I think most of us are guilty of the same thing, playing it safe and wearing a little black dress to the Christmas party. In fairness some of us find an LBD with a bit of sparkle but essentially it’s still a black dress. Look, the black dress is a handy, fail safe option and every woman should have one that they feel comfortable in, in their wardrobe. However, I find black can be a bit harsh for my colouring so I very rarely wear black from head to toe. Hopefully today I can give you a bit of inspiration for mixing it up a bit this year. I usually try to have a bit of colour on the top, especially around the neckline and close to my face. The easiest option is a skirt and top combo. Then you can wear the top over and over with different skirts or trousers and wear the skirt with different tops. Separates give you loads more options so you get more wear out of them. How many dresses have you in your wardrobe that you won’t wear again because you think everyone will recognise that you have worn it a few times before.

Villa Water Colour Print Sparkle Shoulder Top Villa Water Colour Print Sparkle Shoulder Top

I picked this Villa top up in Carraig Donn recently. I love the sparkle detail at the shoulders and down the sides. The print is a soft and pretty pale pink, black and grey water colour style. This is perfect to add a bit of colour on top and you can still wear good old slimming black on your bottom half. Spoiler Alert! I also plan on wearing this top with my burgundy faux leather pencil skirt from River Island.

Awear Black Lace Skirt

I know it’s all about the pencil skirt at the moment but I think the Christmas season requires lace for a night out. Nothing says Christmas like sparkles and lace so I’ve found a way to combine them both. I did a little sigh when I pulled this skirt out and realised it’s from Awear, oh how I miss Awear. There are similar skirts available in lots of other high street retailers, I’m pretty sure I saw something much the same on

Statement Necklace

The necklace fills the gap where cleavage should be nicely. I picked this one up on holiday in Portugal but statement necklaces of every shape, size and colour are everywhere.

Menbur Black Shoes

These shoes are from Menbur. They have a bit of sequins and sparkle but I think I need a pair of glitter shoes. You know the ones that look like they have been dunked into a bucket of glitter.

What do you plan on wearing to the Christmas party, an LBD or will you be going for a bit of colour?



Ok so this skirt has made it into two other posts already (here and here) but I love it so much I figured one more wouldn’t hurt. Besides it’s important to actually wear the clothes that you buy. It drives me nuts with the media make a big deal out of Kate Middleton wearing something more than once. That’s what you are supposed to do, not even royalty can afford to buy new clothes for every time they leave the house. But with a little creativity you can make something you have already worn look new by pairing it with different pieces and accessories. This time I am going all out bright and glam. This outfit would be good for a special occasion, big night out or even as a wedding guest.

Orange Florence and Fred Tesco Top


This orange top is Florence & Fred at Tesco. It was cheap but the material feels like it could be more expensive. I’ve tucked it into the skirt here but the elasticated and pleated waist band looks good out over skinny jeans. I love wearing vibrant colours during the summer, and I am sure you all know by now how much I love pairing orange and blue together.

Blue Blazer

The blazer is by Angel Parts and as far as I can remember I got this one from I actually have this blazer in a few colours because the tailored and cropped fit sits nice over dresses and they look good over jeans with a pretty printed top.

Oasis Scarf Print Skirt

The skirt is from Oasis. I have to say I am happy I bought this skirt, a printed pencil skirt can be so versatile. I could wear this to work with a white or black blouse and it wouldn’t look OTT, yet I wore it on a night out with a black peplum top with cap lace sleeves and the same shoes and my friend reckoned I could wear that outfit to a wedding.

Penneys Gold Necklace

This necklace is from Penneys. A round neck top always needs a little something and this necklace is enough but still dainty so it’s not too much. When you consider that there are some strong colours going on here, a chunky statement necklace would be too much.

Menbur Blue shoes with black lace

The shoes are by Menbur. I’ve mentioned in loads of posts about how much I love Menbur shoes, they just fit me perfectly so I don’t slip out of them as I’m walking. Then there is the fact that they are gorgeous.

What do you think of the blue and orange? Have you invested in a printed midi skirt?



