This is the third of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here are the links to the first and second ones. The purpose of these post is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.

This orange dress is by Karen Millen and I bought it from the House of Fraser web site during one of their discount promotions but it is in the Karen Millen sale now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Karen Millen dresses may cost a bit but the detailing is always beautiful and you can really see the quality. The detail of seams and pleating across the tummy is quite flattering and the straps mean you can wear a proper bra. Now to accessorize it:

First up, we have purple.


I think purple and orange look great together and this is how I wanted to accessorise the dress for my nephew’s wedding but I couldn’t find a dressy pair of purple shoes that I liked.

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This blazer is by cutie and I got it from I got the bag in Penneys/Primark ages ago. The shoes are Iron Fist and I’ve had them for a while.

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The necklace and earrings are from Pulse Accessories. In reality the colour is a deeper purple than it shows up in pictures and I took loads of pictures to try and capture the colour but this is the best I could get.

Second, we have the berry pink.


I’ve seen a lot of bright pink and orange combos this summer but here I have a richer berry toned pink.

The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams. The shoes are Menbur, lets not forget how much I love Menbur shoes.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots.

Finally, Blue.

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I love blue and orange together and this is how I actually wore it to the wedding on Thursday.

This blue blazer is Cutie and you may have noticed by now that I have it in a few colours. I usually don’t like buying the same item in a few colours but this style blazer is so versatile. The cut and shape looks great with dresses or it can look smart casual with jeans.  That’s right the shoes are surprise, surprise, from Menbur. I borrowed this blue clutch from a friend and it is from Penneys, as you can see it is the same as my purple one.


The necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New Look.

Other colour suggestions I have for wearing with orange are teal green and navy? Can you think of any other colours?


When I head out for a proper day of shopping, I like to dress nice. Now if I’m just on a mission to get something specific like tights or heading into Penneys to see what’s cheap and cheerful then it doesn’t matter what I wear. But if I’m out to treat myself to some real retail therapy then I like to make the effort. There are two reasons for this: one, when you look good you feel good. If you start the day out in a frumpy tracksuit and feeling negative and you are in a downer mood, then of course nothing will fit right or suit you. It’s always better to start the day in a positive mood, feeling good about yourself and I always feel better about myself when I have made a bit of an effort. The second reason is when you are dressed well, sales assistants tend to be nicer to you. Unfortunately this is not a rule, some stroppy mares will always be stroppy mares. However, I am a people watcher and I can’t help but notice that sales assistants are generally nicer to people that are dressed stylishly as opposed to those in still in their pj’s.

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So this is what I wore for a day of shopping on Saturday. The vibrant coral blazer is from Cutie and I bought it from I love the shape of these blazers, the cropped sleeves and tailored fit make it sit well with almost anything. They can look really dressy with a dress or smart casual with jeans and they come in loads of colours.

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The pussy bow blouse you have seen before in this post when the weather was colder. The colour of the leopard print is quite soft so it’s a pretty blouse and contrasts nicely with the bold colour of the blazer. The blouse is from Penneys.

These slim fit boyfriend jeans are from Zara. Because they are a very casual style, I love trying to dress them up. This outfit would look far dressier with heels but because I’m off to stroll through the shops, comfy shoes are a must for all that walking. These wedge heel, peep toe, canvas courts are a few years old but I got them in Paul Byron.


Are you up styling boyfriend Jeans or keeping them relaxed with a t-shirt and flip flops? How do you like to dress for a day of retail therapy?