Following on from Wednesday’s post, which was all about what beauty products I am bringing on holidays, todays post is about the clothes. I have tried as much as possible to choose items that I can mix and match so as to get lots of outfits out of a few items of clothing. So let me break it down for you:

I’ll focus more on the evening ware (I’m sure you’re not interested in my smalls)

One Skirt, which I can wear with three of the four tops and the denim jacket if it gets cool in the evenings

The Floral Trousers can be worn with the same three tops and the navy blazer

The Black Trousers can be worn with the three the tops again and the denim jacket. Of course I am bringing the Kimono with me, which I can wear with the black trouser or jeans along with the white top.

The distressed jeans can be worn with all of the tops with either the blazer or jacket.


Of course I am bringing a dress or two for evenings as well as a few different light summer dresses for walking around during the day.
I am not a big fan of shorts on me so I am only bringing one long denim pair along with a vest top or two.


As for shoes I am bringing a pair of low wedge peep toes, a flat pair of sling back peep toes, two pairs of flip flops and I will wear a pair of runners over and back. I am keeping accessories to a minimum so I can buy some while I am there.

So that’s how I am mixing and matching my evening ware to keep my baggage under the 20k limit, hopefully.