Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara

Like many women I love trying new mascaras. I am in search of the perfect one for me which will give me both volume and length. I want full fluttery lashes without any clumps. Soap & Glory’s mascara Thick & Fast was in this gift set that I told you about last week. It is my fist time trying anything from Soap & Glory’s makeup range despite having tied and liked a few of their skincare products.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara promises to “create amazingly, longer, fuller, fabulous lashes. It features SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, SHINE AMPLIFIERS, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine no-clumps natural wax film formers”. I think it adds some length and volume but nothing to get too excited about. It adds a nice bit of definition to the eyes and there is absolutely no clumping what so ever. I am really impressed that there is no clumping especially since its only just been opened because a lot of mascaras tend to be a bit wet and clumpy for the first few uses. I think I will use this mostly for daytime to give my eyes some definition without being too over the top. I like to keep my eye looks soft and natural for day time and then pack on full glamour for nights out and special occasions. Another use for this would be after using a “night out” mascara that gives a lot of length and volume but also clumps. Combing this through could remove the clumps.

The wand is probably part of the reason it doesn’t clump. I like the full bristled brush but this one is a little on the big side so it takes a bit of getting used to especially for someone as clumsy as me. You can see in the pictures where I have hit the brush off my lids but if you wait a minute for the mascara to dry, it’s easy enough to tidy up. It wouldn’t be as noticeable if I used a pencil or liquid liner; I just lined my eyes with eye shadow in these pictures.

c5feb18a-4571-4bf7-a5f3-0cd33b38935c c5feb18a-4571-4bf7-a5f3-0cd33b38935c(1)
You may have noticed in the before pictures that I have had my lashes tinted. You can now see that my natural lashes are kind of long already and so you can see that there isn’t a huge difference with the mascara. Before tinting my lashes it looked like every mascara made a massive difference because my lashes were quite fair.
I like this mascara and I will use it but it’s still not the perfect one for me, it will make a good day wear mascara. I will also be combing it through after using other mascaras that tend to clump to see how that works. The price of this is €13. Have you tired this mascara? Have you tried any other Soap & Glory makeup products?


Benefit They're Real!

I’ve wanted to try this mascara for ages now but just never got around to buying it. A while back I got a sample of Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara free with a magazine and I loved it. It gave both volume and length. I kept meaning to buy a full size of Bad Gal or Bad Gal Plum but a new mascara is released almost every five seconds so I kept being tempted by the new ones in search of the best mascara ever. I received this sample size of They’re Real in the Harvey Nichols Glossybox.

Benefit They're Real!
They’re Real certainly lengthens lashes, a lot! It also adds a bit of curl but not much volume so for me it’s not going to be my new favourite. I like it, I don’t love it. My lashes are kind of long already but they have blond tips so you can’t really see the length but any mascara will make them look long. I want full on volume for full on fluttery lashes. The extra length with They’re Real is nice though. The formula is easy to work with, one comb straight through and then a wiggle through are enough. Anymore and it starts to get a bit clumpy but it’s new so that might not be an issue when it dries out a bit.

Benefit They're Real!
I was loving the brush with its spiky tip, which I thought was brilliant for getting into the corners. You are supposed to use the tip to separate the lashes. I was getting along just fine until I poked myself in the eye with the spiky tip, now I’m not sure I like it anymore. I am a little uneasy with it now, but if you just be careful and don’t rush it won’t be a problem.

Benefit They're Real!
Here are the pictures, one comb straight through from root to tip and then a wiggle through.



Most of you will love the length this mascara gives but for me the search for volume and length together continues. The price for the full size is €26. Have you tried this yet? Is volume enough or do you want it all?



I know I have been teasing you about this mascara for a while now so today I am finally giving my full review along with some before and after pictures. I picked this up in duty free about eight weeks ago now and I’ve been showing glimpses of it here and there in some other posts but today it gets a post all its own. I should preface this post with a mention of the fact that I do have a soft spot for Lancôme mascaras and so you should keep in mind that I was never going to look for negatives when trying Grandiose. I don’t know what it is about Lancôme mascaras but the formula and the brush always seems to be perfect for me. What I want in mascara is both volume and length without clumps. I usually prefer sample sizes as the shorter wand gets my hands closer to where they need to be making me feel like I have more control.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara
There has been a load of hype around Lancôme Grandiose mascara since it first launched and I managed to wait patiently for the hype to die to down and for duty free before purchasing. I was not disappointed. I find the swan neck really great; it’s easy to control and get into the corners with it. It also makes it easier to use your right hand to do the left eye which is something I often find awkward. If I am being totally honest, I thought the formula was a bit wet the first few times I used it but after a few uses it settled so now it’s just right. Grandiose gives me both volume and length, which makes me very happy. You can do a quick sweep through to keep it subtle for day time or do a sweep, wiggle, and sweep for full on night time flutter glamour. Its proper priest socks black and there is no smudging or fallout. What can I say, I love it. Here are the before and after pictures:


