Some days when I have a bit of time, usually on the weekends I like to dip into my stash and use products that don’t get used all that often like these ones here:

However, during the week, when I get ready in the morning before work, I run on autopilot. I automatically reach for the same products every day. These are the tried and tested products I know and trust will last all day and beyond if needed without any need for touch ups. For some reason my handbag is heavy enough without carting around a load of makeup. The only makeup I carry with me is about two or three lip products. I seek out products that I can wear all day, all year round regardless of conditions; I want my makeup to say put through, rain, hail, humidity, sweat, in other words, everything. Here is what I reach for everyday:

Foundation: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour
Colour Corrector for under eyes: Bobbi Brown Corrector
Concealer: either MAC Pro Longwear Concealer or Collection Lasting Perfection (not pictured)
Setting Powder: MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Light
Contour: MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
Blush: MAC Peachykeen
Eyebrows: MAC eye shadow in Omega
Highlighter: ELF Studio Bronzer quad  (the lightest colour that’s nearly all gone)

WP_20140119_002 WP_20140119_009 WP_20140119_008

Back in November I went out for a cycle, the weather turned on me and I ended up cycling uphill against the wind with rain and hail pelting my face. I was working so hard cycling against the wind trying to get home that I’m sure I was sweating like a beast but it was hard to tell because I drenched from the rain. My point is that my makeup looked fine when I got back and I was amazed; I was sure it would be completely gone off my face and washed down onto the collar of my jacket. Now it didn’t look freshly applied or anything but it would have been passable if need be. My hair on the other hand was a different story.

MAC Prep and Prime

When I am doing my makeup for a special occasion or a night out I will start with MAC Prep and Prime for a primer and the blush and highlighter may be changed depending on the look I am going for but basically I use all the same products to create the perfect base, if I do say so myself.

So these are my fail safe everyday products. This list hardly ever changes, but if you have found something that lasts and lasts and you think I should try it then let me know because I’m always open to trying some new products and I am scrapping the bottom of the bottle of my foundation at the moment.