LÒreal Hair Expertise Ever Sleek Review

The Hair Expertise range from LÒreal is relatively new to Irish shores. The selling point of this range is that it doesn’t contain sulphates. Finding products with less chemicals may be a major concern from some of you more natural beauties but unfortunately I will lash anything onto myself in search of beauty in a bottle.


Last summer I wanted to try the range out because it was new, the packaging was shiny and other reviews were looking good. I brought Ever Pure with me on holiday, and that was what I was looking to buy again recently, but they only had the Ever Sleek in the shop and I was too lazy to go somewhere else. Ever Pure is for colour treated hair, whereas Ever Sleek is for frizzy hair, which is not really me but hay ho I gave it a go anyway, coz I’m a rebel. I loved how silky Ever Pure made my hair when on holiday and I wanted it again now because my hair is a bit frazzled lately. My hair is colour treated and usually poker straight. I’ve been growing it out from a bob over the last year or more and have been dying for it to be long enough to curl it, without ending up looking like Shirley Temple. Now that it is long enough I have become BFFs with my hair wand and have been curling my hair loads, a la exhibits A, B, & C below.

b hair !cid_27122012 c hair

Lately when I wash my hair it is actually wavy when wet and an absolute nightmare to comb through, even though I use loads of conditioner. I’m also noticing lots of broken and split ends. Hence I went looking for something to sort it out. Enter LÒreal Hair Expertise Ever Sleek.

 Cond Shamp

I have been using this for about a week now but the results were noticeable from the first use. After washing, my hair is back to being straight when wet and the comb practically falls through it, no mangled tangles. When blow dried, my hair is silky, straight and shiny. It feels so lovely that I just keep running my hands through my hair, and I’m probably starting to look like a bit of a bimbo, swishing my hair all over the place.


I highly recommend trying these for yourself, they are great products. They retail at €8.99 but I’ve seen them on offer. Have you already or will you now be tempted to try any of the range?