There is nothing better than finding a brand that is always the perfect fit, this post contains two brands that I can always rely on to fit perfectly. I can buy with confidence online or even buy in the sale without trying on and know it’ll be fine. Closet is a brand, whose clothes I can pick up anything in my size and it fits perfect. And for shoes my go to brand is Menbur, their courts never slip off my heel and they are so comfortable.

Navy Closet Dress with Lime beading


It’s been a while since I did a post with my new favourite colour for this summer, lime, so I picked this dress from Closet. Navy always works well with strong vibrant colours like the neon lime beading on this dress. Navy can also be more flattering than black on pale Irish skin tones. The beading means you can keep accessories to a minimum so a dress like this can be really handy when you are in a hurry as there is no need to rummage around looking for the perfect necklace. I also love the unusual strap placement on this dress and the way it goes into a V at the back.

Menbur Lime Courts

You’ve probably already guessed that the shoes are from Menbur. Menbur shoes may be a bit pricey but since I’m a size 4, I often get lucky and find them in my size reduced in the sales. For the price you are getting great comfort. Noting makes me more smug than when my friends decide to move to a different pub when it is raining and I can power walk on and keep up with the boys, while the other girls are struggling and hobbling along behind in shoes they can barely sit in, never mind walk in. The lime may not be a perfect match to the neon beads on the dress but I still think these shoes work fine with the dress.

Coral Body Shop Clutch

I don’t have a lime clutch (but I do have my eye on one in River Island) so I was going to use a neutral toned clutch, when I thought, one bright colour deserves another. This coral pink bag was a free gift with purchase from The Body Shop.

Have I convinced you to buy anything lime yet? Have you found any brands that are always your perfect fit?



Well it’s Friday again and hopefully by now we have all recovered from losing an hours sleep last weekend. On the plus side we now have more hours of daylight which we can see getting longer and longer as we get closer to summer. This is a huge help in terms of blogging, it means that I can wait until the evening to get some photos rather than trying to rush and get them all done in the morning before I leave for work. No easy feat considering I’m a slow moving witch without a broom in the morning and that’s putting it nicely.

Vero Moda Floral Top

I picked this lovely floral top up last weekend in Vero Moda while they were having a 20% off everything discount. I’m very picky with my florals, I don’t like them to be too busy and I have to like all the colours, and this one ticked all the boxes.


I was actually away last weekend when I bought the top and happened to have this blue blazer from Mango with me and I think they work well together.

Zara Zips Trousers

The trousers are also a new purchase from Zara. I love the fit of these and as you know I love the zips detail. The material is unusual, kind of like scuba material but that is probably why the fit is so good.

Blue shoes with black lace

The shoes are from Menbur. Usually if I am wearing anything with blue then these are my go to shoes.

Blue necklace and earrings

The necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New Look.

Have you bought anything nice recently?


SelfTimer23_02_2014 13_10_03 SelfTimer23_02_2014 13_09_45 SelfTimer23_02_2014 13_09_27

At least we have seen some sunshine this week so this post doesn’t feel too out of place. I warned you there was more lime coming and lime paired with blue is one of my new favourite colour combinations. Yellow also looks good with a vibrant blue but I think the hint of green in lime is better than yellow with my colouring. This top does look more yellow and it is called yellow on the website but there is actually a hint of green there, enough to make me happy.

WP_20140305_003 WP_20140305_007

I spotted this top and skirt while scrolling through the “new in” section of the Oasis web site. While they weren’t actually paired together, they were listed side by side and as soon as I saw them I knew they would look good worn together. Separately these two can be worn with so many other items already in my wardrobe so I am pretty sure I will get value for money with these two, more so than with a dress. The picture doesn’t do this pretty top justice; there is some beautiful details with the collar and gold buttons. The scarf print skirt is midi length, which I thought might need to be returned since I’m only 5ft 2″, but to my surprise and delight the length is fine on me, even if I do say so myself.

Blue shoes with black lace

These satin blue shoes with black lace are from Menbur. They have been on the blog loads of times now.

Blue necklace and earrings

This necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New look. They were also in this post two weeks ago in case you want another look.

