Woohoo! It’s a bank holiday weekend! There’s a grand stretch in the evenings with the odd auld bit of sunshine between the torrential down pours. All in all, I’m in pretty good form. I hope you’re not sick of my love of all things orange yet because the love affair continues. I think todays outfit channels the spirit of the mixed weather that is the Irish spring in that it involves layers and waterproof footwear.

Tesco Orange Tunic

Let’s start with this orange tunic from Tesco. What’s not to love here? For starters it’s from Tesco so it was cheap as chips. It has a zip, and we know how much I love unnecessary zips. Not to mention that it is orange, a colour I love regardless of whether or not it suits me. I like long tunic style tops that you can wear over leggings because they can be so comfortable and a bright colour or pretty print makes wearing leggings look stylish with little to no effort, win, win.

In case you are interested the black top underneath is just a basic long sleeve T from Penneys and the leggings are from Swamp.

New Look Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a regular on this blog and it’s old from New Look. The biker jacket has a little bit more warmth than a blazer but it’s not as heavy as a winter coat so it’s good for this time of year. I could easily make this outfit dressier by swapping the biker and boots for a blazer and heels, which would look nice for Easter Sunday dinner.

Marco Tozzi Knee High Boots

The boots are Marco Tozzi. The wedge heel makes them comfortable enough that I can leg it to the car when it’s lashing raining. It’s getting to the point where high leg boots are a bit too heavy for this time of year but with all the rain this week, I’m still wearing them because I like my tootsies to be dry (and we all know wet feet, like going to bed with wet hair, means you’ll catch your death of a cold).

Do you love orange as much as me? What are your feelings on tunics and leggings?



We are being teased with hints of warmer weather, one day its lovely and sunny, the next it’s stormy and miserable. It looks promising for tomorrow but I’m not relying on the weather for a bit of sunshine, I’m creating my own by wearing bright orange. With Mother’s Day this weekend, an outfit like this could be good for Sunday lunch. It could also work for St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to wear the usual paddywackery.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer
I love how bright and summery this long-line, waterfall style orange blazer from Dunnes makes me feel. The material of this is a heavy-ish crepe material, it’ll be ideal for cooler summer nights, but it’s not too light to wear now if you are not going to be outside for too long. I first showed you this blazer with trousers in this post but today I felt like pairing it with this skirt.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top
The top is from New Look. It’s a bit more than a basic black t-shirt; it’s crepe material with a slight ruffle sleeve.

New Look Blue and Orange Aztec Print Mini Skirt
The skirt is also from New Look. I’m sure you know by now that I love blue and orange together and think the colours look great in the Aztec pattern of this skirt. If you are afraid of being swamped by the long blazer, you can see this skirt  with a fitted top in this post.

Penneys Slouchy Boots
The boots are my slouchy, faux suede boots from Penneys. I love how these boots can work with dressy or casual outfits.

Carraig Donn Blue Necklace
The necklace is from Carriag Donn. I thought the neckline of the plain top needed a little something and blue ties in with the skirt.
Are you using colour to create your own sunshine?


This is the fourth of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here are the links to the first, second and third ones. The purpose of these posts is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.


This green dress is by Adrianna Papell and I bought it from Nordstroms in the January sale.  I’m jumping on the band wagon here as nearly every other dress on the Rose of Tralee was green. The darker colour of this dress is probably more appropriate for a wedding that is outside of summer: I wore it to a wedding in mid March. There is a lot of beautiful detail in this dress. I love the pleated one shoulder and the twist at the waist creates some very flattering pleats across the tummy. I’m sure you’ll find similar dresses hitting the shops in the Autumn Winter ranges.

And now to accessorize it. First up, we have the berry pink. While bright fuchsia would work well, I have a richer berry toned pink.



The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams.  The shoes are Menbur and I have made no secret of my love for Menbur shoes.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots.

Second, we have purple



This blazer is by Cutie and I got it from I got the bag in Penneys/Primark ages ago. Since the previous Wedding Guest Style posts I’m managed to find the perfect purple dressy shoes. They are from Shoes of Prey ( and thats a website that allows you to design your own shoes and they make them for you to your specifications. Totes cool but not the cheapest but at least you are paying to get exactly what you want (you can spend ages playing around with designs, I didn’t go mad with the design so they will work with lots of outfits).

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The necklace and earrings are from Pulse Accessories. The colour of the jewellery is actually a darker purple in real life but its hard to capture in photos.

Finally is orange.


The shoes are Kurt Geiger, the wrap, fascinator, and bag are from Glitzi Bitz.

The earrings and ring are amber and from eBay. This necklace is from Gerards.

Have you any other colours to suggest to wear with teal?


This is the second of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here is the link to the first one. The purpose of these posts is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.

