On weekday mornings when I get ready for work I operate on auto pilot. I apply the same products in the same order every day. All the products that I use in my everyday routine are products that I purchased myself and they are the products that I trust to last all day without any need for touch ups. Thanks to blogging I am lucky enough to occasionally be sent products to try out and review. I not the biggest blog on the block so I don’t get sent loads of stuff but every now and again I do receive some great products. At the weekends is when I have time to play around with some of the other products in my stash. For this post I decided to try and do a face of the day without using any of the products that I use in my every day routine, however, I did have to use two products. They are MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Plus because I don’t have a bronzer without shimmer that I could use to contour and MAC Omega because you will see in the pictures below just how important filling in my eyebrows is so I don’t like to mess with them. I have brow pencils but I find that when I fill them in with pencils or pens they end up looking very different. I am happy with the result I get from Omega and feel the colour is perfect thanks to the ash tone. So here is the look:


1 My bare, pale face (no wonder everyone tells me I look tired when they see me without any makeup)
2 Max Factor CC Colour Corrector Pencils, Green to neutralise red and Yellow for dark under eye circles
3 Pari Mineral Perfection Foundation
4 Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder
5 MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium Plus to contour
6 Rimmel Mono Blush in Live Pink
7 MAC Omega to fill in brows
8 Eyes done with Pari 5 Well Eyeshadow Elements Palette (pink on lid, light brown in crease and liner) Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara for a subtle no makeup eye look.


Here I am right before getting ready for bed without having done any touch ups and I think all the products lasted pretty well.


Do you work on auto pilot in the mornings or do you vary your routine from day to day?



Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

What we want and what we need are often complete opposites. In winter we don’t mind pilling on the heavy duty foundation and powder no bother, however, come summer we all want to look natural and only wear the lightest sheer foundation. Unfortunately with the heat and humidity of summer, un-powdered and sheer foundation will slide down our faces faster than you can get the deck chairs out. Here is where Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer comes in handy.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

There are so many primers out there and all promising to do so many different things. Some add luminosity, others correct discolouration, or blur imperfections and so on. Max Factor All Day Facefinity just promises to make you foundation last longer and stay matte throughout the day and that is exactly what it does.


This was sent to me to test out and as you may already know, I usually wear Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour foundation. Since that already lasts all day and stays matte I decided to try the Facefinity Primer with some other foundations that I have floating around in my stash to give it a good testing. So here are the foundations I tried it with and how I got on:

Pari Mineral Perfection

Pari Mineral Perfection Foundation – This has pretty good staying power on its own and normally only starts getting shiny in the evening. With the Facefinity Primer, I only noticed the shine for the first time much later than normal, it was about 10 at night and I had applied my makeup at 8:30 in the morning.

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation – This foundation lasts well with powder and it has pretty good staying power on its own. It would normally last the work day without shine but it would start getting shiny about 6 ish. With the Facefinity Primer, shine wasn’t really noticeable until about 9pm.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation – This foundation really doesn’t work well for me unless I use a finishing powder. Without powder my face would normally be very shiny by lunch time and the foundation starts breaking up. In the interest of science I applied it over the Facefinity Primer and didn’t powder. When I got home at 5:30pm it was only the littlest bit shiny but still looked fine. About two hours later thought it was really shiny but it wasn’t breaking up as much as it normally would.

So all in all it does extend the wear time of foundations and it keeps my complexion matte for longer without the need for powder. Obviously the better the foundation is suited to my skin the better the results are with this primer. I did use it with my Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour and there wasn’t a hint of shine from when I applied it in the morning to when I went to bed. For me it works as well at keeping my foundation in place as my usual primer, which is MAC Prep and Prime but at €13.99 it is a lot cheaper and Facefinity has the bonus of SPF 20.

What is your favourite primer for surviving the summer humidity? Have you tried Max Factor Facefinity Primer?


Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette

If there is one thing I love its getting a new eye shadow palette. I love the anticipation of playing around with it, thinking about all the possibilities of different looks and picking my favourite colours but I usually end up changing my mind about my favourites over and over again. This Pari 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette was sent to me to try out and if you remember I recently tried out the Pari Mineral Perfection Foundation both available from rachelmurphymakeup.com. The palettes are €40 and there are 5 palettes in total (Amber, Copper, Emeralds, Elements, and Mercury) and I have Elements to show you.

Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette
First thing to say is that these shadows are extremely pigmented; the softest touch of your brush to the pan picks up loads of colour. The colour pay off is brilliant and amazingly there is no fall out. As well as being strongly pigmented, they are also soft, creamy and buttery and they blend easily. I actually tried these without any primer, which I just wouldn’t normally do because my lids are so oily. Impressively they lasted really well. At the end of the day some of the colour was gone from the center of crease but was fine around outsides and since there was no clumping the shadows looked perfect as long as I kept my eyes open. With MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a primer these last and last. I did my makeup at 8 in the morning and my eye shadow was still perfect when I washed my face at midnight and that was after baking cupcakes and cooking dinner. Like the foundation the eye shadows are also made with minerals and don’t contain talc so they should be fine for those of you with sensitive eyes.

Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow PaletteSelfTimer20_04_2014 11_50_54[1]

I have nothing like the coppery plum colour on the end so I am obsessed with that shade now that I have seen how it makes the green of my eyes really stand out. The first nude shade blends perfectly in to my skin tone so it’s great from blending out harsh lines at the edges of darker shadows. It’s also great for covering redness on the lids when I am tired; this on the lid with the lighter brown in the crease are perfect combination for brightening and accentuating your eyes while looking like you are not wearing any makeup. You could do a lovely brown smoky look with just the two browns. The pink is also a lovely daytime neutral. What I am saying is there is no colour that I won’t use in this palette.
Below are just two looks that I have done with this palette, the first is a bright daytime look and the second is darker and could be worn for day or night.

1. Lid
2. Crease
3. Liner
4. Matte highlight to blend out harsh lines


  1. Lid
  2. Crease
  3. Corner and Liner
  4. Inner Corner
  5. Matte highlight to blend out harsh lines

Have you tried any Pari products yet? What do you think of the colours in this palette?



Pari Mineral Perfection Pari Mineral Perfection

I honestly haven’t tried a compact foundation in years. The last time was when I was in college and I asked a sales assistant in a pharmacy that had a few high end brands for a foundation that would give my oily skin a matte finish. What I got was a thick waxy paste that was way too dark for me. It didn’t control shine so I ended up looking like a greasy oompa loompa, whose pile of slap entered a room about 30 seconds before my face. When you work full time and you buy a dodgy foundation, you try it a few times and then chuck it in a drawer; eventually you either throw it out or give it away. However, when you are a broke college student that is living off of store brand pasta and Koka noodles and you have to layer up to go to bed because you can’t afford to heat your damp dank flat, you have no choice but to wear it and make it last. The experience left me scarred emotionally so I was apprehensive about trying this compact from Pari when it arrived in the post.

Pari Mineral Perfection
Pari is a brand that apparently is quite popular in Canada and now it is being launched here by well known makeup artist, Rachel Murphy. Pari products are made from minerals along with skin enhancing ingredients meaning that the Pari Mineral Perfection is a cream to powder mineral foundation and like all mineral foundations it has a natural SPF but this one also has anti-aging ingredients to help improve the condition of fine lines and crow’s feet with continued use.

Pari Mineral PerfectionSelfTimer14_03_2014 08_59_31 Pari Mineral Perfection

I was pleasantly surprised by how perfect the shade (MP02) Light Nude matched my skin tone considering it was sent to me as a press sample rather than me picking it for myself. It comes with a sponge applicator, which blends easily and flawlessly and the coverage is medium but buildable for fuller coverage, but I don’t think you would want full coverage with this. The finish is a my skin but way better and it feels so light on the skin. This is proving to be quite the time saver; it’s quick and easy to apply. It lasts really well throughout the day without a primer; I get the full work day out of it before any shine needs to be tended to.

WP_20140314_005 WP_20140314_006 WP_20140314_007

No makeup in first picture, just Pari Mineral Perfection in the other two.

WP_20140314_008 WP_20140314_009

Full face of makeup

I quite like this, so much so that I am no longer dead set against compact foundations. You can find this for €33 on rachelmurphymakeup.com where I will be keeping an eye to see what other products Pari have to offer.  Have you tied anything from Pari? Have you any compact foundation horror stories?