SelfTimer23_02_2014 13_07_48Do you prefer lime or yellow? What colours do you like to wear when the sun shines?


SelfTimer13_02_2014 09_09_19 SelfTimer13_02_2014 09_11_10

Guess what my new favourite colour is going to be? If you have been following my little blog for a while now, you will know that I am a big fan of green, particularly shades of mint and teal. Lately lime green has been catching my eye and I just want to buy everything I see in the colour. Lemon yellow is also a beautiful colour but it just doesn’t look right on me, add a hint of green and you get lime and I can wear it now. I know what you are thinking, its cold, wet, stormy and miserable, how can I possible feel like wearing such a bright, spring colour at a time when the country is being blown and washed away along with the odd smacking of hail. With all that’s been going on with the weather this week, I need some cheering up. Beautiful bright colours are starting to creep into the shops and online and I can’t wait to start wearing them. The lime in this outfit is quite subtle and mild but know this, full-on loud and large lime is on the way in future posts; I’ve been shopping.

SelfTimer13_02_2014 20_56_29 WP_20140213_006

This top is from River Island. It’s hard to see the colours in their true form in these pictures but it is a double layer top; the bottom layer is navy and the top layer is white with a navy print. The navy print has a thin lime trim surrounding it.

These are the Bailey skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. These ones are navy but I do also have them in black. I really like how these fit me and I feel really comfortable in them.

SelfTimer13_02_2014 21_01_00
I’ve has these earrings for ages. They are cheap and guess who forgot to put clear nail polish on them before wearing them for the first time in ages. Ouch!

I have been stalking these shoes from Menbur for what seems like a very long time now. Seriously they arrived in store last spring, and it’s taken till last week for them to be reduced. In fairness this is probably the longest I’ve ever lasted once I got something into my head that I want.

What bright colours are catching your eye? I know it’s Valentines Day but I’m sure you have had enough of all the hype surrounding it so I thought I would do something different.


SelfTimer25_01_2014 19_14_49 SelfTimer25_01_2014 19_11_59

Today is my birthday so my hubby took me out for dinner on Saturday night. Then we met with some friends for a few drinks. I really liked what I wore out and I felt very comfortable in it. It’s Valentine’s Day soon and with it being on a Friday this year some of you will be heading out for dinner with the special someone. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration so you don’t end up tearing your wardrobe apart winging “I have nothing to wear”.

I bought this Wal G dress in Bourne in Galway just after Christmas. Since very little in the sales appealed to me I bought this at full price, after all it would be a shame to waste a day out shopping by not buying anything. If I remember correctly it was just under €40 at full price, which is pretty good considering it is quite pretty and I was actually thinking it might be nice enough to be worn to a wedding, with a bit of careful styling. I’m seeing a lot of this cobalt blue in the shops now and it looks set to be a popular colour for spring summer. There is a lot of lovely detail with the cream and contrasting black lace.

My shoes are from Menbur and I have had them for a while. I love the black lace detail on the vibrant cobalt blue. I knew the minute I saw them that they would be mine. I stalked them on the website for a week before I gave in and bought them.

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace
I bought this necklace while on holiday in Portugal.

SelfTimer26_01_2014 22_03_05

And this beautiful watch is a birthday pressie from my lovely hubby.

Will you be getting glammed up for Valentine’s or keeping it low key?


I agree that every woman should have a little black dress in their wardrobe. The black dress can be suitable for all occasions so it’s a safe choice when you don’t know how formal or casual a night out will be. A great little black dress can look right at home at a formal occasion or it can look like “oh I just threw this old thing on” if things turn out more casual than you expected. Saying that I must stress that I do not think it is ok to wear black to everything. Get some colour in your life and your wardrobe. Party season is upon us and with this in mind I thought I would show you my two favourite LBD’s and how I like to style them.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

First up is this little chiffon and lace number. I love how this dress fits, I always feel comfortable in it. With the lace and chiffon and layers, it feels far more expensive than it was. It’s from the brand Fever London and I bought it in a local boutique.

