We are being teased with hints of warmer weather, one day its lovely and sunny, the next it’s stormy and miserable. It looks promising for tomorrow but I’m not relying on the weather for a bit of sunshine, I’m creating my own by wearing bright orange. With Mother’s Day this weekend, an outfit like this could be good for Sunday lunch. It could also work for St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to wear the usual paddywackery.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer
I love how bright and summery this long-line, waterfall style orange blazer from Dunnes makes me feel. The material of this is a heavy-ish crepe material, it’ll be ideal for cooler summer nights, but it’s not too light to wear now if you are not going to be outside for too long. I first showed you this blazer with trousers in this post but today I felt like pairing it with this skirt.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top
The top is from New Look. It’s a bit more than a basic black t-shirt; it’s crepe material with a slight ruffle sleeve.

New Look Blue and Orange Aztec Print Mini Skirt
The skirt is also from New Look. I’m sure you know by now that I love blue and orange together and think the colours look great in the Aztec pattern of this skirt. If you are afraid of being swamped by the long blazer, you can see this skirt  with a fitted top in this post.

Penneys Slouchy Boots
The boots are my slouchy, faux suede boots from Penneys. I love how these boots can work with dressy or casual outfits.

Carraig Donn Blue Necklace
The necklace is from Carriag Donn. I thought the neckline of the plain top needed a little something and blue ties in with the skirt.
Are you using colour to create your own sunshine?



When the more autumnal tones started hitting the shops, I was all excited. After all the summer pastels I was looking forward to wearing richer shades, like burgundy and teal. However, as winter drags on and the temperatures drop I keep reaching for the warmer items in my closet and I feel like all I am wearing lately is black, grey or navy. So when I was wandering through Dunnes recently and spotted some bright orange, I got excited again. It’s time for some strong bright colours.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer

This long-line, waterfall style blazer from Dunnes is a gorgeous bright orange. The material is the crepe style material that seems to be everywhere lately; it’s the new scuba. I wore this out under a long coat last weekend when it was very cold out and I was glad of the extra layer, but come spring and summer when it’s a lot warmer out I will wear this as my only outer layer. The black zips on the sides are real pockets but I probably won’t put anything in them. I love the slinky waterfall shape of this so I wouldn’t want anything bulky in the pockets.


Dunnes Orange and Blue Print Top

The top is also from Dunnes. I love how blue and orange look together. I spotted the top first and loved the print, then as I walked along the rails the jacket called to me and I knew they would be perfect together. It’s been a long time since I actually looked at the clothes in Dunnes. I was really pleasantly surprised by what’s in stock at the moment. I always just assumed the clothes in Dunnes are plain and old fashioned. I’m not sure if I was wrong and missing out or if they have changed their buying trends lately.

Dorothy Perkins Gold Zips Black Trousers

The trousers are my black skinny trousers with gold zips from Dorothy Perkins. Leather look leggings would look really good with this outfit but I haven’t found a pair of leather look trousers that I like on me yet. A shiny finish is not a friend to the more rounded areas, i.e. my arse, although I suppose I could get away with it if I leave the long jacket on.

New Look Pointed Court

The shoes are my pointed toe courts from New Look. I can’t believe how comfy these shoes are considering they were very inexpensive.


Blue necklace and earrings

With the strong colours and bright print, I didn’t think I needed a necklace so I just wore these earrings from New Look. People always think these earrings look glamorous and were expensive; ONE EURO! You don’t get many deals better than that.

What do you think, are you ready for bright colours yet?