Vichy 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

If I’m honest I bought this ages ago, probably before I started the blog and I had no intention of reviewing it as it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. During the big fashion weeks, blogs were buzzing about micellar solutions and how great they are at removing all traces of makeup. I though perfect, since makeup removal wipes are now public enemy number 1, a micellar solution would fill the gap. There are loads of times when you need/want to be able to remove makeup quickly and easily. Unfortunately that is not what this micellar solution does; in fact it would take nearly the whole bottle and a pack of cotton pads to get all your makeup off with this. Imagine my disappointment when I had keep wiping and wiping and cotton pad after cotton pad were still covered in makeup and no sign of the clear swipe.

Lately I’ve noticed bloggers talking about micellar solutions and how they use them to remove some makeup before cleansing properly. I bought this looking for one quick step, if I wanted to wash my face, I would just wash my face, not turn it into two step process. So with all the makeup removal expectations removed, I gave this a go again with a different purpose.

Recently I’ve needed to be ready earlier in the morning and with building work going on in the house, I had to move into the spare room with no en-suite. This little gem proved very handy for giving my face a quick swipe in the mornings (no sink required) and presto, my face was clean in a matter of seconds. As it is Vichy, it goes without saying that this is gentle, non-drying and unscented, so perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is perfect for a quick morning cleanse. In fact now that the building work is finished and all is back to normal, I’ve continued using the micellar solution for cleansing in the morning because I really like using it, and I only need to use my normal cleanser in the evenings so it’ll last longer.

Have you ever originally been disappointed by a product only to end up really liking it later?

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel: Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALa Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel is aimed towards normal/combination sensitive skin, which means it is perfect for me. My skin isn’t particularly sensitive but some cleansers can irritate my mush and make my cheeks a bit red and not in the fresh flush of youth kinda way. Normally I like a good lather or foam for cleansing so the gel is a big change for me. This is a non-foaming gel cleanser that is free from soap, alcohol, dye and parabens. I really like the feeling of it on my skin; it is very cooling and soothing. I massage a pump in with my fingers and remove it with a warm muslin cloth. It leaves my skin feeling cleansed but not stripped or dry after using, so it is very gentle. There is a gentle scent that I quite like; it’s not offensive or overpowering at all. I also like the pump bottle which practical and can be locked for the travelling. The price of €15.25 is reasonable considering how long this bottle is likely to last me. I’ve been using it for about four weeks now and have only used about a fifth of the bottle.

La Roche

Now I put this bad boy through the ultimate test: I use it to remove Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation. If you have read my review of this foundation you will know I call it bullet proof, which means it’s not easy to remove. The Physiological Gel laughs in the face of the Lancome 24 hour. As I said, massage the gel in with hands, remove with warm muslin, and makeup be gone, face feel good. It’s impressive to see the gel dissolve my makeup on contact. Normally after cleansing, I can’t wait to slap serum and moisturiser on, but with the Physiological gel, my skin doesn’t have that tight feeling so I’ll get to the moisturiser when I get to it. I am converted from foamy lathers to the simple gel and I will definitely be repurchasing this again.

My Current Skincare Routine

I’m afraid my skin care routine could be a long post. Looking natural takes a lot of time and money folks. So lets begin.

Cleanser – Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 €13.57. Your can use it as a cream cleanser, scrub, or mask. This reduces sebum production, removes impurities and I find it great for removing my make up. There are loads of reviews online for this so I won’t go into too much detail. I like it but even though the scrubby bits are gentler than most scrubs, I’m not sure I should be exfoliating with a scrub every day so I might try something gentler when this runs out.

Serum – YSL Forever Youth Liberator €77. Fancy! I know. I bought this because I heard a radio personality say that she was accused of using botox by a reporter since she started using the YSL Forever Youth Liberator moisturiser. Since she is about the same age as me I had to have it. I like it, it’s a good serum, but my expression lines are no better or worse since I started using it. I’m only 32 so maybe it’s is too soon to be spending so much on anti-aging, but I have always looked younger than my age and want to keep that trend going for as long as possible. Will I repurchase? I already have once but I want to try the new Clarins double serum that should be out soon.


Eye Cream – Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA for eyes €26. I like Vichy products and often return to them when there is nothing new and exciting on the waiting list to try. It’s an all round good product. More or less does what it says and I find Vichy products will never irritate your skin. Still not quite the miracle in a bottle I’m looking for but will do until that comes along. I am particularly concerned about creases around the eyes. I have two older sisters, 14 and 17 years older than me, so I know what’s in store for me in terms of crows feet.


Day Moisturiser – YSL Forever Youth Liberator Fluid €77. I bought this in duty free thinking that combining this with the serum would definitely improve results. Again it’s a good moisturiser but it doesn’t light my fire. I bought the fluid instead of the cream because I have oily/combo skin. Since it’s so expensive I only use two pumps on my whole face, so it has lasted ages but in this frosty weather two pumps just don’t seem soothing enough. That said I probably will be tempted to but it again at some stage, but I’m already on the look out for something else for when it runs out. Now someone older might see better results and love it, just bear in mind that I haven’t been ravished by time too badly, yet.

Night Cream – Vichy Liftactiv Nuit €32. Vichy again. This is a great night cream and the day version is just as good and maybe my go to next time I need to purchase a day cream if nothing else entices me. I have repurchased both many times, I like to wait for boots 3 for 2. It’s a great product for the price. It feels really luxurious but not too heavy for my oily skin.


So that’s all my regular products. Seeing the prices listed out like that is a bit shocking. When you pick bits and pieces up here and there you don’t realise just how much you are spending. I like trying higher end products, but as you can see by my love of Vichy you don’t have to spend big to get great quality.