Today’s style post is slightly different. Instead of showing you a whole outfit, I am just showing you some accessories I feel will work well for this in between period we are in now, which is end of summer / beginning of autumn. Some of these accessories are new and you won’t have actually seen before because they have been worked into outfits that I have done posts on previously and so may not have actually been in any posts themselves, until now. Others you may recognize from previous posts.

Teal Necklace

This necklace may have made it into the occasional post before. It is a gorgeous teal, which is always a lovely rich colour but it’s not too dark so it doesn’t look out of place when it is sunny out. I picked this up in the market in Limerick.

Blue Bracelet

The bracelet is a cute combination of cobalt blue ovals a baby blue rectangles. I don’t wear bracelets that often because I usually always wear a watch and sometimes I think wearing both is a bit too much. This bracelet is dainty enough that you could still wear it with or without a watch. A quick look at what is new in the shops now, tells me that cobalt blue will be a popular colour for the coming season. I got this bracelet in a market while on holidays in Portugal.

ASOS blue earrings

These cute little dangly earrings are from ASOS. These turquoise type stones are the kind of jewellery that looks good with boho styles. Since Boho often involves layering it’s a trend that is perfect for autumn as layering knit wear over summer dresses is a great way to get more wear out of them.

River Island Sling Back Peep Toe Loafer

These peep toe, sling back loafers are from River Island. They are great because there is a bit more coverage to them than flip flops or strappy sandals, but they are not quite full on socks and closed in shoes just yet. It can be hard, after allowing your feet to be free all summer, to try and close them back in. These sling back loafers are also a good option for work, because they look a bit smarter than other sandal styles.

Penneys Teal and Blue Scarf

Scarfs may have been shunned during the muggy heat but they will be making a comeback as the temperatures start to drop. Scarfs are a great way of dressing up a plain top. I love the teal and blue print in this one. It’s from Penneys.

What accessories will you be wearing in the coming weeks.


Teal & Pink Teal & Pink Love Moschino Bag

Well I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but I’m certainly not complaining. Ok so I have done pink and green before, here, but this is totally different. It’s teal green! Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed I like green in almost any shade and well obviously I like pink as well because I seem to have a fair amount pink clothes and accessories.

Today’s style is nothing new, we have seen many a celebrity or model stepping out in a biker jacket, skinny jeans and flowing scarf. This, however, is my shorter and wider take on it. You can also see I like to have a bit more fun with my colours.

New Look Biker Jacket

The faux leather biker jacket is from New Look. There are loads of these biker jackets in the shops but I like this one because of all the gold hardware on it.

Pink and Teal Scarf

The plum jeans are Vero Moda’s Wonder jeggings and the top is just a plain white long sleeve t-shirt from Penneys.

Pink and Teal Scart Pink and Teal Scarf

Pink and Teal Shoes

I bought the scarf and the pumps on holidays in Portugal. It’s just a happy coincidence that they match. I didn’t plan it.
Love Moschino Bag Love Moschino Bag

The bag is Love Moschino. It was a Christmas present, that I may have strongly hinted I wanted.

So what colours take up the most space in your wardrobe?

Friday Style: Springtime Pink, Lace & Floral

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The recent cold snap seems to be easing and the last few days have been bright and sunny. All this sunshine has me giddy and loving soft, pretty clothes. Perhaps I’ve already overdosed on vitamin D because today not only am I not wearing boots but I’m not even wearing shocks! Me mother’ll kill me for stripping off so early; it’s not summer yet ya’know.


Soft pastels, pretty florals, watercolour prints, lace and crochet, they are all staples of the summer wardrobe and I’m phasing them in now.
This soft knit top with lace trim is from Swamp. It’s very light and transparent so I have a long sleeve top underneath, but when it’s warmer a vest top will be perfect to cover my modesty. The Blazer is from Zara (that’s right I’m out with just a blazer for a coat) and the Jeans are from New Look. I’ve been living in skinny jeans lately so I’m mixing it up with the boot cut, I’m mad like that.

This pretty scarf is from Pennys/Primark. The print is beautiful and bright, perfect for a sunny day. Pink isn’t really a favourite colour of mine but every time I wear it I get complimented on how nice pink is on me. Apparently it’s a good colour for me and who am I to argue with a compliment.

My shoes are old but loved Michael Kors. A wedge heel loafer style shoe is a good’un to have. They are really comfy and work well for off duty casual or smart work wear. I love that these ones make me really tall.


My bright pink watch is DKNY and previously been seen in this post. So how are you breaking in you summer gear?

A Few of My Favourite Things: Accessories I’m Using Most at the Moment.

Whiskers on kittens don’t rate high on my list. I’m bit more materialistic than that, me likes a bit of bling. You often hear of fashion items being referred to as investments, much to the annoyance of most men, particularly those who work in a finance related role. The thing with accessories is that when I first buy something I like to wear it loads, then I get tired of it or get something new and it gets put away for a while. But then I buy a new dress or top that it would be perfect with and it gets taken out again for while. You can keep going back to accessories time and time again, so if you divide the initial purchase price by the number of times you wear it, cost per wear is tiny, so it is an investment. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Here are a few of the items that I’m reaching for the most at the moment:

First up is bags

Both Micheal Kors, The black bag is my current everyday bag and the green one is a clutch that I use for nights out.

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Guess Clutch: A black clutch is something that will get lots of use.


I can never understand how anyone would buy a beautiful bag and then chuck it on a dirty floor. This little handbag hook comes everywhere with me.


Of course I have to have a scarf or 50:

L-r Awear, Pennys/Primark, and the last one is from a stall in Portugal


Next some Jewellery:

All three of these necklaces are from Carraig Donn.


The amber necklace is from Gerrards and the ring is from ebay.


Surprisingly I wear this pink DKNY watch with everything.


And the finishing touch is a signature scent, for me I love both Mack Jacobs Daisy and Daisy so Fresh.


Watch this space because with the changing seasons, my most used accessories are bound to be changing soon. What is getting your love at the moment, do you like to switch it up regularly?

The Shirt Dress: Black & Gold

“The fish swam out of the ocean, grew legs and started walking…” if it wasn’t in your head already, it is now. I’ve had stuck in my head all weekend so I thought I would share.


In my opinion the shirt dress is a necessary wardrobe staple. You can style it in so many ways; however it is hard to find the perfect black shirt dress. The one I have here is from Mango. As much as I like this one I am still on the lookout for “the perfect one”. The only problems with this one are that it creases easily and sticks to tights, but I do love the style and fit of it. I also have one from Pennys/Primark, but it has the same problems as this Mango one plus its see trough, so black tights and a top underneath are a must, unless you like being ogled. You can’t see much of it in the photos because this post is more about how the whole outfit is styled than about one individual item.

Here I have styled the shirt dress with a faux leather biker jacket from New Look. The biker jacket has been everywhere for last few seasons and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This season sees the introduction of the suede biker. I’m a bit torn on this because they look class, but on the other hand suede in Ireland, need I say more. I love the gold hardware on my biker jacket. I think it really dresses it up and makes it look far more lux.


This scarf is from Awear and is absolutely massive. It’s really long and wide, making it feel and look very sophisticated and luxurious. The pink is a nice injection of colour to this outfit. The charcoal print can look navy when worn with other navy clothing or look black next to black, so it is quite versatile and I get loads of wear out of it.


These boots are from Barratts. The leather of the boot and buckle detail ties in with the faux leather and gold hardware of the jacket.
Hmm…, I wonder if I have any other black and gold accessories I could add here.


Love this Michael Kors bag.