MAC Brave and Soar

Apparently this lip combo is very popular thanks to Kylie Jenner but that’s not why I purchased these two, I bought them because of the Pippa affect. When I saw a picture of Pippa O’Connor on Instagram wearing MAC Brave I fell in love with the colour of the lipstick. In the comments she said she had wanted the lip liner Soar but had to get Edge to Edge because Soar was sold out thanks to Kylie Jenner. However when I went to buy Edge to Edge it was sold out probably because of that picture of Pippa so I got Soar.

MAC Brave Lipstick
Brave is a Satin lipstick, described on the MAC website as “Pink-beige with White Pearl”, if I had read that without seeing a picture of it, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. White pearl sounds like 80s frost to me but luckily its nothing like that; the white pearl gives more of a slight pearlescent shine to it. I would also say the colour is more of a medium mauve toned pink, making it a lovely option for day or night for me. Ironically I’m not very brave with my lipstick colour choices, so this colour is right up my street. Brave is a typical MAC lipstick, I get about three-ish hours of wear if I’m not eating or drinking. It’s comfortable enough, maybe slightly drying like the other MAC satin lipsticks I have tried, but its fine with a balm underneath. Let’s face it, MAC lipsticks aren’t the best lipsticks ever, but we love them all the same. Why, I have no idea, probably just because they are MAC.

MAC Brave and Soar
The only other lip liner from MAC that I have tried is Subculture; in comparison Soar is softer and creamier. The colour is richly pigmented and glides on easily. It lasts fairly well; on a night out I didn’t feel like I needed to keep reapplying the liner, reapplying the lipstick was enough. Described on the MAC website as a “Mid-tone Pinkish Brown”, it’s a good neutral shade that would work with most “nude” lipstick shades and is perfect with Brave.
So here are the pictures (top left – before)

Have you tried Brave or Soar? What is your favourite lipstick and liner combination?


MAC Captive

Is there anything better than handing over six empty makeup packages and getting a shiny new lipstick for free? I wish other brands would do the same but I guess that’s part of the reason why a MAC counter on a Saturday is like the Hunger Games. My latest back to MAC lipstick is Captive.

MAC Captive
There is a lot of love out there for matte lip products. I, myself prefer a bit of a glossy or shiny finish. I always feared that a matte lippy would be hard to wear. Your lips need to be in perfect condition, which is easier said than done in winter. In an attempt to ease myself into the matte lipstick frame of mind, I decided to try a satin finish as a baby step. The satin finish is not matte but its closer to matte than I am used to, there is still a bit of a subtle shine but it’s definitely not glossy.

MAC Captive

While looking at the rows and rows of colours on the MAC stand, for some reason Captive caught my eye. I’m all about peaches and corals during summer but I prefer shades of plum and berry in the winter. Under the bright makeup counter lights it looked like a soft easy to wear plum. Now that I have it home it’s a bit darker than I first thought but it’s still a wearable shade for me. The MAC website describes it as a pinkish-plum; I would say more of a berry plum, not really pinkish. Wear time with this is much the same as all MAC regular line lipsticks. You get a few hours if you don’t eat or drink. It leaves a bit of a stain so no need to reapply too often. It feels comfortable on the lips but not as moisturising as a Lustre or Cremesheen finish but it’s not too drying either. So here are the pictures:

Do you have Captive? What is your favourite MAC lipstick? And are you a fan of matte lip products?


MAC Modesty MAC Modesty

I’ve had this lipstick for a while, but it recently caught my eye while I was rummaging through my stash so I thought I would show it to you. I was favouring peachy colour lip products during the summer but winter brings a desire for richer and warmer tones in all things including makeup. Most of us would have a summer and a winter wardrobe when it comes to clothes but its funny how the makeup you reach for regularly also changes with the seasons.

MAC Modesty
The MAC website describes Modesty as “a muted neutral pink”. It definitely leads more of a neutral brown on me. It’s a nice natural colour for day, its fine for night too if you are keeping the lips soft and natural, like when you have a strong eye look. If I kept the eyes soft and natural then this colour would be a bit boring for a night out. It’s a creamsheen and is part of MAC’s permanent line. Like most of MAC’s regular lipsticks, it lasts a few hours before needing a top up and fades naturally. I personally am a fan of MAC’s lipsticks; I like the scent, the texture and the way they wear. I never find them drying, which can be a problem with some cheaper brands. I particularly love getting a MAC lipstick free with the “Back to MAC” recycling program.
So here are the pictures, the first one is my bare lips and I’m wearing Modesty in the rest.

SavedPicture-20131210142326.jpg SavedPicture-20131210142317.jpg

SavedPicture-20131210142322.jpg SavedPicture-2013121014234.jpg

What MAC lipsticks do you think I should try?


MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive

It’s amazing what you find while rummaging in your stash that you have forgotten all about. I was looking for a lip product in a more autumnal shade than the bright corals that I have been wearing lately. Low and behold I found this little beauty.

MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive

MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks have the colour impact of a lipstick with the shine of a lip gloss. Two in one means you buy one product that does the work of two, in theory should result in a smaller makeup collection, however the reality is I am still going to buy loads more products and end up with overflowing makeup drawers. This lipstick is extremely creamy and pigmented. It applies easily and feels light weight and silky on. The lasting power isn’t great, however no worse than other lipsticks but it fades evenly enough. The only down side is that it’s very soft so it will wear quickly and could break easily.

MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive
The shade Impressive is described on the MAC website as “neutral gilded plum”. I would say it’s more of a rosy brown. I often find the descriptions on the MAC website don’t really fit with how I translate the colours. I’m just not seeing plum in Impressive. When it comes to buying cosmetics online I always try to see and swatch it in reality first or at least look at as many swatches online as I can find. Lighting, filters and flashes can really affect how a colour appears in a photo, not to mention your own screen colour settings. My photos below are taken by a window for natural light without a flash or filters.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

(Bare lips in first picture, all the rest with Impressive)

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

What shades are you wearing for autumn? Have you tried any of the Sheen Supreme lipsticks?



I was having a little dig through my stash when I spotted this little beauty which hasn’t been getting much love lately and I figured it was time to rectify that. If I am honest, I don’t wear lipstick that often, however that doesn’t stop me buying, loving and lusting after them. I see it in a magazine or on a blog, I want it, I buy it, I love it, and then I hardly ever wear it. There are a few reasons why I don’t wear lipstick on a regular basis but mainly because I drink a lot of water throughout the day so it wears off quickly, lack of wearing it means I feel it when it’s on my lips, making me very aware of it and I have a habit of biting my lips, which also makes it wear off quickly. Most of my lipsticks are the free ones you get when you “back to MAC”. I do really love and make a conscious effort to wear my MAC lipsticks but one range of lipsticks that I rate and have bought a few of is L’Oreal’s Color Riche range and today I showing you shade number 353, Blueberry Crystal.


Blueberry Crystal is an easy to wear nude shade with a hint of shimmer through it. The colour is well pigmented and the texture is soft and creamy and goes on smooth. It’s not drying on lips but it is not particularly hydrating either. It will only last a few hours before you need to reapply but L’Oreal are a purse friendly band and it’s not making any long wear promises.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

(first Picture is my bare lips, I’m wearing Blueberry Crystal in the rest)

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Do you rate L’Oreal Lipsticks? Which budget brand do you look to for lipstick? Don’t be afraid to suggest any you think I should check out.


MAC Peach Blossom MAC Peach Blossom

I thought I would start doing the occasional “All Time Favourite” post. I am talking about products that are real favourites, not new favourites of the moment that will be replaced when I buy something newer, but the firm favourites that I keep returning to and products that still get a look in while I am playing with or before I’ve even gotten bored of the new favourite. Are you following me? I suppose I mean the Holy Grail products or fail safe options that always work and make me feel good.

MAC Peach Blossom MAC Peach Blossom MAC Peach Blossom

This kind of post should serve to help you get to know me better by finding out what types of products and colours I really love, not just what I’m liking at the moment because it’s new to me and currently trendy. It also allows me to show you some stuff that I already have in my stash and that may be looking well used. Let’s face it; we all like to see the pictures of products that are all shiny and new.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

My Bare Lips

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

With MAC Peach Blossom

So today’s all time favourite is the MAC lipstick, Peach Blossom. I ended up with this by chance, I had a few empties to back to MAC and I asked for a peach toned lipstick. The sales assistant first showed me a different one but it turned out that one wasn’t available on the back to MAC so she assured me that Peach Blossom was very similar and gave it to me without really showing it to me. Luckily when I got home and tried it I wasn’t disappointed and it has been a firm favourite ever since.

Peach Blossom is a Creamsheen that is described by MAC as “frosted cool nude”, I don’t really find it frosted as in the 80s sense but more slightly glossy. In fact if I had read “frosted cool nude” I definitely wouldn’t want this, but luckily it’s nothing like the images that description conjures up in my head.


The colour is a very pretty pink, definitely more pink than peach though and the coverage is semi-sheer. I find Peach Blossom quite flattering, even if I do say so myself.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Like with most MAC lipsticks I only get a few hours of wear before I need to reapply but because it’s a soft colour, it’s not obvious as it wears off so no need to rush to reapply. As far as makeup looks go, I prefer a strong eye and bare lip look. Peach Blossom is perfect to wear with strong or dark eyes.

Well, what is your all time favourite lipstick?

MAC Plumful: Review and Pics

My Natural lip colour is quite dark as is, so it may surprise you, as it did me, to discover just how many pale pink lip products I had in my stash. A while back I had a little clear out and got rid of loads of lippies that I just can’t wear. The problem is that a pale lip product usually isn’t pigmented enough to cover my natural colour and so ends up looking like I have some sort of early 90s gik frosted lipstick on my lips. The reason I bought them all is because I saw a MAC sales assistant with the most beautiful pale pink super glossy lips and I wanted to recreate the look and kept searching for and buying products that I hoped would work. Sometimes you just have to work with what nature gave ya and try to enhance instead of completely change it. So now I look for lip products that are more “my lips but better”, but obviously I still want to have some fun and experiment with makeup. Plumful manages to do both.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Plumful is a beautiful lustre, which is very moisturising on the lips. It is a pinky-plum shade that doesn’t look that amazing in the tube but is absolutely gorgeous on. There is a slight cool blue tone to balance the warm pink and make teeth look nice and white.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This first pic is my natural bare lips, the rest are all with Plumful.

It’s not actually overwhelming on, so it would make a good day time lippie for those who wear lipstick daily. As I very rarely wear lipstick during the day, this would pack too much of a punch for my daytime look, so I reserve it for nights out or special occasions.


For anyone who is curious, the eyeshadow is MAC All That Glitters.