It feels like it’s been a long time since I did a face of the day post and since I’ve made some changes in the products I use regularly I figured now is a good time to do an update. Since I’m doing this the day after a night out, I am trying to reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discolouration without packing on loads of slap. Here are the products used:

Max Factor Colour Correctors, yellow for under the eyes and green for redness on the tops of my cheeks and sides of my nose.
Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid Foundation
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural, setting powder
Isa Dora Face Sculptor in Warm Peach, contour, blush and highlight
MAC Omega eye shadow to fill in brows


Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in Taupe as eye lid primer
Smashbox Full Exposure Palette (1. crease, 2. lid, 3. outer corner, 4 over liner and 5. inner corner)
Kiko Sport Proof Liner in Taupe
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Max Factor Colour Elixir in Luxurious Berry


Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss in Luxurious Berry

Do you use any of these products?


You may already know that I usually use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as an eye lid primer and I have very oily lids. Lately I picked up some Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Sticks so I decided to use my favourite one, Rose Brown, as a base and primer for a bronze and brown eye look. I use these MAC shadows to do this eye look a lot but I like the extra dept the Kiko Rose Brown added to this look. Also it has to be said that as a base to hold eye shadow in place all night, the Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick was brilliant. At the end of the night my eye shadow looks just as good as it did right after I applied it. There were no creases or fading, Rose Brown did as good a job as Painterly so I am going to try my other Kiko Shadow Sticks to see if they all perform equally well as primers. So here are the products and pictures of the look:

5f73329c-f537-43ae-a1f4-649024ccef28_jpeg 711daf1e-41ad-4665-8c13-1b444d8d0fa5_jpeg
Products Used:

MAC Shadows, Embark, Mulch, Tempting and Phloof!
Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in Rose Brown
Kiko Sportproof Eyeliner is Metallic Taupe
L’Oreal 4D Mascara


First I applied Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in Rose Brown all over lid and crease and patted it with my finger, and then I applied Embark in the outer corner of the lid and crease.
Next I applied Mulch to the crease and outer half of lid and applied Tempting in the inner half. I  used Phloof! as a highlight in the inner corner and under the outer brow. I lined my eyes with Kiko Sportproof liner in Metallic Taupe and then went over the liner with Mulch to soften the line. I finished off with L’Oreal 4D Mascara.

What base or primer do trust to keep you eye shadow in place?



Kiko Sportproof Eyeliner in 03 Metallic Taupe

You are probably thinking you don’t need a sport proof eyeliner because you are either not interested in participating in sports or physical activity, or if you are into working out then you probably don’t like getting sweaty with a full face of makeup on. I do work out four to five times a week and I never wear eyeliner when doing so. You are probably wondering why I bought this then. Well my thinking is that if it stays intact through a sweaty workout then it stands to reason that it will stay intact through the following, which are all very likely in the coming weeks as the seasons change: clammy humid weather, getting caught in a downpour, getting emotional at a friend’s wedding, eyes watering because its breezy out etc., you get where I’m going. Also I am going on a sun holiday soon. (I’m not gloating, ok maybe I am.)

Kiko Sportproof Eyeliner in 03 Metallic Taupe
Kiko Sportproof Eyeliner in 03 Metallic Taupe for starters it’s only €4.80. Its soft and creamy, it glides on easily without any dragging. It says it is an “outer eye pencil” but I put it on the tight line and waterline. One very noticeable difference with this and other eyeliners is that usually when I line my waterline my eyes tend to water a bit and other pencils won’t work when they get wet so I have to dry the liner on some tissue before I can continue. The Kiko Sportproof Eyeliner continues to work lining my waterline even when my eyes start to water. I have been using this almost exclusively since I got it. It’s quick and easy to apply and it lasts all day. It doesn’t smudge or flake and I love the shade; it works well for both day and night.

So does it stand up to a sweaty, hilly run, here are the pictures:

Just after application at 8:30 a.m.

After work at 6:00 p.m. just before going for a run. It has faded a bit in the corner of my waterline.

After my run it looks much the same as before, a bit more is gone from the corner of my waterline. If you remember it’s not actually meant for the waterline. The main thing is that it’s not streaming down my face; in fact there is no smudging at all.
I am well impressed with this liner and I already want two of the other colours when I am getting a few more products from Kiko. You may remember I also really liked the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows and I want another one or two (or three or four) of those.