Printed trousers are showing no signs of going away so instead of being afraid of the trend I’ve decided to embrace it. As you may already know I do tend to fear trousers that are not jeans because they can make me look like I’ve a bit too much junk in the trunk but I have found that a pair of tailored or structured cut trousers with quality material can actually sit quite well on me.

River Island Floral Printed Trousers

When I spotted these trousers on the River Island web site I was actually looking for a different pair that I had seen on someone I know. The pair I wanted are a lot more subdued in that they have a classic soft pink and mint green tile print on black. The colours in these trousers really appealed to me and when I couldn’t find the other ones I decided to bite the bullet and buy them. I was afraid they might be a bit too mad for me though. When they arrived I thought I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear them and I should send them back but I really liked the way they fit. These are the cropped version, which sit perfectly on me as ankle grazers because I am so short. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the fit of them. The material is a lovely thick wove fabric that helps the way the sit on me. So I am keeping and wearing them.

Penneys Peach Textured Top

The top is from Penneys. I was going to wear a plain white top but then I thought heck why not go all out with a bright top as well.

New Look Pointed Court

I have decided that pointed toe courts look best with these trousers, there is a lot going on here already so I figured simple shoes, rather than throwing in another loud colour. The trousers are actually navy but the colour is so dark it looks black so I figured black shoes would be fine. These shoes are from New Look.

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace

Of course a big statement necklace to finish it all off. I picked this one up while on holiday last year.

Have you bought any printed trousers? How do you feel about them?



So today we are talking about relaxed casual weekend style. This is an outfit that I would wear when I want to look nice but also be comfortable and casual. So it would work for a day of retail therapy or meeting some friends for lunch.

Penneys Blue Animal Print Top

The top is from Penneys. It’s a wrap style with a low cut and it is a bit on the transparent side so I wear a black tank top underneath. I like the blue animal print of this top. The tank top is one of the ones from Penneys with the lace insert, you know the ones I mean because everyone bought them. They are pretty handy for under low cut tops to cover your cleavage or in my case to cover the fact that I don’t have cleavage.

Blue Mango Blazer

The blue blazer is from Mango. I love this blazer; the colour is brilliant and the material is soft and comfortable.

River Island Destressed Jeans

Yes these are yet another pair of distressed jeans. These ones are also from River Island, you may remember these black ones from a few weeks ago. These are very comfortable and easy to wear and you could easily dress them up with a pair of heels. I love the look of a really pretty girly top worn with distressed jeans, and heels for a night out. I am on the lookout for a pretty girly top at the moment.

Blue with gold tips pumps

I picked these flat pumps up while on holiday. The colour works well and the gold hardware adds a nice touch of glam.

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace

Sure where would I be going without a statement necklace, I picked this one up on holiday. I try to pack light on the way out so I can buy some nice bits and pieces that I’m unlikely to see on anyone else when I get home.

So how do you do nice but casual for the weekends?