Karora Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse

Is it just me that thinks this summer is absolutely flying by? It feels like I only just received this tan to try a few days ago but the reality is I’ve had it for a good few weeks now. With the weather being so blah, I’ve mostly just been using light gradual tans to add a bit of warmth to my skin and saving the darker tans for special occasions and big nights out. I like to use a tan a few times before I post a review of it so that is another reason it’s taken me so long to get to do this post. Sometimes the results you get from using the same tan at different times can vary due to the state your skin is in before application and the amount of time you have when applying it.

Karora Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse

I’ve used the Karora Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse (€29.99) a few times now and have found that each time it has developed evenly with no streaks or patches. It also fades evenly over the following week with gently exfoliation, leaving a clean slate for the next weekend. By gently exfoliation, I mean that I use a puff in the shower to gently buff my skin with a moisturising shower wash and I would use a good body moisturiser all over the day before the next application. It is labelled as extra dark, which might sound scary to some but I found that it developed into a natural looking tan. Considering how pale I am naturally, I do have to be careful with dark tans. Surprisingly I can carry off a dark tan but only if the result is just the right shade for me, it can’t be orange but it can’t be too olive either or I end up looking dirty. I think the Karora Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse is the perfect match for me.


The mitt that I was sent along with this tan may be part of the reason application is so easy and the result is so even. I normally buy the cheapest of the cheapest mitts and bin them after a few goes but this mitt is velour, like a “Juicy” tracksuit velour. It feels so nice and its machine washable. I find that mitts often absorb / waste a lot of product so my tip is to pop on some rubber gloves, apply the tan in sections (i.e. from knee down to feet, then from knee up to top of leg, lower back, upper back and so on) with the rubber gloves and then put the mitt on over the gloves and buff that section gently with the mitt before you move on to the next section, so you don’t end up with streaks from the rubber gloves. It really doesn’t take that much longer, you get a better finish and you don’t waste as much product.


I really like this tan, I always find mousses a lot easier to work with, the guide colour helps me see if I’ve missed any bits, the developed colour is perfect for me, and it develops and fades evenly. I also have to say that I don’t think I will ever use a cheap mitt again. So while I was sent this for free, I would repurchase it and I will definitely try out some of Karora’s other tans.




I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to applying fake tan lately, in fact Cocoa Brown is the first home fake tan I’ve applied since last summer. I’ve been embracing the pale. Well it’s now that time of year when we start to peel back the layers and show some skin. With Irish bloggers giving so much love to the Irish brand Cocoa Brown, my interest was peaked and I decided to give it a try.


The Interesting thing about this tan is that it can develop in as little as one hour. One hour gives a light tan, two for medium and after three hours it’s developed to its darkest. However, you can leave it on overnight and shower in the morning (which is what I do) and it is fine to use your normal body wash. Now Fake Bake released a one hour tan last year, but it is recommended that you rinse it off without any soaps after no longer than three hours so you still pong after your shower. The Fake Bake tan is a very runny liquid, that is impossible not to make a mess with, and the stale biscuit smell is quite strong. The Cocoa Brown offering is a tinted mousse that is very easy to work with. It recommends that you use a mitt to apply and having used my bare hands the first time I also strongly urge you to use a mitt. The quick drying formula means your hands will stain quickly and it is then difficult to remove. It is so quick drying that you could nearly get dressed as soon as you’re finished applying but I like to wait a few minutes, to be sure to be sure. There is still a slight stale biscuit smell but nowhere near as bad as most other tans I’ve tried.

Other plus points are that it’s only €7.99 and it fades quite evenly and naturally rather than patchy and blotchy. The perfumed scent that you get when applying is nice and the pump makes for easy dispensing. I can’t be dealing with fumbling with a fussy bottle when trying to get an even application before the tan starts drying.

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Before, After

Now for those of you who like a dark tan in one application, this is not for you. This gives a subtle glow even after leaving overnight. It is perfect for those who just want to lose the blue hue. I would say it’s ideal for anyone new to fake tan as there is no fear of the tangoed effect and since the colour is light, mistakes won’t be too obvious. It is buildable with repeat applications, but I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t tell you how it comes out. The subtle warm glow from one application is perfect for me for this time of year as I feel a dark tan would be a bit too unnatural looking. I’ve used it from head to toe twice now and there still seems to loads left in the can. I really like this so when it’s gone I will be repurchasing as it’s a good tan and its good value.