We are being teased with hints of warmer weather, one day its lovely and sunny, the next it’s stormy and miserable. It looks promising for tomorrow but I’m not relying on the weather for a bit of sunshine, I’m creating my own by wearing bright orange. With Mother’s Day this weekend, an outfit like this could be good for Sunday lunch. It could also work for St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t want to wear the usual paddywackery.

Dunnes Orange Long Line Waterfall Blazer
I love how bright and summery this long-line, waterfall style orange blazer from Dunnes makes me feel. The material of this is a heavy-ish crepe material, it’ll be ideal for cooler summer nights, but it’s not too light to wear now if you are not going to be outside for too long. I first showed you this blazer with trousers in this post but today I felt like pairing it with this skirt.

New Look Black Crepe Ruffle Sleeve Top
The top is from New Look. It’s a bit more than a basic black t-shirt; it’s crepe material with a slight ruffle sleeve.

New Look Blue and Orange Aztec Print Mini Skirt
The skirt is also from New Look. I’m sure you know by now that I love blue and orange together and think the colours look great in the Aztec pattern of this skirt. If you are afraid of being swamped by the long blazer, you can see this skirt  with a fitted top in this post.

Penneys Slouchy Boots
The boots are my slouchy, faux suede boots from Penneys. I love how these boots can work with dressy or casual outfits.

Carraig Donn Blue Necklace
The necklace is from Carriag Donn. I thought the neckline of the plain top needed a little something and blue ties in with the skirt.
Are you using colour to create your own sunshine?



Would it be terribly auld wan of me to say I can’t believe its “Friday Style” time again? The weeks are flying by; it’ll be Christmas before you know it. Right, with that little rant over, let’s move on to today’s outfit. I don’t often wear head to toe black because it can be a bit harsh on my pale Irish skin tone, navy would be more forgiving. Also black can be a bit boring, I like colour but I do appreciate how chic and versatile black can be. A change of shoes and accessories is all that is needed to take a black blouse and black skinny jeans from work, to meeting friends for lunch, to a night on the tiles. Let’s not forget the obvious, it’s slimming.

Penneys Black Blouse with Cream Piping
This top is another great find from Penneys. I think this looks way more expensive than Penneys and I even think the material has a lux feel to it. The cream piping is a nice bit of interesting detail adding to the lux feel of it but it also draws the eyes in a vertical direction adding to the slimming effect. This is a gorgeous blouse that could be worn so many ways.
The jeans are my old faithful super soft skinnies from Dorothy Perkins.

Penneys Slouchy Boots
The boots are also from Penneys. They are faux suede, slouchy knee high boots. Unfortunately they are few years old and I love them so much that I have a second pair stashed in the back of my wardrobe waiting to replace these if they ever fall apart; I had to have a back up. Keep an eye out because I think Penneys had the same ones again a few months back.

Carraig Donn Rose Gold Heart Necklace Carraig Donn Rose Gold Heart Necklace

The necklace is from Carraig Donn. It’s been all about large statement necklaces that sit at the collar bone for a long time now but a long pendent can be really glam too. This one is a lovely rose gold with pearls and a filigree heart. I think it’s gorgeous.
Are you a regular wearer of head to toe black, or do you prefer to mix it up?



Any regular readers of this blog were probably expecting this post, it can’t have gone unnoticed that I have a bit of a thing for knitted jumper dresses in winter. I find them so comfortable, warm and easy but they can look really smart and stylish. For days when I would rather be wearing a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, I wear a loose knit dress with leggings for ultimate comfort without looking frumpy (besides tracksuit bottoms do my arse no favours).

Vero Moda Knit dress
This dress is from Vero Moda. Even though the knit fabric feels quite light, it’s actually really warm. The loose shape makes it very comfortable and it’s a good length for me; not so long that it swamps me but long enough to look smart for work.

Black Penneys Slouchy Boot
The boots are knee length slouchy, faux suede from Penneys. I have these for a long time now but I think I saw either the same or very similar ones back in stock recently. These are surprisingly comfortable enough. Not lots of walking comfortable but won’t make you want to cry with pain if you don’t get a seat on a night out.

Vero Moda Black and Pink Necklace
The Parfois necklace that I have worn in the last few posts is perfect with this dress but I figured I should change it up a bit so as not to bore you (too much). Also the pop of bright pink is a welcome sight since it’s been so dark and wet lately. This necklace is also from Vero Moda, be warned if you decide to buy the same one, it’s heavy.
Do you like knitted jumper dresses or what is your staple for winter?