SavedPicture-201312521373.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213239.jpg

SavedPicture-201312521348.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213334.jpg

I like to wear this with my blue and black lace shoes from Menbur. Continuing on with the blue I wear this necklace from Carraig Donn and these earrings from New Look.

?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This dress is from the luxe line at Dorothy Perkins. The scuba material of this dress is thick and heavy enough to always sit well, without clinging or settling on little bumps or bulges. The peplum is perfect if you night out involves a meal to cover any after dinner bloat. The ruffle and one shoulder glam it right up.


Gold Filigree Statement NecklaceSavedPicture-2013125213453.jpg

I like to pair this dress with gold accessories. The shoes are from New Look, I bought the necklace in Portugal and the belt is from Penneys.
How do you style your LBD?


This is the fourth of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here are the links to the first, second and third ones. The purpose of these posts is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.


This green dress is by Adrianna Papell and I bought it from Nordstroms in the January sale.  I’m jumping on the band wagon here as nearly every other dress on the Rose of Tralee was green. The darker colour of this dress is probably more appropriate for a wedding that is outside of summer: I wore it to a wedding in mid March. There is a lot of beautiful detail in this dress. I love the pleated one shoulder and the twist at the waist creates some very flattering pleats across the tummy. I’m sure you’ll find similar dresses hitting the shops in the Autumn Winter ranges.

And now to accessorize it. First up, we have the berry pink. While bright fuchsia would work well, I have a richer berry toned pink.



The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams.  The shoes are Menbur and I have made no secret of my love for Menbur shoes.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots.

Second, we have purple



This blazer is by Cutie and I got it from I got the bag in Penneys/Primark ages ago. Since the previous Wedding Guest Style posts I’m managed to find the perfect purple dressy shoes. They are from Shoes of Prey ( and thats a website that allows you to design your own shoes and they make them for you to your specifications. Totes cool but not the cheapest but at least you are paying to get exactly what you want (you can spend ages playing around with designs, I didn’t go mad with the design so they will work with lots of outfits).

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The necklace and earrings are from Pulse Accessories. The colour of the jewellery is actually a darker purple in real life but its hard to capture in photos.

Finally is orange.


The shoes are Kurt Geiger, the wrap, fascinator, and bag are from Glitzi Bitz.

The earrings and ring are amber and from eBay. This necklace is from Gerards.

Have you any other colours to suggest to wear with teal?


This is the third of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here are the links to the first and second ones. The purpose of these post is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.

This orange dress is by Karen Millen and I bought it from the House of Fraser web site during one of their discount promotions but it is in the Karen Millen sale now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Karen Millen dresses may cost a bit but the detailing is always beautiful and you can really see the quality. The detail of seams and pleating across the tummy is quite flattering and the straps mean you can wear a proper bra. Now to accessorize it:

First up, we have purple.


I think purple and orange look great together and this is how I wanted to accessorise the dress for my nephew’s wedding but I couldn’t find a dressy pair of purple shoes that I liked.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
This blazer is by cutie and I got it from I got the bag in Penneys/Primark ages ago. The shoes are Iron Fist and I’ve had them for a while.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The necklace and earrings are from Pulse Accessories. In reality the colour is a deeper purple than it shows up in pictures and I took loads of pictures to try and capture the colour but this is the best I could get.

Second, we have the berry pink.


I’ve seen a lot of bright pink and orange combos this summer but here I have a richer berry toned pink.

The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams. The shoes are Menbur, lets not forget how much I love Menbur shoes.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots.

Finally, Blue.

?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I love blue and orange together and this is how I actually wore it to the wedding on Thursday.

This blue blazer is Cutie and you may have noticed by now that I have it in a few colours. I usually don’t like buying the same item in a few colours but this style blazer is so versatile. The cut and shape looks great with dresses or it can look smart casual with jeans.  That’s right the shoes are surprise, surprise, from Menbur. I borrowed this blue clutch from a friend and it is from Penneys, as you can see it is the same as my purple one.


The necklace is from Carraig Donn and the earrings are from New Look.

Other colour suggestions I have for wearing with orange are teal green and navy? Can you think of any other colours?