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I showed you this dress before in this post, but that was back in winter when I was showing you that you can still wear a sun dress in the winter. I mentioned that these little sun dresses can be really versatile because as well as wearing it as it was intended, with sandals when it’s sunny, you could also pair it with a blazer and pumps like I have here for work. I’m sitting here in work wearing my little sun dress, a blazer and pumps and I figured I should do a post so you can actually see what I was talking about in case you didn’t envision it working when I did the original post.


The dress and blazer are both from Penneys. I’m starting to think I should rename my blog to “What I got in Penneys”. Some of you must think I’m getting paid by them but I assure you I am not. I could afford more expensive clobber if I was getting paid. The dress has a really pretty dragonfly print and bow detail. You can get another look at this cute blazer in this post. The navy  leggings are from Swamp. I needed something on my legs because it’s a bit colder and raining today, but I find it hard to wear tights in summer; I just don’t like the feeling of them on my feet so leggings feature more often these days.

Pink and Teal Shoes

I got these super cute pumps while on holiday in Portugal last year. I absolutely love the vibrant teal and pink colours along with the strap and buckle detail. The colours of the pumps really tie in with the print of the dress. I showed you these pumps with Jeans in this previous post.

Do you wear sun dresses when it’s not sunny?


Teal & Pink Teal & Pink Love Moschino Bag

Well I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but I’m certainly not complaining. Ok so I have done pink and green before, here, but this is totally different. It’s teal green! Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed I like green in almost any shade and well obviously I like pink as well because I seem to have a fair amount pink clothes and accessories.

Today’s style is nothing new, we have seen many a celebrity or model stepping out in a biker jacket, skinny jeans and flowing scarf. This, however, is my shorter and wider take on it. You can also see I like to have a bit more fun with my colours.

New Look Biker Jacket

The faux leather biker jacket is from New Look. There are loads of these biker jackets in the shops but I like this one because of all the gold hardware on it.

Pink and Teal Scarf

The plum jeans are Vero Moda’s Wonder jeggings and the top is just a plain white long sleeve t-shirt from Penneys.

Pink and Teal Scart Pink and Teal Scarf

Pink and Teal Shoes

I bought the scarf and the pumps on holidays in Portugal. It’s just a happy coincidence that they match. I didn’t plan it.
Love Moschino Bag Love Moschino Bag

The bag is Love Moschino. It was a Christmas present, that I may have strongly hinted I wanted.

So what colours take up the most space in your wardrobe?