Purple Karen Millen Dress
This purple dress is from Karen Millen. I love the neckline of this dress, not quite a one shoulder but similar so it’s quite interesting. I also love the embroidery and the wrap over skirt detail. Karen Millen dresses may cost a bit but the detailing is always beautiful, you can really see the quality.

And now to accessorize it. First up, we have the berry pink. I prefer this richer berry toned pink myself, but a bright fuchsia pink would work perfectly as well.



The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams. The shoes are Menbur and I have made no secret of my love for Menbur shoes. The colour of the shoes is a bit darker but they still work because of the distance between the shoes and everything else.


These earrings and necklace (I don’t wear a necklace with this dress) are from Boots.

Second, is orange. I am loving orange accessories!


The shoes are Kurt Geiger, the wrap, fascinator, and bag are from Glitzi Bitz.

The earrings and ring are amber and from eBay. The neckline of the dress does not need a necklace and I think one would just be too much but if you are wearing a dress with a different neckline then this necklace is a good option and it is from Gerards.

Once again bright aqua and lime green are two other colours that look great with purple. Have you any other suggestions?


I was talking to a friend of mine, a girl who is very social and outgoing, always participating in something and is a part of a few sports teams. The result of all this participation and socializing is instead of having one small-knit group of close friends like most of us, she is part of quite a few small-knit groups of friends and is quite close with lots of girls. This is great for her most of the time, except now that she is turning 30, as are most of her many friends, she is in the thick of wedding invites. In fact she is invited to 10 weddings and 10 hen parties this year. So I thought I would do a few posts on wedding guest style to give people a few ideas of how to mix and match dresses and accessories. Hopefully you will get a few ideas on putting colours together and how certain shapes and styles can work for you. These posts may also give you some inspiration for other occasions other than weddings and maybe show you how to rework a dress that you wore to a wedding so that you can wear it again to something else. The point is to get value out of both the accessories and the dresses.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a “that’ll do” kinda girl when it comes to getting glammed up. I love getting all glammed up for a special occasion and everything has to be just so. I know for some of you it’s your idea of a nightmare but I really love every bit of it from shopping for all the coordinating bits and pieces, getting tan and hair done, doing my nails and makeup. I just love being done up to the nines as they say. So you don’t have to go all out like me but hopefully these posts will give you some inspiration for what’ll work for you.


This blue dress is by Calvin Klein and I bought it on eBay. I spotted it on an American department store web site that does ship to Ireland but they won’t ship Calvin Klein internationally, so I stalked eBay until I found it and for a lot cheaper too. This is probably the most comfortable occasion wear dress that I have ever owned. It fits me perfectly, the material is thick enough to not require special seamless underwear and the ruffle is perfectly placed across the tummy to disguise any after dinner bloating. I loves it, I loves it a lot. You can easily find a similar dress to this, there are loads of peplum dresses out there in this blue colour and you can find them as cheap or as expensive as you like.

And now to accessorise it. First up, my favourite colour with this blue is orange.



The shoes are Kurt Geiger, the wrap, fascinator and bag are from a shop in Galway called Glitzi Bitz.
Some orange jewelry can look cheap and tacky so I went with amber because it looks a bit classier.


The necklace is from Gerards (a shop I am always trying to get my mom to shop in but their accessories are quite good), the earrings and ring are from eBay.

Second, we have the berry pink. Bright fuchsia pink would be an obvious choice but everyone does that, so to be different I went with a richer berry toned pink.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams.  The shoes are Menbur and I must declare that I love Menbur shoes. They are the only brand of court shoes that stay on my heel and are comfortable, no need for insoles, party feet, heel shields, sore spots . . . absolutely no modification required.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots that’s right, the pharmacy (how many times have you walked past those stands; filled with little gems, so they are).

Other colours that would look great with blue are bright aqua and lime green and I am eyeing a pair of lime shoes and matching clutch at the moment, fingers crossed they are on sale soon.  Have you any other colour suggestions for accessorising a blue dress?

Friday Style: Orange Floral


I’m not usually mad about floral prints, but a few items catch my eye every now and again. I love the orange and purple clash of colours in the print of this top.


Also because the print is here and there instead of all over it makes it more appealing to me. The colours really pop against the black.


I like orange but I’m not sure my complexion can carry off an all over tango look so I prefer to wear it in small doses. Orange looks great next to loads of other colours; you’ll be amazed how much wear you can get out of orange accessories.


The top is from Pennys/Primark and the jeans are Dorothy Perkins.


You may have spotted this necklace in previous posts: it’s from Carraig Donn. This necklace is just one of those pieces that works with everything.


The boots are by Redz and they have slight orange tone to them so they finish the outfit off nicely, if I do say so myself. There is still a bit of a nip in the air so I won’t be ditching the boots for pumps and courts just yet. What colours do you like to wear in small doses?