Woohoo! It’s a bank holiday weekend! There’s a grand stretch in the evenings with the odd auld bit of sunshine between the torrential down pours. All in all, I’m in pretty good form. I hope you’re not sick of my love of all things orange yet because the love affair continues. I think todays outfit channels the spirit of the mixed weather that is the Irish spring in that it involves layers and waterproof footwear.

Tesco Orange Tunic

Let’s start with this orange tunic from Tesco. What’s not to love here? For starters it’s from Tesco so it was cheap as chips. It has a zip, and we know how much I love unnecessary zips. Not to mention that it is orange, a colour I love regardless of whether or not it suits me. I like long tunic style tops that you can wear over leggings because they can be so comfortable and a bright colour or pretty print makes wearing leggings look stylish with little to no effort, win, win.

In case you are interested the black top underneath is just a basic long sleeve T from Penneys and the leggings are from Swamp.

New Look Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a regular on this blog and it’s old from New Look. The biker jacket has a little bit more warmth than a blazer but it’s not as heavy as a winter coat so it’s good for this time of year. I could easily make this outfit dressier by swapping the biker and boots for a blazer and heels, which would look nice for Easter Sunday dinner.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are Marco Tozzi. The wedge heel makes them comfortable enough that I can leg it to the car when it’s lashing raining. It’s getting to the point where high leg boots are a bit too heavy for this time of year but with all the rain this week, I’m still wearing them because I like my tootsies to be dry (and we all know wet feet, like going to bed with wet hair, means you’ll catch your death of a cold).

Do you love orange as much as me? What are your feelings on tunics and leggings?



It’s been a week of extremes weather wise; we had snow, lots of rain, and of course some seriously stormy weather. It’s supposed to get really cold this weekend and I’m not sure I can handle it so I’m praying for unseasonably warm temperatures; positive mental attitude! (It’s so going to work.) Obviously I am feeling the chill so todays outfit is all about being cosy and comfortable.

iclothing Aztec Print Waterfall Cardigan

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This Aztec print, waterfall style cardigan is from This cardigan is lovely and cosy. You can button up the front or leave it open and loose. You can also button up the sleeves for a rolled up look but I won’t be doing that any time soon. It might be a handy option when we eventually move into spring, when it can be cold in the mornings and then warm up in the afternoons.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top

The top is from New Look. It’s not just your normal run of the mill t-shirt. Its crepe material and has a bit of a ruffle to the sleeves and a button at the back of the neck that all make it that little bit dressier.

The black skinny jeans are old and they are from Dorothy Perkins. They are the super soft skinnies so they are really comfortable.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are new. They are from the brand Marco Tozzi and I got them from The wedge makes these really comfortable and they are fleece lined so they are really warm. I love the almost knee high length of these. I also really like all the little details, like the slouching effect, the zips and the straps.

iclothing Statement Necklace

The necklace is also from I think it adds a nice pop of colour to an otherwise black and grey outfit. I saw a similar necklace in Zara a while back and I was sorry I didn’t get it so when I saw this one on I wasn’t leaving it behind this time.

How are you keeping cosy this week?