Have you tried Lancôme Grandiose yet? What is your favourite mascara?


Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara

Let’s start this Monday with a new mascara. Mascara is probably most women’s desert island product; however I don’t actually wear mascara on a daily basis. I usually only wear mascara when I do full eye makeup at the weekend or for a night out. My week day makeup routine is more about creating perfect clear skin quickly rather than trying to emphasize any features. Instead of doing a full face of makeup every day, I reserve eye and lip makeup for when I am getting dressed up for a reason so I can feel like I made an extra effort and with that effort I look much prettier than every other day when I am just at work. Plus it would take forever to get ready because my morning routine takes long enough already and I am not a morning person.

Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions MascaraMax Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara
My preference for mascara is volume because my natural lashes are quite long already, however they are blond tipped so you don’t really see the length without mascara, but some extra length is always a plus. Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions mascara promises to give buildable volume and length without clumping. The colour of this mascara is priest socks black and the formula is that perfect not too wet, not too dry, easy to work with formula. I also really like the brush, I definitely prefer working with a curved brush, it makes it a lot easier to get into the corners. The small bristles brush through nicely to prevent any clumps. I found it really easy to go back and add another coat with this, sometimes the second coat can be a messy clumpy nightmare with some mascaras, especially when they are new. As for length and volume, you can see in the pictures below one coat is pretty good, and would be perfect for day time or a subtle look. The picture of the second coat shows that it is buildable for more fluttery lashes. It’s not the most amazing length or volume I have ever gotten from a mascara but it is pretty good, especially for the price tag of €13.99.


What do you think, is this enough length and volume for you? What is your favourite mascara?



Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

My brother finally sent me a birthday present from where he lives in America, a full two months late, but I’ll forgive him because he sent me the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, which I have wanted for what feels like ages now. The palette comes with a sample size of the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, so I am going to review the mascara first because there have been loads of reviews of the palette lately and you can get a full size of the mascara in Boots for €21. Don’t worry I will be showing you the palette loads and trying out lots of different looks with it.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
I actually prefer sample sizes of mascara’s, I think it’s because with the shorter wand my hand is closer to the action and therefore I find it easier to manoeuvre without making a mess, as my clumsy hands are prone to doing (I like to think of it like being an athlete with a low centre of gravity). The brush on this is quite thick so it coats the lashes really well but a thicker brush can make it easier to get some mascara on your lids and it can be tricky getting into the shorter lashes in the inner corners especially on the left eye, since I am right handed. It’s often a good idea to line your eyes after mascara so you can cover up any transfer on your lids with the liner. The formula is not too wet, which is often a problem with a new mascara. It doesn’t clump, which I really like, but it doesn’t give much volume. It does however give really good length. My natural lashes are long but they are also blond tipped so you can’t see the length. For this reason most black mascaras will make my lashes look long so I prefer a mascara to really up the volume.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
My routine for applying is mascara is as follows:
First I brush through all the lashes pushing up from the roots in an effort to use the mascara to curl the lashes. I can’t seem to find an eyelash curler to fit into my eye socket. So far they have all been that tiny bit too big.
Then I do the usual wiggle, where I wiggle the brush through my lashes to coat all the sides of each lash.
Finally I brush straight through to separate any clumps. This is when I decide if I like a mascara or not; it my lashes clump during this brush through, then I don’t like it but if they separate and feather out without any clumps then I am happy. Smashbox Full Exposure mascara separates and feathers out perfectly.
Here are the before and after pictures:


All in all, it’s a good mascara, especially for those of you want length but I prefer volume so I won’t purchase the full size when I runs out but I will continue to use the trial size that I have. Have you tired this mascara? How did you find it?