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I can’t believe that it’s the Friday of a bank holiday; I so haven’t got the giddy feeling yet. Maybe it’s because we are so busy at work and I have a stupid head cold. Anyway back to the outfit. I’m never really sure where I stand on paisley print. I take it on a case by case basis. What sold this dress to me is the green, as usual. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite colour, but you do need to try and mix it up and embrace other colours as well.

The other great thing about this dress is the mock wrap style; a wrap style dress is one of the most flattering shapes you can get. The dress is Apricot from New Look. This blazer has featured on the blog loads of times before in an array of different colours. It’s Cutie from

Blazers are not everyone’s thing so here it is with a waterfall style cardigan from Penneys. You can still look nice while being warm and cosy. I think the waterfall style takes away the frump normally associated with cardigans.

This necklace is from Awear. It’s quite the statement piece with all the gold bling but it looks just as good with a busy print as it does with a plain t-shirt.

These slouchy faux suede boots are from Penneys. If you have been following the blog then you will know all about how much I love these boots.
Where do you stand on paisley print, love it, or is it for ties and curtains only?


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Its Friday again, squee! There has been a lot of talk about tartan this autumn, apparently it’s big. If like me, red just isn’t your colour then don’t worry because tartan comes in loads of colours other than the obvious red. I’ve seen a gorgeous green and purple tartan skirt, but it’s a similar skater shape to this skirt that I am showing you today, so I’m holding out in hopes that I find a skirt in the same colour but different shape.

This skirt is Savida from Dunnes. I love the pleats and buttons on this. It’s the little details that can make a piece stand out. People are surprised when I say it’s from Dunnes (no offense Dunnes).

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This ASOS polo is no ordinary black polo. There are lots of little details that make this anything but plain, such as the pleated neck and covered buttons with a keyhole at the back, as well as the pleating on the front and ¾ sleeves.

These slouchy suede-like boots are from Penneys. They are definitely not real suede but that doesn’t matter because they were inexpensive, however they are actually comfortable and I love the look of them. I love them so much I bought a spare black pair for when these fall apart as well as a dark brown pair and a pair in beige. What can I say I love a slouchy boot.

Are you rocking any tartan this autumn? Any nice pieces you think I should check out?

You Don’t Need A Million Bucks: Recession Style

Sunday was Mother’s Day and even though I don’t have kids I still got taken out to dinner. Actually I went out with the in-laws and their mom. Don’t worry we headed over to my mom to spoil her afterwards.

Obviously I wanted to look nice heading out but it was a bitter cold and windy day so I also wanted to be warm and comfortable; enter cosey cardigan. I feel like I am always wearing some sort of cardy lately, like an auld wan, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can switch it up a bit. After a few changes, here is the final result.

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The peplum top, cardigan and boots are all from Pennys and the jeans are from Dorothy Perkins. So there you have a nice outfit (if I do say so myself), Sunday dinner appropriate and cheap as chips. The best thing is how slimming this top is. The strategically placed black panels at the sides are most flattering; always a plus. The print is quite cute, with little splashes of purple and yellow mixed through the black and white.


I could have worn a black cardigan (or blazer if it wasn’t so birr out) to work the monochrome trend, but to be honest, with it being so miserable I was hoping colour would cheer things up a bit.

This bib necklace has appeared in this previous post and is from Portugal.


Here is a close up of the slouchy boots, also previously shown in this post. People are always surprised to hear they are from Pennys. It’s funny how proud Irish women are when they get to follow a compliment to what they are wearing with the word “Pennys!” Say it loud and say it proud ladies, “Pennys”. What bargains are proud of?


Friday Style: A Lil Bit Wild


Today my top is a bit of a strange one but that’s why I love it. It’s from It’s an asymmetric top with one sleeve being a bat wing style while the other sleeve is normal. Another interesting feature of this top is the animal print, but because it’s all navy, it doesn’t scream wild side or Beth Lynch. It’s the perfect way to dip your toes into animal print if you’re not brave enough to go all out just yet.


I purchased the necklace in a shop in Portugal named Bijou Brigette. As far as bib necklaces go, it’s a fairly simple one, but it adds a nice finishing touch to most outfits because of its neutral colour and style.


The boots are from Pennys/Primark and I love them so much I also bought them in brown and beige. They are cheap and so may wear quickly so I also bought another black pair and hid them in the back of my wardrobe to have when these ones fall apart. I just love the slouchy style of them; they look equally great over skinny jeans and under dresses or skirts. They are surprisingly comfortable. The heel height is high enough to be dressy, but not ankle breaking high, so I can wear them for a whole day of walking around the shops.


It clouded over outside & made everything dark