I may have mentioned once or twice or a hundred times that I like to pick up some accessories while I am on holidays. I like the idea of getting some things that I won’t see on every second person when I get home. As much as I love the high street, it’s nice to find some rare and unusual accessories. It’s lovely browsing through the market stalls and eclectic boutiques when you are away. I would love to buy clothes too but when I am on a holiday and covered in sun cream the last thing I want to do is try on clothes especially when it is really hot. So here is a look at all that I got.

Parfois Necklace
This necklace is actually from Parfois which now has a few shops in Ireland and a website that delivers, but when I first spotted Parfois in Portugal last year they were not in Ireland. I really like Parfois and had to stop myself from buying more.

Lefties Necklace
This necklace is from a shop called Lefties, which I believe is owned by the same parent company as Zara. It was originally set up to sell Zara’s last season stock but now is a brand in it’s own right and is around the same price point as Penneys.

Lilac Necklace
This cutie necklace is from an independent boutique. It’s very different from anything else I own. With it being lilac I thought it would be a summer only necklace but I have worn it loads already with darker colours against which it stands out nicely.

Coral Necklace
This necklace is also from a boutique, you can never have too many coral necklaces.

Purple and Teal Pashmina Aqua and Pink Pashmina

These pashminas are from a market stall. I know they are similar but couldn’t decide between the lighter or darker colour, since they were only a fiver each, my impatiently waiting husband told me to get them both.

Brown Pumps with Gold Disk
I am always picking up flat pumps, I have loads but these are totally different.
Do you like to shop while you are on holidays?


I assume many people are like me in respect of how they go through phases with accessories. I find myself reaching for the same bits and pieces over and over again over a period of time and then it all changes and I start reaching for a new set of accessories. Accessory trends are tied in with clothing trends and change from season to season. I figured it was time I showed you what’s getting my love at the moment because I’m off on holidays and I do love to pick up some bits and pieces in markets, stalls and local shops while I’m away. As much as I love a bargain in Penneys, there is something so satisfying about buying something and knowing no one at home will have it.
So here is a look at the accessories that I am loving at the moment:

Turquoise Necklace
You have seen this necklace in a few posts already. I bought it in Penneys. Turquoise is always classy and this piece really adds a lovely pop of colour to so many outfits.

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I actually picked both of these scarves up in a bric-a-brac value shop. With the warm and humid weather I usually wear these loosely with a t-shirt, blazer and jeans when heading out in the evening.

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This is my new favourite belt. You may be seeing a lot of this because the pale pink is girly and the studs give it a bit of edge. Because it’s nude it goes with everything and I love the little turn lock buckle.


There was a post on recently that said big wrist jewellery and cuffs were going to be a big trend so I dug out this little beauty. My older sister gave it to me years ago when she finished with the glam rock phase.

??????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dangling chandelier earrings have been another big trend for summer and I have been wearing these ones from New Look.

Another green necklace, but this one is a little bit daintier and far more subtle than some of my others. It’s Jaime La Vie from Carraig Donn.

This knuckle duster is also from Awear. I just like that it is eye catching and pretty.
What accessories are getting your love at the moment?


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You may have noticed that I am all about coral this summer. In fairness it’s hard not to be. The weather may be a mixed bag at the moment but I have faith that the sunshine is going to make a comeback and coral is the perfect bright and summery colour to celebrate its return. When the sun shines all I want wear are bright and floaty fabrics.
This coral chiffon hi-lo skirt is from Penneys. I know, right; Penneys is just so on the money and for so little money.

The slinky mocha top is from Swamp.

The belt is also from Penneys and its really just there to add a bit more definition and shape to the waist because everything is so floaty.


The necklace is from New Look and has appeared in previous posts here and here.


This cream cross body bag is also from Penneys, If there was an engraving on the gold plate you would think this bag is far more expensive than it is.


Here is a closer look at my faith full nude heels, they are by the band Kate Appleby Knightsbridge.
Whats your favourite colour for summer?


