Today’s look is just a soft face of the day that is easy. These type looks make me feel like I am polished and put together without being over the top. No fear of “where does your wan think she is going with all that slap”. Most days I don’t really bother with doing my eyes or lips but instead reserve the full face of makeup for nights out, but now and again at the weekends when I have a bit more time I like to do soft look on  my eyes and maybe wear a tinted lip balm or gloss. Sounds like I am low maintenance, but we all know the truth.
To start I did a bit of prep work to create the illusion of a flawless base.

I used:
Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Pencil in green on some redness at the sides of my nose and on my chin
I also use the yellow CC pencil on the dark circles under my eyes and then applied some NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer over the areas where I used the Colour Corrector Pencils.


On my face:
I used a sample I had of Lancôme  Miracle Air De Teint foundation in 010.
I set my foundation with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in light. I use the Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep to contour my cheeks and then used MAC Fleur Power Powder Blush.


For my eyes:
I always use MAC Omega to fill in my brows.
I used Max Factor in Feral Brown in the outer corners and blended it in to the crease
Then I applied Max Factor Auburn Envy on the lids
I then lined my eyes with Feral Brown and applied Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara to my lashes.


To finish I lined my lips with MAC Subculture and loaded on some Max Factor Colour Elixir gloss in Enchanting Coral.



Every makeup fanatic has that one product that they won’t leave the house without applying; for some people its lipstick, for others its mascara but for me its blush. In my teens, I didn’t bother with blush, then I realised how pale and flat my face looked so I started using bronzer on my cheeks. I can still remember the first time a MAC makeup artist applied a peachy blush to my cheeks. With one quick swipe across each cheek my face was instantly lifted. There is nothing like blush to instantly brighten my face, make me look healthier and more awake and a little prettier. While I use blushes from many brands now, the MAC powder blushes will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be my first choice. Do I need to tell you that MAC powder blushes are really long lasting? Today I am showing you Fleur Power.

MAC Fleur Power

Fleur Power is a “soft bright pinkish-coral” according to the MAC website. I would say it is definitely more coral than pink. It is far more pigmented than Peaches and the colour is vibrant. A softly, softly approach is better with Fleur Power, you can always add more to build up the colour if needs be. I prefer to wear this shade when I have a bit of a tan; fake or real. I think it works really well with sun kissed skin as opposed to my usual paler complexion. So here are the pictures:

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(No blush in first picture, Fleur Power in all the rest)

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What blushes do you rate?