Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes

You may have noticed just about everyone has gone mad for Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes. Occasionally I get sent some products from Max Factor to try but these were handed out to bloggers at the launch, which I didn’t go to and of course sods law meant that these beauties were not sent to me. I had to endure all the hype while searching every local Max Factor retailer searching for the shades I liked the most when looking at all the other bloggers’ swatches (sad face). There are six shades in the range and while agonising over which ones I wanted I finally purchased these two. I had actually wanted Lavish Mauve and Nude Mauve but there was no sign of them around and I couldn’t wait to try them any longer so I bought Lovely Pink and Seductive Pink (Alluring Rose and Gorgeous Berries are the other two in the range and they retail at about €11.50).
I won’t go on too much about them because there have been so many blog posts about them already but I just want to give a quick run-down of what makes them so special before we get to the photos. They are like a finely milled highlighter and blush in one. There is no sparkle or shimmer but when you apply these on the skin, you are left with a radian lit from within look. It’s a “yes I am naturally radiant and fabulous with perfect skin” look. They don’t look powdery on, they glide on leaving the skin looking flawless and airbrushed. You can see the glow in the swatches below, the left is a heavy swatch and right is very light so you can go as heavy or sheer as you like. You can keep it really sheer to create a “I’m not wearing makeup, I’m  just naturally radiant” look.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Lovely PinkPhototastic-14_04_2015_1a8a7260-476f-4bbe-8c85-04aa74042164
Lovely Pink is a bright peachy pink that really lifts my complexion. This shade looks really great with a bit of tan. I think my summer look will involve Lovely Pink and peachy lips like Dior Addict lipstick in Jet Set.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Seductive PinkPhototastic-14_04_2015_c607d9cb-2432-4e83-8c6b-754a9bae275a
Seductive Pink is slightly warmer and more toned down in comparison. It has a slight rose gold hue to it and I quite like this with MAC Brave lipstick. (Too bad I only though about the lipsticks when writing this post instead of when I was taking the pictures.)
Have you tried any of the Creme Puff Blushes yet? Which is your favourite?


Every makeup fanatic has that one product that they won’t leave the house without applying; for some people its lipstick, for others its mascara but for me its blush. In my teens, I didn’t bother with blush, then I realised how pale and flat my face looked so I started using bronzer on my cheeks. I can still remember the first time a MAC makeup artist applied a peachy blush to my cheeks. With one quick swipe across each cheek my face was instantly lifted. There is nothing like blush to instantly brighten my face, make me look healthier and more awake and a little prettier. While I use blushes from many brands now, the MAC powder blushes will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be my first choice. Do I need to tell you that MAC powder blushes are really long lasting? Today I am showing you Fleur Power.

MAC Fleur Power

Fleur Power is a “soft bright pinkish-coral” according to the MAC website. I would say it is definitely more coral than pink. It is far more pigmented than Peaches and the colour is vibrant. A softly, softly approach is better with Fleur Power, you can always add more to build up the colour if needs be. I prefer to wear this shade when I have a bit of a tan; fake or real. I think it works really well with sun kissed skin as opposed to my usual paler complexion. So here are the pictures:

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(No blush in first picture, Fleur Power in all the rest)

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What blushes do you rate?

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush in Live Pink: Review & Pictures

The minute I saw this here on, I knew I would have to have it. Low and behold I spotted it on Saturday and it was the last one; it was fate and it was mine. Mine I tell you all mine.

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I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a powder blush that lasts all day on me. In the pan it looks frighteningly hot pink, but fear not; applied with a gently touch and it gives a sheer wash of colour.


There does seem to be a gold shimmer through it but that isn’t noticeable as such when applied. So you don’t look like a disco ball. Maybe it’s the gold shimmer that makes it look a bit peach on me. Normally I prefer a more peach or coral blush, but I’m making more of an effort to try new colours in all my makeup. Live Pink however wasn’t too much out of my comfort zone as it gives a flattering glow to my cheeks. It makes me feel pretty and that is what I look for in a blush; that immediate feeling of being prettier the moment it applied. As you can see in the pics below, I like a light sweep of blush for day time, I would be a bit heavier handed for a night out

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L-R: Without, With & With


L-R: Without, With & With

At €5.35, it’s definately worth checking out. Have I tempted you to try Live Pink?

My Daytime Makeup

So here is my every day make-up routine:

Foundation – Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr €35. I use colour 010 or 045 with tan. I love this foundation, it has replaced MAC Studio. I wear it everyday and it lasts and lasts. I’ve worn it to weddings and it has looked as good going to bed at 3am as it did at 11am when first applied, no touch ups required. I have started wearing it when running or in the gym and it totally stays put. The best thing is that it’s not heavy or cakey and looks natural. Love it, love it, love it!


Concealer – I’m obsessed with the dark circles under my eyes. Maybe it’s all in my head because no one else seems to consider them a problem, however I still can’t cover them to my satisfaction. At present I am using Bobbi Brown corrector followed by the Collection 2000 lasting Perfection €4.75. For special occasions I swap this for the MAC Prolongwear concealer. The Collection 2000 and MAC are essentially the same except for the price and MAC lasts a bit longer. I have the Bobbi Brown duo as well but found it didn’t live up to the hype for me. It’s good but not better than everything else I’ve tried.


Powder – MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural €26.50. I use this as a setting powder. I also use a darker shade under my cheeks for a contour. It can also be used alone as the main base. This is another product that lasts and lasts. The coverage is medium and it has a lovely light and matte finish. I wouldn’t bother looking at anything else as this is the perfect setting powder, however, I read on Viva Adonis that the Vichy Dermablend Powder doesn’t rub off under glasses so I might try it as it’s about €20.

Apologies for the quality of photos, but if there was natural sunlight, I would be outside enjoying it instead of inside photographing products

Apologies for the quality of photos, but if there was natural sunlight, I would be outside enjoying it instead of inside photographing products

Blush- MAC Peachy Keen €21.50. It’s the perfect peachy pink to lift and warm my complexion. As far as blushes go, I think that MAC powder blushes are one of the best available in Ireland.

Eyebrows – I just use a slanted brush and MAC eye shadow in Omega €15 to fill in my brows.

Highlighter – I not fussy about highlighters, I usually just use an eye shadow in a light sheer, shimmery colour.


It seems like a lot when you write it all out but it only takes a few minutes. I have to say that all these products last the whole day and more, they survive a sweaty run or gym session.

I like to save eye and lip products for when I’m heading out for a night or a special occasion. I don’t want to look the same when I out enjoying socialising as I do when I’m at work or running around. I like to make an extra special effort for having fun and I want to feel like I look more glam.