ankle Boots
The boots are a more recent purchase and they are also from New Look. Ankle boots are a great transition option; it’s getting milder so knee boots are a bit too heavy but it’s not quite warm enough to be out and about in ballet pumps just yet.

River Island Black Erin Jegging
Now the jeans! Many of us spend a lot of time and money looking for the perfect fitting jeans. I like skinny jeans but I tend to have the same problem with most skinny jeans that I try. If they fit nicely across the arse and hips they tend to be too big on the waist, which means I need a belt or else run the risk of exposing a full cracking moon every time I sit down or bend over. Belts are great but if you are wearing a fitted top that you don’t want to tuck in then the belt buckle looks bulky underneath. I was looking for a high rise jean in the hope that they would sit better on the waist. High waisted jeans were not on my radar because I think I am too short and don’t want the Simon Cowell look. However, when I saw the Erin High Waist Sculpting Jegging on the River Island website, I decided to order them anyway. It was the word sculpting that sold me. I have to say, I love them. The waist is really high so I won’t be tucking anything in to them but the high waist means no muffin top pudges out when I sit down. Also I don’t have to hike them back up every time I get up because they don’t move or slid down. They really do sculpt, they are the Spanx of jeans (I know Spanx do jeans but they are over a €100 and these are €50 and you never want to admit to wearing Spanx). Last but not least they are really soft and stretchy (I love how tiny they look on the hanger); I could nearly wear these exercising. I can’t say enough good things about them; they need to come in more colours and denim washes.
What are your favourite jeans?


Teal & Pink Teal & Pink Love Moschino Bag

Well I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but I’m certainly not complaining. Ok so I have done pink and green before, here, but this is totally different. It’s teal green! Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed I like green in almost any shade and well obviously I like pink as well because I seem to have a fair amount pink clothes and accessories.

Today’s style is nothing new, we have seen many a celebrity or model stepping out in a biker jacket, skinny jeans and flowing scarf. This, however, is my shorter and wider take on it. You can also see I like to have a bit more fun with my colours.

New Look Biker Jacket

The faux leather biker jacket is from New Look. There are loads of these biker jackets in the shops but I like this one because of all the gold hardware on it.

Pink and Teal Scarf

The plum jeans are Vero Moda’s Wonder jeggings and the top is just a plain white long sleeve t-shirt from Penneys.

Pink and Teal Scart Pink and Teal Scarf

Pink and Teal Shoes

I bought the scarf and the pumps on holidays in Portugal. It’s just a happy coincidence that they match. I didn’t plan it.
Love Moschino Bag Love Moschino Bag

The bag is Love Moschino. It was a Christmas present, that I may have strongly hinted I wanted.

So what colours take up the most space in your wardrobe?

The Shirt Dress: Black & Gold

“The fish swam out of the ocean, grew legs and started walking…” if it wasn’t in your head already, it is now. I’ve had stuck in my head all weekend so I thought I would share.


In my opinion the shirt dress is a necessary wardrobe staple. You can style it in so many ways; however it is hard to find the perfect black shirt dress. The one I have here is from Mango. As much as I like this one I am still on the lookout for “the perfect one”. The only problems with this one are that it creases easily and sticks to tights, but I do love the style and fit of it. I also have one from Pennys/Primark, but it has the same problems as this Mango one plus its see trough, so black tights and a top underneath are a must, unless you like being ogled. You can’t see much of it in the photos because this post is more about how the whole outfit is styled than about one individual item.

Here I have styled the shirt dress with a faux leather biker jacket from New Look. The biker jacket has been everywhere for last few seasons and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This season sees the introduction of the suede biker. I’m a bit torn on this because they look class, but on the other hand suede in Ireland, need I say more. I love the gold hardware on my biker jacket. I think it really dresses it up and makes it look far more lux.


This scarf is from Awear and is absolutely massive. It’s really long and wide, making it feel and look very sophisticated and luxurious. The pink is a nice injection of colour to this outfit. The charcoal print can look navy when worn with other navy clothing or look black next to black, so it is quite versatile and I get loads of wear out of it.


These boots are from Barratts. The leather of the boot and buckle detail ties in with the faux leather and gold hardware of the jacket.
Hmm…, I wonder if I have any other black and gold accessories I could add here.


Love this Michael Kors bag.