Benefit They're Real!

I’ve wanted to try this mascara for ages now but just never got around to buying it. A while back I got a sample of Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara free with a magazine and I loved it. It gave both volume and length. I kept meaning to buy a full size of Bad Gal or Bad Gal Plum but a new mascara is released almost every five seconds so I kept being tempted by the new ones in search of the best mascara ever. I received this sample size of They’re Real in the Harvey Nichols Glossybox.

Benefit They're Real!
They’re Real certainly lengthens lashes, a lot! It also adds a bit of curl but not much volume so for me it’s not going to be my new favourite. I like it, I don’t love it. My lashes are kind of long already but they have blond tips so you can’t really see the length but any mascara will make them look long. I want full on volume for full on fluttery lashes. The extra length with They’re Real is nice though. The formula is easy to work with, one comb straight through and then a wiggle through are enough. Anymore and it starts to get a bit clumpy but it’s new so that might not be an issue when it dries out a bit.

Benefit They're Real!
I was loving the brush with its spiky tip, which I thought was brilliant for getting into the corners. You are supposed to use the tip to separate the lashes. I was getting along just fine until I poked myself in the eye with the spiky tip, now I’m not sure I like it anymore. I am a little uneasy with it now, but if you just be careful and don’t rush it won’t be a problem.

Benefit They're Real!
Here are the pictures, one comb straight through from root to tip and then a wiggle through.



Most of you will love the length this mascara gives but for me the search for volume and length together continues. The price for the full size is €26. Have you tried this yet? Is volume enough or do you want it all?


Christmas party season is in full swing and what better time to pack on the sparkle. Today’s eye look is gold and bit sparkly but sparkly in a grown up way. I don’t think it’s too over the top and it’s a look anyone can wear without looking like a disco ball. Gold eye shadow is a colour that suites all eye colours and will make the colour of your eyes really stand out.
Products used:

Kiko Longlasting Shadow Stick in Golden Beige
Lancôme Fil D’ Or Eye Shadow single
MAC Glimmer of Gold Quad (I used the dark gold and the lightest shade)
MAC Gilt by Association Mineralise Eye Shadow
Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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First I used Kiko Golden Beige as a primer base all over lid and crease
Then I packed Fil D’Or all over the lid and into the crease, I also wet the tip of a MAC 219 brush and dipped it into the corner of the Fil D’ Or and lined my waterline with it.
Next I blended the dark gold from the MAC Glimmer of Gold quad into the crease
I then dipped the cleaned MAC 219 brush into MAC Gilt by Association and applied it to the crease and outer corner. I also lined my upper and lower lash lines with it.
I used the lightest shade in the MAC quad for an inner corner and under brow highlight.
Finally, I finished it all off with Benefit They’re Real Mascara.

I have kept this look soft by using the Gilt by Association to line my eyes. You could up the glamour factor with some false lashes and lining the top lashes with a liquid liner. You could also use a pencil on the lower lash line for more intense definition.

What’s your go to Christmas party eye look? Do you wear gold eye shadow?