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

After seeing the finished result of the outfit I put together for this post, I decided I really do need to have a proper look at what I actually already have in my wardrobe. I also need to go beyond just looking and start trying things on and trying them on with lots of other items, because sometimes you can be surprised by what ends up working together.

I got this tunic in Awear a while ago. I have only ever worn it once on a night out and I didn’t really like it on, so it’s been sitting on a hanger ever since. I think the problem was that I wore it with jeans and it just didn’t look right. However, when I thought about it again I tried it with these navy leggings from Swamp and I think they look really classy together. In fact I am surprised by how dressy this outfit looks with the leggings as I would usually only wear leggings for casual wear. But that is more so because I am not a big fan of my legs and I’m not sure leggings do them any favours.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I decided to break up the block of navy with coral because it’s a bright and pretty colour for Summer. The blazer is Cutie from and you may have seen it in this previous post. I am afraid this blazer is one of the few items of clothing that I have purchased in a number of colours, because the cut of it is just really versatile.

The necklace is from New Look and has also been in a previous post here.

The nude wedge heel courts are from Oasis. I get great wear out of these because nude shoes go with everything and the wedge heel makes them really comfortable. You can see them again in this post. I was sorry I didn’t get the nude wedge courts in New Look last year so when these popped up in Oasis in spring I was on them like a fly on …well, you know.

So have you started searching in your own wardrobe yet? Have you found any gems?

Friday Style: Pink and Green

I love trying out different colour combinations. There is nothing better than putting two colours together that you wouldn’t think would go and then absolutely loving the way they work with one another.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I’ve been in the habit of wearing purple and pink together a lot lately and I wanted to break free and try some new ideas. On a recent night out I wore this pink top from New Look and as luck would have it, this green necklace was sitting at top of my jewellery box. It was calling to me, try me with the pink top, please. I have to say, I think they look great together. They really compliment each other.


With that decided, I quickly grabbed my Michael Kors Clutch, which makes regular appearances on this blog (i.e. here, and here).


And of course a quick splattering of Angelica nail polish and I was good to go. I say splattering because I totally paint outside the lines. I’m brutal.



The only thing letting the outfit down is the shoes, as much as I love these ones from New Look, the ones I really need are these B Brian Atwood bad boys. They will be mine some day.


I love the crepe material and peplum style of this top. The necklace was bought while on holiday in Portugal and the Jeans are Dorothy Perkins.


A Few of My Favourite Things: Accessories I’m Using Most at the Moment.

Whiskers on kittens don’t rate high on my list. I’m bit more materialistic than that, me likes a bit of bling. You often hear of fashion items being referred to as investments, much to the annoyance of most men, particularly those who work in a finance related role. The thing with accessories is that when I first buy something I like to wear it loads, then I get tired of it or get something new and it gets put away for a while. But then I buy a new dress or top that it would be perfect with and it gets taken out again for while. You can keep going back to accessories time and time again, so if you divide the initial purchase price by the number of times you wear it, cost per wear is tiny, so it is an investment. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Here are a few of the items that I’m reaching for the most at the moment:

First up is bags

Both Micheal Kors, The black bag is my current everyday bag and the green one is a clutch that I use for nights out.

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Guess Clutch: A black clutch is something that will get lots of use.


I can never understand how anyone would buy a beautiful bag and then chuck it on a dirty floor. This little handbag hook comes everywhere with me.


Of course I have to have a scarf or 50:

L-r Awear, Pennys/Primark, and the last one is from a stall in Portugal


Next some Jewellery:

All three of these necklaces are from Carraig Donn.


The amber necklace is from Gerrards and the ring is from ebay.


Surprisingly I wear this pink DKNY watch with everything.


And the finishing touch is a signature scent, for me I love both Mack Jacobs Daisy and Daisy so Fresh.


Watch this space because with the changing seasons, my most used accessories are bound to be changing soon. What is getting your love at the moment, do you like to switch it up regularly?