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At least we have seen some sunshine this week so this post doesn’t feel too out of place. I warned you there was more lime coming and lime paired with blue is one of my new favourite colour combinations. Yellow also looks good with a vibrant blue but I think the hint of green in lime is better than yellow with my colouring. This top does look more yellow and it is called yellow on the website but there is actually a hint of green there, enough to make me happy.

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I spotted this top and skirt while scrolling through the “new in” section of the Oasis web site. While they weren’t actually paired together, they were listed side by side and as soon as I saw them I knew they would look good worn together. Separately these two can be worn with so many other items already in my wardrobe so I am pretty sure I will get value for money with these two, more so than with a dress. The picture doesn’t do this pretty top justice; there is some beautiful details with the collar and gold buttons. The scarf print skirt is midi length, which I thought might need to be returned since I’m only 5ft 2″, but to my surprise and delight the length is fine on me, even if I do say so myself.

Blue shoes with black lace

These satin blue shoes with black lace are from Menbur. They have been on the blog loads of times now.

Blue necklace and earrings

This necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New look. They were also in this post two weeks ago in case you want another look.

SelfTimer23_02_2014 13_07_48Do you prefer lime or yellow? What colours do you like to wear when the sun shines?


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Today is my birthday so my hubby took me out for dinner on Saturday night. Then we met with some friends for a few drinks. I really liked what I wore out and I felt very comfortable in it. It’s Valentine’s Day soon and with it being on a Friday this year some of you will be heading out for dinner with the special someone. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration so you don’t end up tearing your wardrobe apart winging “I have nothing to wear”.

I bought this Wal G dress in Bourne in Galway just after Christmas. Since very little in the sales appealed to me I bought this at full price, after all it would be a shame to waste a day out shopping by not buying anything. If I remember correctly it was just under €40 at full price, which is pretty good considering it is quite pretty and I was actually thinking it might be nice enough to be worn to a wedding, with a bit of careful styling. I’m seeing a lot of this cobalt blue in the shops now and it looks set to be a popular colour for spring summer. There is a lot of lovely detail with the cream and contrasting black lace.

My shoes are from Menbur and I have had them for a while. I love the black lace detail on the vibrant cobalt blue. I knew the minute I saw them that they would be mine. I stalked them on the website for a week before I gave in and bought them.

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace
I bought this necklace while on holiday in Portugal.

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And this beautiful watch is a birthday pressie from my lovely hubby.

Will you be getting glammed up for Valentine’s or keeping it low key?